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Profile for Noexit

I've probably still got a few corrections to make to the Trade/Want list, but it's pretty much complete and correct at this point (04-25-05). If you see something that interests you, then drop me a line, and let me know.
BEWARE! Several items listed are vinyl (which pretty much dates me).
I Can't as of today copy DVD's.
ALSO, If I know about a defect in a disc I've made note of it. If you find a defect in a disc I've sent, please let me know, so that corrections can be made to this list, and satisfaction can be had by all. Name and reputation are everything in this hobby.

Also have:
Introducing Martha
2001 Liverpool Fan Club CD-R (US Albums on 3 discs)
Apple Singles Collection 11 (2 discs), 12, and 15 (2 discs)
George Harrison- Harrisongs (2 disc compilation)
George Harrison- MP3 Collection (14 albums 1 disc)
George Harrison- Now I'm Here (2 discs)
George Harrison- Rock Legends Hiroshima 1991
George Harrison- Shelter In Your Love & Other Rarities
George Harrison- Undercover Volumes 3&4
George Harrison- Dark Horse Collection (Rare Video DVD-R)
Paul McCartney- Atlanta 5-13-02
Paul McCartney- Driving USA 5/12/02 (3 discs)
Paul McCartney- Live Madrid 2004 (2 discs)
Paul McCartney- Washington (Mirror Spock- 2 discs))
Paul McCartney- Promos & Videos 1988-1992 (DVD-R)
A Walk Down Abbey Road- live 7/26/01 Brooklyn (Todd Rundgren, Alan Parsons, Ann Wilson; John Entwistle) 2 discs

Aimee Mann- Attack Of The Killer B-Sides
Aimee Mann- Return of The Killer B-Sides
Aimee Mann- 2 Meter Sessions
Aimee Mann & Michael Penn Acoustic Vaudeville Tour 02/13/00 Rhode Island (2 Disc)
Beck- Unreleased & Remixed
Big Star- I Got Kinda Lost (4 disc)
Big Star- What's Goin Ahn
Cat Stevens- On The Road to Find Out
Cat Stevens- Box Set (4 disc)
Cat Stevens Mohamed's TV (73/71)
Chilton, Alex- Bach's Ed.
Clapton- BBC 4/24/04 (2 discs)
Clapton- Behind The Sun Outtakes
Clapton- Turn Up Down
Clapton- Uncollected Clapton 1-5
Clapton- Unreleased 461 Sessions
Clapton- Completely Unplugged (2 discs)
Cracker- What the World Needs Now, Live. (Alley Kat) Club Soda, Montreal 2-16-94
Crowded House- Final Sessions
CSNY- Storytellers
Dylan, Bob- Outside The Empire
Dylan, Bob- 1973 Shelved Album
Dylan, Bob- Blood On The Tracks NY Test Press (2 disc)
ELO- Live At Wembly '78
ELO- Storytellers
Eurythmics- Acoustic
Foo Fighters- B-Sides
Grateful Dead- 7/9/95 Soldier Field Chicago (2 discs)
P.J. Harvey- Send Your Love To Me
Ham, Pete- Golder's Green (Japanese)
Hendrix, Jimi- Band Of Gypsies Rehearsals
Annie Lennox- Unplugged
Annie Lennox- BBC
Oasis- Unplugged
Oasis- MTV Unplugged plus Beatles Covers
Oasis- London '94 and 1st Album Demos
Van Morrison- Acoustic 68-74
Tom Petty- Bridge School 1988
Liz Phair- Lounge Axe 3-14-99
Liz Phair- Minn., MI 10-17-98
Liz Phair- Pottymouth Girl
Liz Phair- Sessions At West 54th
Liz Phair- White Chocolate Space Egg Demos (2 Disc)
Pink Floyd- The Holy Grail/Wall Demos
Pink Floyd- Dark Side of The Moon MFSL
Seal- B Sides & Remixes
Simon, Paul- Unplugged
Squeeze- Destri Rides Again
Squeeze- An Acoustic Evening w/ Dillord and Tillbrook (2 Disc)
Matthew Sweet- Supervixen/The Girlfriend Demos
Matthew Sweet- Girlfriend On Mars (5 discs)
U2- 9/23/97 Saiajero, Bosnia (2 Disc)
U2- The Comple B-Sides (2 disc)
U2- Salome Demos 1-3


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LocationM'town, Tennessee
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Want list

92 item(s) listed.

ArtistNamePublisher(s)Posted onWould like a copy from You own this itemYou want this item
10,000 ManiacsB-sidesN/A05 Aug 2004Homemade CD-RN/A
BadfingerFor Pete's Sake - Disc 2Baby Hester10 Oct 2009OtherN/A
Bob Dylan2003-04-26 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (Disc 1)Unknown12 Mar 2008CDN/A
Bob Dylan2003-11-11 Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Disc 1)Dylanvine16 Apr 2004Homemade CD-RN/A
Bob Dylan2005-06-07 Greenville (Disc 1)Unknown01 Apr 2007CDN/A
Bob Dylan2005-06-29 Louisville (Disc 2)Unknown24 Feb 2006CDN/A
Bob Dylan2006-04-03 Stockton ( Disc 2 )Unknown21 Feb 2007CD-RN/A
Bob Dylan2006-04-15 Grand Prarie (Disc 2)Unknown01 Aug 2006CD-RN/A
Bob Dylan2006-06-25 Cork, Ireland (Disc 1)Unknown12 Sep 2006CDN/A
Bob Dylan2006-07-09 Valladolid, Spain (Disc 2)Unknown12 Sep 2006CDN/A
Bob Dylan2006-07-13 Le Cannet, France (Disc 1)Unknown12 Sep 2006CDN/A
Bob Dylan2006-10-28 Chicago (Disc 2)No Label12 Jan 2007CD-RN/A
Bob Dylan2007-03-27 Stockholm (Disc 2)No Label10 Apr 2007CD-RN/A
Bob Dylan2007-03-30 Oslo ( Disc 2 )No Label02 Apr 2007CD-RN/A
Bob Dylan2007-04-01 Gothenburg ( Disc 2 )No Label04 Apr 2007CDN/A
Bob Dylan2007-04-05 Münster ( Disc 2 )Bach09 Apr 2007CDN/A
Bob Dylan2007-04-08 Amsterdam ( Disc 2 )Fan Collection11 Apr 2007CDN/A
Bob Dylan2007-04-09 Amsterdam ( Disc 2 )Fan Collection11 Apr 2007CDN/A
Bob Dylan2007-04-15 London ( Disc 2 )Fan Collection18 Apr 2007CDN/A
Bob Dylan2007-04-16 London ( Disc 1 )Fan Collection27 Apr 2007CDN/A
Bob Dylan2007-04-16 London ( Disc 2 )Fan Collection27 Apr 2007CDN/A
Bob Dylan2007-04-19 Düsseldorf ( Disc 2 )Fan Collection23 Apr 2007CDN/A
Bob Dylan2008-02-23 Dallas, TX. (Disc 1)Unknown19 May 2008CDN/A
Bob Dylan2008-03-20 Punta Del Este, Uruguay (Disc 2)Unknown03 Jun 2008CDN/A
Bob Dylan2008-06-03 St. Petersburg, Russia (Disc 1)Unknown15 Aug 2008CDN/A
Bob Dylan2008-10-30 Lethbridge, AB, Canada (Disc 1)Unknown03 Mar 2009CDN/A
Bob Dylan2008-11-04 Minneapolis, MN. (Disc 1)Unknown03 Mar 2009CDN/A
Bob Dylan2010-03-29 Tokyo, Japan. (Disc 1)Unknown10 Jun 2010CDN/A
Bob DylanHouse Of The Blues ( Disc 1 )-No Obvious Label-20 Feb 2005CDN/A
Bob DylanJust Because ( Disc 2 )LSP24 Oct 2006CDN/A
Bob DylanThe Promo Videos (DVD)Unknown25 Oct 2006DVDN/A
Bob DylanToad's Place Vol. 2 ( Disc 1 )Wanted Man31 May 2006CDN/A
CreamCream Acid - The Lost Cream TapesMid Valley10 Mar 2008CDN/A
CreamFresh Outtakes & AcetatesPlanet Records10 Mar 2008CDN/A
CreamReunion 2005 First Night (Disc 2)Unknown10 Oct 2006CDN/A
Dead Kennedys1978 DemosUnknown03 Jul 2007CDN/A
Derek & The DominoesAffirmation (Disc 3)Scorpio16 Apr 2007CDN/A
Derek & The DominosEssential Fillmore Tapes (Disc 5)Paddington16 Apr 2007CDN/A
Difford & TilbrookBlackhealth Concert Hall '95Unknown01 May 2007CD-RN/A
Eric ClaptonRing Trick (CD 2)Unknown06 Jun 2004CD-RN/A
George Harrison1974-11-12 (Afternoon Show) Los Angeles, The Forum (SBD - Partial)Unknown24 Oct 2009CDN/A
George HarrisonExtra Texture / Gone TroppoCD Maximum07 Sep 2005CDN/A
George HarrisonSongs For Patti - The Definitive EditionHomeMade19 May 2009CDN/A
Janis JoplinBlow All My Blues Away Volume 5&6 (CD1)Unknown10 Oct 2006CDN/A
Jim CroceFolk Festival 1973Unknown24 May 2006CDN/A
Julian LennonA Sense Of FreedomUnknown31 Jul 2006CD-RN/A
Julian LennonThis BoyUnknown30 May 2006CD-RN/A
Liz PhairAt The VicUnknown09 Apr 2003Homemade CD-RN/A
Liz PhairHeartbreak HotelColonel Parker Records09 Apr 2003CDN/A
Liz PhairThings Unpure, UnchasteUnknown09 Apr 2003CDN/A
Norah JonesNORAH JONES - House Of Blues Chicago 2002Unknown08 Dec 2006OtherN/A
Norah JonesNORAH JONES - Rarities Anthology, Vol 1Unknown03 Dec 2004Homemade CD-RN/A
Paul McCartneyCoachella Music Festival (CD1)Home Records31 Jul 2009CD-RN/A
Paul McCartneyJuly 21, 2009 Citi Field New York (CD 1)Unknown31 Jul 2009CDN/A
Paul McCartneyJuly 21, 2009 Citi Field New York (CD 2)Unknown05 Oct 2009CDN/A
Paul McCartneyLet 'em Out Vol. 7 - Pugin's Hall Rehearsals Nov 7, 1980Remasters Workshop11 Apr 2011CDN/A
Paul McCartneyLive 2009-07-11Halifax, Nova Scotia (CD 2)Unknown09 Nov 2009CDN/A
Paul McCartneyLive 2009-07-18 New York (CD 3)Unknown27 Jul 2009CDN/A
Paul McCartneyMiami 2010 (CD 3)Unknown27 Apr 2010CDN/A
Paul McCartneyPaul Live @ FedEx Field - Washington (1 Aug 2009) (CD 3)Unknown28 Aug 2009CDN/A
Paul McCartneyUnplugged DeluxeYellow Cow14 Jan 2009DVDN/A
Paul McCartneyVideo Collection (DVD 1)Unknown14 Apr 2005DVDN/A
Paul McCartneyVideo Collection (DVD 2)Unknown25 Oct 2004DVDN/A
QueenCoverin´Cow01 Nov 2004CDN/A
REMMay 1980 - Earliest Known REM RecordingCD-R20 Feb 2009CD-RN/A
Sean LennonSEAN LENNON - Live 2006-10-27 Philadelphia (World Cafe Live)-Unknown Publisher_11 Mar 2009CDN/A
Sean LennonSEAN LENNON - Live 2007-02-12 Milano, Rainbow Club-Unknown Publisher_23 May 2007CDN/A
Sheryl CrowLive At Austin 2004 (Disc 1)SaliStar Release10 Oct 2006CD-RN/A
Sheryl CrowLive At Austin 2004 (Disc 2)SaliStar Release10 Oct 2006CD-RN/A
SqueezeRockpalast 1985Unknown27 Apr 2007CD-RN/A
SqueezeThe First FarewellUnknown16 May 2006CDN/A
Squeeze And Aimee MannLive In The Park On The 4th Of JulyUnknown04 Dec 2005CDN/A
The BeatlesA Day In The Life (Remastered Edition)Remasters Workshop04 Apr 2011CD-RN/A
The BeatlesApple Scraps 6Melvin Records13 Aug 2008CDN/A
The BeatlesAudiophile! Volume 1Sexy Sadie04 Jan 2005OtherN/A
The BeatlesMagical Mystery Year Deluxe Vol. 2 (Disc 2)Purple Chick29 Dec 2009CDN/A
The BeatlesNo. 1 Singles Collection (DVD)Green Apple22 Feb 2005DVDN/A
The BeatlesNo. 3 Abbey Road NW8 - The Definitive EditionRemasters Workshop05 Apr 2011CD-RN/A
The BeatlesRelease From Limitation - The White Album Demos RemasteredRemasters Workshop04 Apr 2011CD-RN/A
The BeatlesThe Sgt. Pepper Chronicles (The Isolated Tracks) 3CD+DVDRapple Corps08 Sep 2008DVDN/A
The BeatlesTuned To A Natural E Volume VI - Disc One – The RemixesBeatles Remixers Group26 Oct 2009CDN/A
The BeatlesTuned To A Natural E Volume VI - Disc Two – The MashupsBeatles Remixers Group26 Oct 2009CDN/A
The BeatlesUltra Rare Trax Volumes 1 & 2 - 2011 CD RemastersRemasters Workshop04 Apr 2011CD-RN/A
The BeatlesUltra Rare Trax Volumes 3 & 4 - 2011 CD RemastersRemasters Workshop05 Apr 2011CDN/A
The Doors1965-09-02 - Aura Studio Demos, LAUnknown01 May 2007CDN/A
The IveysThe Iveys At The BEEBTiger Beat12 Apr 2007VinylN/A
The MonkeesThe Monkee Archives - Volume 5Splender Of Bohemia22 Nov 2005CDN/A
The MonkeesUnsurpassed Masters Volume 1Yellow Dog Records (Fake)20 Apr 2006CDN/A
The Traveling WilburysThe Secret Tapes Of Lucky BooUnknown22 Jun 2006CDN/A
Various ArtistsVARIOUS - The World's Greatest Artists Sing Lennon - A TributeKip The Kool Kat Fun Boots03 Nov 2005Homemade CD-RN/A
Various ArtistsVARIOUS - Touched By The Hands Of Gods Vol 01Black Box Discs13 Apr 2004CD-RN/A
Various ArtistsVARIOUS - Touched By The Hands Of Gods Vol 04Black Box Discs05 Aug 2004CD-RN/A

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