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Profile for wayneman

No TAO discs. If the laser writes Track at Once (TAO), a gap of two seconds is introduced between tracks.
In trading, 1 dvd = 2 cd's.
I mail First Class or Media Mail, whichever is cheaper for that package.
Please don't write on the cd's. If you could put a piece of paper with each cd identifying it, I would appreciate it.
If you want to trade with me and you are not part of a trading site where feedback can be left, I ask that you send me your part of the trade first.
I use only name brand cdr's and copy at the slowest speed my copier has.


Mid Day TV - Australia - date unknown

The Alternate Sgt Peppers/The Alternate Magical Mystery/The Alternate Yellow Submarine - 1 CD
Studio Outtakes 65-67

Let It Be uncropped movie - DVD

At Shea Stadium \"LLP 16 mm Film Print Digital Tele-Cine\"

Unsurpassed Studio Demos
The Jimi Hendrix Concerts (legit, OOP)
Live At Winterland (legit, OOP)

Listings show: Date (month/day/year), Location, Source, Length, Sound Quality

Let’s Go Faster demos
Original demos
1981?, BBC radio - The Breakfast Show, untitled LP, 29 min, 1?????
7/2/83 New York City, Roseland Ballroom Supergroups In Concert reel-to-reel, 35 min??
1989, Europe, Rockabilly Roundhouse Punch CD, 70 min, 1
1992, UK studio - unplugged rehearsal, studio, 29 min
Crusin' Round Sixteen Candles

Various cd compilations where he played on other artists’ songs
Various cd compilations of non-album tracks
9/22/86, Farm Aid- Champaign, Illinois, TV, 9min, 1

03/29/88, The Nashville Club, N. Hollywood, CA (KCSN FM 88.5), 14 m, 2
11/03/99 Nakano Sun Plaza, 89 m Aud/2cdr EX-???QUALITY?????
Rockabilly Riot Originals - compilation of the original Sun recordings

5/29/96, San Diego, FM, 18 min, 1 (Brian sings live to BSO backing tracks)

08/14/98 San Francisco 24 min


There are also many more DVD's at http://db.etree.org/myshows_smarty.php?filter=2&userid=INMYLIFE

D- means recorded digitally - no videotapes involved.


-Video Compilation 1969-1972


Compilation of TV appearances

Compilation of TV appearances in the 00's

BEATLES - group and solo

Beatles in the 80's ' Paul on 20/20 (Coming Up era); Liverpool play 'Lennon'; Ringo interview with Tom Snyder (Stop And Smell The Roses); John interview with Tom Snyder; Paul on Private Reel (with videos of Pipes Of Peace, Say Say Say, So Bad); ET Give My Regards To Broadstreet premier; MTV Strawberry Fields dedication, interviews with Yoko, Julian and Shaun; Ringo on SNL; Making of A Hard Day's Night (hosted by Phil Collins)

Beatlemania And More ' Making Of Beatlemania; Beatlemania movie; SNL Beatles-related skit; Beatles retrospective on Goodnight LA Videos; BBC TV segment; Beatles Come To Town (Hollywood Bowl coverage); Elliot Mintz Eyewitness News TV interview with John; 'Waterfalls' video; 'Coming Up' video; TV coverage of John's murder; videos: 'Woman', 'My Man', 'Tug Of War', 'Ebony And Ivory', 'Take It Away', 'Say Say Say'; MTV Paul interview

Condensed Cream Of Beatles

'Live At The BBC' ' Big Night Out (BBC TV); Big Beat 64 (NME Concert); Making of A Hard Day's Night (hosted by Phil Collins) ; Beatles 66 (MBE Awards interview & NME Awards Ceremonies)

Live In Germany 1966 - 2 DVD's

Beatles '68

'Live At Shea 1965' ' Shea Stadium TV special; Music of Lennon/McCartney; Live In Germany; In San Francisco TV coverage; John reading from his books & interview

JPM/Red Square James Paul McCartney (broadcast quality); Ready Steady Go (Japanese laserdisc source); Budakon 6/30/66 (laserdisc source); Paul Red Square 5/26/03 (D)

Sgt. Pepper ' Disney Making of Sgt. Pepper; PBS Twenty Years Ago Today; Beatles Come to Town (Hollywood Bowl coverage); Hey Jude rehearsal; Shea Statium TV special; George's 'Blow Away' video; Wings' 'With A Little Luck' video

-Live at the BBC 1962-1963 (45 min) Documentary from 1995 about the recently
released Live at the BBC album. Includes rare Beatles footage + recent interviews
with Ringo-Budokan 6/30/66 + over 1 hour or rare footage (White album sessions, Yellow Submarinepremiere, David Frost show, Dirty Mac sessions, Let It Be Outtakes, India home movies)(120min-master)
Compilation: Ready Steady Go, Shea ‘65, & Australia ‘64 (90 min-VG+)

-Paris ‘65, Blackpool ‘65, Help home movies +Apple Film (75 min)

The Making of Sgt. Peppers - The Definitive Ultimate Version: Making Of Sgt.

Pepper extended Japan version; Pepper Era material from Anthology Director's

cut; promo videos; audio with slide show: stereo version, mono version,

DTS stereo version (bogus DTS)

1967-xx-xx "Sgt. Pepper's Magical Mystery Tour" (Fab Productions) (1 DVD)


Fresh Live Cream (documentary with interviews, live footage ' laserdisc source)


??/??/82 TV Compilation - various, various: Pro shot, very good quality


Yes/ELP - Family Tree


3-13-78 Old Grey Whistle Test London, England (A+) (30 min Eagles/30 min Billy Joel)


Video Collection 1972-1975 (2)

The Lamb Live Down On Broadway ' mixture of amateur, proshot video, and stills synched to soundtrack of West Palm Beach 01/10/75 (soundboard)

1972-xx -77 Film Archive #2 (1 DVD)
1972-03-20 Pop Shop - TV studio - Brussels, Belgium
1973-01-10 Bataclan - Paris, France
1974-02-14 ORTF TV studio - Paris, France
1977-03-19 Moody Coliseum - Dallas, TX

1972-03-20 Pop Shop - TV Studio - Brussels, Belgium (1 DVD)
aslo includes: Piper Club - Rome, Italy 04/18/72 and Torino, Italy 02/03/74


A&E special following his death: "Quiet Legend" - 45 min

On Tour 1974 (home movies of the tour ' sound is unsynced studio recordings)


Collection - Walking On Sunshine – documentary; Walking On Sunshine video;

Live 7/4/85; Tonight Show ’86; Is That It? video

1974-03-22 ORTF (TV) - Paris, France (1 DVD)
pro shot NO MENU. TV "A" quality

Latter Years 2 DVD\'s


McCartney In The 90's vol 1 ' Disney Going Home (concert) 1990; In Concert (1990); Unplugged (3/91); MTV Up Close (1993); SNL (1993); MTV Rockumentary (1991); VH1 One To One (1993)

McCartney In The 90's vol 2 ' World Tour 11-89 Opening Night (handheld camera); RFK Washington DC 7-4-90; MTV 1990 ' interview with Kurt Loader; Live 1989 (handheld camera)

Ellen DeGeneres (D) - React Now: Music & Relief (9/10/05); The Ellen DeGeneres Show (11/14/05); Mary Had A Little Lamb video (from The Flip Wilson Show); 48th Annual Grammy Awards; Fidelity commercial; Beatles first photos (from Biography channel show "Can You Believe?")

(D) - Chaos & Creation at Abbey Road 2005


1970's TV appearances

Hangin' With The Raspberries (D) - recorded 7/05, broadcast 8/05 - VH1 Classic show


Nazz - Nazz vs. Godzilla - CD-ROM of lots of photos, a couple videos and some music

Retrospective 68-78

Retrospective 78-89

TV Todd III – Letterman ’00; Conan (Hate My ISP); CNBC (Power Trio); Letterman ’91; Night Music ’89; Conan ’97; SNL ’81; VH1 New Visions ‘89

Night Music – Night Music ‘89; Letterman ’91; Letterman sitting in; Conan ’97; VH1 New Visions ‘89

Interview 95/CNBC – 7/10/95 raw interview footage; 7/10/95 WISH tv feature; 11/10/95 WISH tv feature; CNN Power Lunch 10/6/03 (longer than on TV Todd III); Letterman band leader 10/6/03

An Evening With Utopia

Silent 8mm film – Roxy ’78; Utopia ’77 ’78 ‘79


Lone Cat in the Eighties(Rock Influences 1986, La Bamba Premiere 07/17/87, Farm Aid 09/21/85, Buddy Holly Tribute 12/19/87,Guitar Heroes '84, Letterman 07/19/88, + 2 music videos: Knife Feels Like Justice; Boulevard Of Broken Dreams. 63 min (VG to EX)

Secret Gig in Japan 1992 (50 min-EX)

Setzer Videos VI - various videos and tv appearances


Japan TV compilation (videos, guitar instruction, interviews, etc.) + 'Hell Bent' on Conan O'Brian + 'I'm Only In It For The Honey' promo video

Christmas 2004/2005 (D): All 2004/2005 US TV appearances plus excerpts from La Bamba and The Nanny. All digital from Tivo. Bonus: Gene And Eddie from Letterman (from video - fair quality).

Christmas 2006 (D): A

ll 2006 US TV appearances

I'm A King Bee (Montreal '95, Swingin In Vegas, TV Clips '96) : Pro Shot, very good quality.

Atlanta, GA 7/20/96 plus TV clips: Audience, good quality. TV Clips are good quality.


History of the Stray Cats vol.1 (compilation of rare tv footage and performances) Region 0

Montreaux Jazz Festival SWITZERLAND 7-10-81

London '83; 02/05/81 'Chorus' tv show: Le Palace, Paris 17 m (VG) - Region 0

'Pink Cadillac' ' Fridays; The Palace; US Festival; Savoy

MTV New Years '83, Sweden '83 & Germany '81(65 min-EX)

French Tv 1980 (Gene Vincent Fan Club); 03/28/83 Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada (this version of the Toronto show lasts 40 minutes but improved picture quality. - Region 0

03/28/83 Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada (60 min-VG)

TV Compilation 1982-1985 (2 hrs-VG to EX) ABC Fridays, American Bandstand, Merv Griffin, Grammy Awards, Saturday Night Live, and more.

TV clips 1989+ Rock Detroit (60 min-EX): Letterman - Gene and Eddie; Arsenio Hall - Rock This Town, Bring It Back Again, interview; Endless Summer - Nine Lives, Gene and Eddie, Rock This Town; World Music Video Awards: Bring It Back Again; Rock Detroit video

06/17/89 "Hot Point Festival" Lausanne, Switzerland (50 min-VG+)


Various Artists ' Yes live 1975 at LPR; McCartney on SNL 1981; Linda Ronstadt on Don Kirchner's Rock Concert; MTV Bangles concert 1986

Best Of Shindig ' Beatles Kansas City, I'm A Loser, Boys, The Everly Brothers, The Byrds, Billy Preston, The Mccoys, The Rolling Stones, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Yardbirds, The Hollies, The Turtles, The Searchers, The Who, Gerry And The Pacemakers, The Ronnets, Sonny And Cher, Donovan, The Righteous Brothers, Manfred Mann, Georgie Fame, Marianne Faithful, The Kinks, Billy J. Kramer With The Dakotas, Dave Clark Five, Fontella Bass

Midsummer Rock Festival: -Crosley Field Cincinnati, OH. 1970

(with Grand Funk Railroad, Mountain, Stooges, Alice Cooper & Traffic)

Yes/ELP - Family Tree

Steven & Liv Tyler - E! True Hollywood Story - also features Aerosmith, Todd Rundgren, Bebe Buell, Ted Nugent, Liz Derringer (last few seconds missing)

Various tv appearances: Deep Purple, Skye Sweetnam, Todd Rundgren, Badfinger, Alice Cooper, Edgar Winter Group, Ramones, Darlene Love, Katy Perry

2011 TV appearances Part 1: Bangles - Good Morning America 10/4/11; Bangles - Dancing With The Stars 10/17/11; Todd Rundgren - Jimmy Fallon 2/2/11

2011 TV appearances Part 2: Alice Cooper - The Tonight Show 4/19/11; Kelly Clarkson - Dancing With The Stars 10/18/11; Alice Cooper - Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame 3/20/11; Brian Setzer and Brad Paisley - CMA Country Christmas 2/1/11; Fitz And The Tantrums - Lopez 5/16/11; Fitz And The Tantrums -The Tonight Show 4/5/11


Early Documentaries 69-72

STAR TREK Beyond The Final Frontier (History Channel) special on auction of props, models, costumes, etc. from all the various incarnations.

STAR TREK 25th Anniversary + William Shatner biography on Biography channel (2)

Inside 9/11 (History Channel) - part 2 of 2 (2)

Animal House: The Inside Story (Biography) (1)

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Alice CooperBillion Dollar DemosMasquerad18 Jun 2004CDN/A
CreamSilver Horses Running Moonbeams In Your Dark EyesDandelion03 Nov 2004CDN/A
Deep PurpleBurnt Purple (CD 1)Unknown26 Aug 2004CDN/A
Deep PurpleBurnt Purple (CD 2)Unknown26 Aug 2004CDN/A
Deep PurpleLive At Greens Playhouse,Glasgow 24/9/1971-The Unreleased TapesUnknown20 Nov 2007CD-RN/A
Deep PurpleOldenburg '71Black Suede26 Aug 2004CDN/A
Deep PurpleThe Battle (CD1)Deep purple18 Jun 2004CDN/A
Deep PurpleThe Battle (CD2)Deep purple18 Jun 2004CDN/A
GenesisA Living Story - The British TourA Collectors Label26 Aug 2004CDN/A
GenesisAlbert In Wonderland (CD 1)I4Detail26 Aug 2004CDN/A
GenesisBBC Paris Studios '72CD-R26 Aug 2004CDN/A
GenesisBrasil Tour '77 (CD 1)CD-R26 Aug 2004CDN/A
GenesisBrasil Tour '77 (CD 2)CD-R26 Aug 2004CDN/A
GenesisBurp 001 (CD 1)BURP26 Aug 2004CDN/A
GenesisBurp 002 (CD 1)BURP26 Aug 2004CDN/A
GenesisBurp 003 (CD 1)BURP26 Aug 2004CDN/A
GenesisBurp 004 (CD 1)BURP26 Aug 2004CDN/A
GenesisBurp 004 (CD 2)BURP26 Aug 2004CDN/A
GenesisBurp 006 (CD 1)BURP26 Aug 2004CDN/A
GenesisBurp 006 (CD 2)BURP26 Aug 2004CDN/A
GenesisBurp 007 (CD 1)BURP26 Aug 2004CDN/A
GenesisBurp 007 (CD 2)BURP26 Aug 2004CDN/A
GenesisBurp 008BURP26 Aug 2004CDN/A
GenesisCrymeHighland26 Aug 2004CDN/A
GenesisDublin '72CD-R26 Aug 2004CDN/A
GenesisFAde 002 (CD 1)fade26 Aug 2004CDN/A
GenesisFAde 002 (CD 2)fade26 Aug 2004CDN/A
GenesisFAde 003 (CD 1)fade26 Aug 2004CDN/A
GenesisFAde 003 (CD 2)fade26 Aug 2004CDN/A
GenesisFantasiaExposure26 Aug 2004CDN/A
GenesisHogweed 03Hogweed26 Aug 2004CDN/A
GenesisHogweed 04 (CD 1)Hogweed26 Aug 2004CDN/A
GenesisHogweed 04 (CD 2)Hogweed26 Aug 2004CDN/A
GenesisHogweed 06Hogweed26 Aug 2004CDN/A
GenesisHogweed 07 (CD 1)Hogweed26 Aug 2004CDN/A
GenesisHogweed 07 (CD 2)Hogweed26 Aug 2004CDN/A
GenesisHogweed 10 (CD 1)Hogweed26 Aug 2004CDN/A
GenesisHogweed 10 (CD 2)Hogweed26 Aug 2004CDN/A
GenesisLive In BirminghamCD-R26 Aug 2004CDN/A
GenesisLive In Boston 1974 (Disc One)Heart Breakers26 Aug 2004CDN/A
GenesisLive In MontrealThe Swingin' Pig26 Aug 2004CDN/A
GenesisLong Ago In The Rome HillsHighland26 Aug 2004CDN/A
GenesisTour Rehearsal '78 (CD 2)Highland26 Aug 2004CDN/A
GenesisViolent DreamsHighland26 Aug 2004CDN/A
GenesisWatchers Of The SkiesGreat Dane Records26 Aug 2004CDN/A
GenesisWelcome To Epping ForestCD-R26 Aug 2004CDN/A
Jimi HendrixHave Mercy On Me Baby!Midnight Beat26 Aug 2004CDN/A
Jimi HendrixHistoric Concert Vol.2: High Times At San Jose PopMidnight Beat26 Aug 2004CDN/A
Jimi HendrixI Don't Live Today, Maybe TomorrowLiving Legend26 Aug 2004CDN/A
Jimi HendrixProtest Songs From Berkeley! (Disc 1)Rattlesnake26 Aug 2004CDN/A
Jimi HendrixProtest Songs From Berkeley! (Disc 2)Rattlesnake26 Aug 2004CDN/A
Jimi HendrixProtest Songs From Berkeley! (Disc 3)Rattlesnake26 Aug 2004CDN/A
Jimi HendrixThe King's JamKlondyke26 Aug 2004CDN/A
John LennonThe Dirty Mac SessionsUnicorn Records26 Aug 2004CDN/A
Paul McCartneyLive 2004-06-24 Paris, Stade De France (CD1)Unknown26 Aug 2004CDN/A
Paul McCartneyLive 2004-06-24 Paris, Stade De France (CD2)Unknown26 Aug 2004CDN/A
Peter GabrielMuppet 05 (CD 1)MUPPET26 Aug 2004CDN/A
Peter GabrielMuppet 05 (CD 2)MUPPET26 Aug 2004CDN/A
Roy Wood's Wizzo BandSuper Active Wizzo (Vinyl Transfer)Tyler15 Jul 2004CDN/A
The BeatlesBlackpool Night Out '64 - UpgradedUnicorn Records14 Jul 2004CDN/A
The BeatlesHelp!B4 Records14 Jul 2004CDN/A
The BeatlesMach Shau! (Upgrade)Unknown15 Jul 2004CDN/A
The BeatlesMore Masters 3Roaring Mouse15 Jul 2004CDN/A
The BeatlesSam Houston Coliseum August 19, 1965Bulldog Records23 Sep 2012CDN/A
The BeatlesSecret Songs In PepperlandMasterdisc15 Jul 2004CDN/A
The BeatlesThe Ultimate Live Collection Vol. 1 (CD 2)Yellow Dog Records06 Dec 2004CDN/A
The BeatlesVARIOUS - The New Music Express Poll Winners' Concert 1965 Disc 2Vigotone15 Jul 2004CDN/A
The BeatlesVideo 1DarthDisc15 Jul 2004CDN/A
The BeatlesVinyl To The Core (Disc 1)Unknown15 Jul 2004CDN/A
The BeatlesVinyl To The Core (Disc 2)Unknown15 Jul 2004CDN/A
Various ArtistsApple Compact Disc UK Singles Collection (Disc 10)Apple (Fake)18 Jun 2004CDN/A
Various ArtistsNo Police RepressionCD-R26 Aug 2004CDN/A
Various ArtistsVARIOUS - The Songs We Were Singing - Upgraded TitlesNo Moe18 Jun 2004CDN/A

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