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Profile for mike hilliard

I'd love to share some rare music
with a little help from my friends!

LocationTN...Davey Crockett's birthplace...
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Member since26 Sep 2003
Last logged on29 Jun 2020

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93 item(s) listed.

ArtistNamePublisher(s)Posted onWould like a copy from You own this itemYou want this item
Bob DylanComplete Infidels Sessions Disc 1-No Obvious Label-29 Jul 2005CD-RN/A
Bob DylanEat The DocumentWatchdog04 Apr 2005Video CDN/A
Bob DylanThe Ghost Of St. Louis March 3, 2004 ( Disc 2 )Cagey05 Nov 2004CD-RN/A
Bob Marley & The WailersLive At The Roxy 7.10.76 (Disc 2)Unknown31 Mar 2004CD-RN/A
Bob Marley & The WailersLive At The Roxy 7.10.76 (Disc 1)Unknown31 Mar 2004CD-RN/A
Bob Marley & The WailersNyabinghi's Rastas (AKA 'At The Record Plant')Teddy Bear31 Mar 2004CD-RN/A
Brian WilsonCome Back, Brian!Vigotone11 Apr 2004CD-RN/A
Brian WilsonOne Last Smile (Disc 1)Fun French Fun Records11 Apr 2004CD-RN/A
Brian WilsonOne Last Smile (Disc 2)Fun French Fun Records11 Apr 2004Homemade CD-RN/A
Buffalo SpringfieldLong Beach Arena: The End Of The LineCD-R12 Jun 2004CD-RN/A
Buffalo SpringfieldStampedeAtco (Fake)12 Jun 2004CD-RN/A
Buffalo SpringfieldThe Missing Herd - Volume 1 - LivestockCD-R12 Jun 2004CD-RN/A
Cheap TrickTop Of The WorldNoriaa Records20 May 2004CD-RN/A
Chuck Berry And Jonny JohnsonLone Star Roadhouse, NYC - December 16, 1993Unknown16 Oct 2018CD-RN/A
Eddie Cochran / Gene VincentThe Town Hall Party TV Shows 1959 (DVD)Mark Jones25 Mar 2006Video CDN/A
Electric Light OrchestraHold On Tight - Live In Wembley 1982 (Disc 1)Unknown15 Sep 2004CD-RN/A
Electric Light OrchestraPhasing PhunTwo Boys Limited Labs21 Jan 2004CD-RN/A
Frank ZappaRatas Calientes (Hot Rats)Unknown15 Sep 2004CD-RN/A
George Harrison1974-11-28 Atlanta, Afternoon Show (Atlanta - 28.11.1974)Unknown30 Jan 2004Homemade CD-RN/A
George Harrison1991-12-01 Yokohama (Days Of Speed) CD1Mid Valley21 Feb 2006CD-RN/A
George HarrisonCovers By George Harrison Vol. 1Unknown23 Jul 2004CD-RN/A
George HarrisonPhiladelphia Lumberjack (CD1)BMW26 Sep 2004CD-RN/A
Jimi HendrixAway From This Rainy CloudFor Trade Only19 Nov 2006CD-RN/A
John EntwistleVan-Pires Soundtrack (Second Mix)Dancin' Frog03 Aug 2004CD-RN/A
John FogertyJohn Fogerty Meets Jerry GarciaUnknown20 Feb 2006Homemade CD-RN/A
John LennonAnthology: WeybridgeFire Power16 Jan 2004Homemade CD-RN/A
John LennonAt Home (Disc 1 - Guitar Demos)His Master's Choice20 Oct 2014CDN/A
John LennonBetween The Lines: Vol. 1Pine Apple29 Jan 2006CD-RN/A
John LennonBetween The Lines: Vol. 6Pine Apple24 Oct 2015CD-RN/A
John LennonDouble Fantasy & Milk And Honey OuttakesUnknown29 Jan 2004CDN/A
John LennonJohn's Lost Home Demos (Vol. 2)John Records08 Oct 2004CD-RN/A
John LennonLost Lennon Archives Vol 1. The Tropical Lennon TraxBell Edge13 Aug 2004CD-RN/A
John LennonWe'd Like To Change The Tempo Now (CD1)Barrier23 Sep 2004CD-RN/A
John, Paul, George And RingoReunions 74 & 92-No Obvious Label-21 Jan 2004Homemade CD-RN/A
John, Paul, George And RingoThe Long Lost DemosMongoose Records21 Jan 2004CDN/A
Michael NesmithPretty Much Live In London (Live 1974-04-28 In London)Joe Schmoe Records19 Jan 2006CD-RN/A
Nick DrakeNature's SonCenobyte Sounds26 Jul 2008CD-RN/A
Nick DrakeTanworth-In-Arden 1967/68Anthology15 Sep 2004CD-RN/A
Nick DrakeTime Has Told Me (Disc 1)Unknown26 Jul 2008CD-RN/A
Nick DrakeTime Has Told Me (Disc 2)Unknown26 Jul 2008CD-RN/A
Paul McCartney04 Summer Gijón (CD 1)Unknown22 Aug 2004CD-RN/A
Paul McCartney2004 Summer Tour Anthology (VCD1)Vigorous Records22 Aug 2004Video CDN/A
Paul McCartneyBridge School Benefit (Sunday Show)Unknown03 Nov 2004CD-RN/A
Paul McCartneyCompleted Rarities Video GemsRam Records05 Sep 2006Video CDN/A
Paul McCartneyET72 - Frankfurt,West Germany 19 July 1972N/A23 Feb 2004CD-RN/A
Paul McCartneyLive 2004-05-28 Lisboa (04 Summer Lisboa) CD1Unknown21 Sep 2004CD-RN/A
Paul McCartneyLive 2005-11-20 Dallas (CD1)Backwards Traveller10 Jan 2006Homemade CD-RN/A
Paul McCartneyNew Moon Over Macca Vol. 6Madman21 Jan 2004CDN/A
Paul McCartneySan Petersburg Soundboard (CD 1)Tobacco Kill Records29 Sep 2004CD-RN/A
Paul McCartneyStill Of The GroundFront Row09 Oct 2004CD-RN/A
Paul McCartneyUnbootlegged 22 - Paradventure, A 22nd Chaotic Version Of Unbootlegged, Disc 2No Tapo Records07 Aug 2006CD-RN/A
Paul McCartneyWings From The WingsIdle Mind Productions06 Sep 2004CD-RN/A
Paul McCartneyZurich, June 2nd 2004 (CD 1)Unknown06 Sep 2004CD-RN/A
Pink FloydBowl De Luna (CD 1)Harvested13 Jun 2006CD-RN/A
Pink FloydLive 1967-11-13 Rotterdam (The Live Pink Floyd)Bulldog Records01 Jan 2009Homemade CD-RN/A
Ringo StarrChoose RingoDarthDisc13 Aug 2005CD-RN/A
Ringo StarrGO CAT GO ! (RINGO STARR With CAT STEVENS And BOB DYLAN)Tea Bag Two29 Jun 2007CD-RN/A
Ringo StarrKing Of Broken HeartsTendolar02 Feb 2004CD-RN/A
RockpileProvoked Beyond EnduranceUnknown21 Dec 2005CD-RN/A
Rory Storm & The HurricanesRORY STORM & THE HURRICANES - The Complete WorksOriole20 Feb 2004CD-RN/A
Syd BarrettHave You Got It Yet? Disc 03CD-R18 Sep 2004Homemade CD-RN/A
Syd BarrettHave You Got It Yet? Disc 09CD-R18 Sep 2004CD-RN/A
Syd BarrettHave You Got It Yet? Disc 10CD-R18 Sep 2004CD-RN/A
T. RexT.K.Y. BluesH-Bomb Music24 Jun 2004CD-RN/A
The Beatles1962 Live RecordingsBaktabak03 Feb 2004Homemade CD-RN/A
The BeatlesComplete BBC Sessions Upgraded Disc 10Purple Chick19 Jul 2004CD-RN/A
The BeatlesComplete: 01 - July 6, 1957 To April-May, 1960 (Part 1)Silent Sea21 Feb 2004CD-RN/A
The BeatlesJohn, Paul, George & Stu - Liverpool May 1960SIAE16 Jan 2004CD-RN/A
The BeatlesPaul Sings Strawberry FieldsUnknown21 Jan 2004CDN/A
The PoliceI Was Born For SuccessAmerican Concert Series13 Apr 2004CD-RN/A
The PoliceReal Crime StoryWorking Man13 Apr 2004CD-RN/A
The PoliceWallabyBeech Marten Records13 Apr 2004CD-RN/A
The PoliceZellerbach Auditorium 1979CD-R13 Apr 2004CD-RN/A
The RamonesOn The Road To RuinUnknown23 Sep 2004CD-RN/A
The Sex PistolsAnarchy In The UK: Live At The 76 ClubPrism Leisure21 Aug 2005CD-RN/A
The Sex PistolsGun ControlUnknown15 Apr 2004CD-RN/A
The Sex PistolsIndecent ExposureUnknown15 Apr 2004CD-RN/A
The Sex PistolsKSAN-FM Interview Jan 14, 1978Unknown21 Aug 2005CD-RN/A
The Traveling WilburysThe Secret Tapes Of Lucky BooUnknown22 Jun 2006CD-RN/A
The WhoDangerous 1982Midnight Blue31 Jul 2004CD-RN/A
The WhoJohn's Birthday Party (Disc 1)Unknown21 Aug 2005CD-RN/A
The WhoLive - Collector's ItemWholiday Music19 Jan 2006Homemade CD-RN/A
The WhoLive 1997-07-26 Indianapolis (Indianapolis) CD1Dancin' Frog21 Aug 2005CD-RN/A
The WhoLive Encore, The Joint, HardRock Hotel, Las Vegas, NV CD1eel pie02 Feb 2004Homemade CD-RN/A
The WhoLive Encore, The Joint, HardRock Hotel, Las Vegas, NV CD2eel pie02 Feb 2004Homemade CD-RN/A
The WhoOn The Board - Quadrophenia Live (Disc 1)Midnight Beat03 Aug 2004CD-RN/A
The WhoPontiac Silverdome 1975Outrider06 Mar 2004CD-RN/A
Tin MachineHeaven's In Here (Disc 1)Swingin' Pigs Records03 Aug 2004CD-RN/A
U2As It Was In The BeginningUnknown21 Aug 2005CD-RN/A
U2VeRTigo 2005 San Diego 2nd Night (Disc 1)Unknown21 Aug 2005CD-RN/A
U2Welcome To The Unforgettable Fire - CD1Star Records04 May 2004CD-RN/A
Various ArtistsThe Concert For People Of KampucheaN/A26 Sep 2004CD-RN/A
Yoko OnoThe HagueUnknown01 Jan 2006CDN/A

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