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Profile for nyjoe

*original disc*
introducing the beatles(ver.1,mono/stereo u.s.)
meet the beatles(mono/stereo,u.s.)
beatles second album(mono/stereo,u.s.)
a hard day's night(mono/stereo,u.s.)
something new(mono/stereo,u.s.)
beatles story(stereo,u.s.)
beatles 65'(mono/stereo,u.s.)
early beatles(mono/stereo,u.s.)
beatles VI(mono/stereo,u.s.)
rubber soul(mono/stero,u.s.)
magical mystery tour(mono,u.s.)
white album(mono,u.k.)
get back(org.ver.stereo)
get back (glyn john's 2nd mix,stereo)
at the hollywood bowl(1977 release, stereo)
the U.S.singles collection(3cd)
a collection of oldies(mono/stereo,u.k.)
hey jude(stereo,u.s.)
beatles U.K. ep collection(2cd)
new years day(decca)
live at the hollywood bowl-1964( unreleased capitol project 4877)
rock & roll music
first u.s.concert
love songs
reel music
christmas album
rarities (u.k.)
sgt.pepper(u.k. momo/stereo)
please,please me centered stereo(remixed)
with the beatles centered stereo(remixed)
audiophile! vol.1(dr.ebbetts MFSL collection dvd)plays on dvd player
audiophile! vol.2 (dr.ebbetts MFSL collection dvd)play on dvd player
last live licks(rooftop concert)

yellow dog:
unsurpassed masters vol.1 (1962-1963)*
unsurpassed masters vol.2(1964-1965)*
unsurpassed masters vol.3(1966-1967)*
unsurpassed masters vol.4(1968)*
unsurpassed masters vol.5(1969)*
unsurpassed masters vol.6(1962-1969)*
unsurpassed masters vol.7(1962-1969)*
unsurpassed demos*
original decca tapes & cavern rehearsals*
complete chistmas collection 1963-1969*
hollywood bowl complete*
ultimate live collection vol.1(2cd)*
control room monitor mixes*
wbcn get back reference acetate broadcast sept.22,1969*
celluloid rock*
get back & 22 other songs*
let it be rehearsals vol.1(complete rooftop concert)*
let it be rehearsals vol.2(all things must pass pt.1,electric set)*
let it be rehearsals vol.3(all things must pass pt.2,acoustic set)*
let it be rehearsals vol.4(rock&roll)*
let it be rehearsals vol.5(auction tape,vol.1)*
complete rooftop concert(2cd)
ultimate collection vol.1(4cd)*
ultimate collection vol.2(4cd)*
ultimate collection vol.3(4cd)*
live, live, live*
ed sullivan shows*
studio sessions vol.1(feb.11,1963)*
studio sessions vol.2(mar.5/sept.12,1963)*
studio sessions vol.3(1964)*
studio sessions vol.4(1965-1966)*
love me do
australian tour 1964(2cd)
twickenham sessions(8cd)
broadcast collection trailer vol.1(2cd)
broadcast collection trailer vol.2(2cd)
leaning on a lamp post
the early years,the decca audition(speed corrected)*
the radio years at the beeb*
misellaneous tracks(hodge podge 2)*
1rst hour of the let it be session*
2nd hour of the let it be session*
3rd hour of the let it be session*
A cam+B cam stereo at twickenham jan.3,1969
day by day vols.11-12(2cd per.vol.)
day by day vols.29-32(2cd per.vol.yellow dog??)
day by day vol.33 (2cd, purple dog?)
day by day vols.1-28(9 cd, mp3's)
complete controlroom monitor mixes vol.1(2cd)
complete controlroom monitor mixes vol.2(2cd)
7 years of christmas
at the beeb(vols.1-12)

black dog:
puttin' on the style (quarry men/beatles)
hodge podge*

arrive without aging*
1968 demos
get back journals 1(8cd)*
get back journals 2(8cd)*
posters,incense &strobe candles
no.3 abbey rd. n.w.8
as nature intended
lost pepperland reel & other rarities
march 5,1963,the complete session plus the decca tape
ultimate christmas collection(2cd)
turn me on dead man(2cd)*
another sessions.....plus
get back--glyn johns final compilation
from kinfauns to chaos(2cd)*
30 days(17cd)

millennium remasters series:
please,please me(mono/stereo)
with the beatles (mono/stereo)
a hard days' night (mono/stereo)
beatles for sale (mono/stereo)
help! (mono/stereo)
rubber soul (mono/stereo)
revolver (mono/stereo)
sgt.pepper's lonley hearts club band (mono/stereo)
magical mystery tour (mono/stereo)
the beatles(white album,mono 2cd)
the beatles (white album,stereo 2cd)
yellow submarine(mono)
yellow submarine (stereo)
abbey road (stereo)
let it be(stereo)

in case you don't know........
alf together now*
atlanta ('65)munich('66)seattle('64)
shea/candlestick park*

blue kangaroo:
'69 rehearsals vol.1*
'69 rehearsals vol.2*
'69 rehearsals vol.3*

swingin' pig:
ultra rare trax vol.1
ultra rare trax vol.2
ultra rare trax vol.3
ultra rare trax vol.4
ultra rare trax vol.5
ultra rare trax vol.6
five nights in a judo arena*
live in paris 1965
stars of '63
ultra rare trax vols.1&2
ultra rare trax vols.3&4
ultra rare trax vols.5&6

genuine pig:
ultra rare trax vol.7
ultra rare trax vol.8

great dane:
the complete bbc sessions(9cd)*
here we go, march 12,1963(disc 10 from complete bbc sessions)

big music:
artifacts 1 (1958-1970 ,5cd)*
artifacts 2(1960-1969 ,5cd)*
artifacts 3(1969-1994 ,4cd)

mythology vol.1(3cd)
mythology vol.2(4cd)
mythology vol.3(4cd)
to be expected*
get back ,glyn john's 2nd mix,jan.5,1970
real to reel sessions
abbey road video show

silent sea:
attack of the filler beebs vol.1
attack of the filler beebs vol.2
attack of the filler beebs vol.3
attack of the filler beebs vol.4
songs for eleanor(2cd)
every little thing(2cd,making of beatles for sale & single)

beat:(red robin)
it's all in the mind y' know
sea of green
original master recordings(first 4 albums in stereo,2cd)
rarities 3 the final mix(rock n roll music mixes from 76'?)
capitol ver.1(early beatles/meet the beatles,stereo)
capitol ver.2(second album/a hard days night,stereo)
capitol ver.3(something new/beatles story,stereo)
capitol ver.4(beatles '65/beatles VI,stereo)
capitol ver.5(help!/rubber soul,stereo)
capitol ver.6(yesterday&today/revolver,stereo)
capitol ver.7(sgt.pepper,mono/magical mystery tour,german stereo)

anthology video collection(red dog)
best of 1963(red dog)
best of 1964(red dog,2cd)
best of 1965(red dog)
best of 1966(red dog)
best of 1967-1970(red dog)
let it be(movie ,plus out takes,2cd)(red dog)
live in japan 1966
companion 1(1962-1966)
companion 2(1967-1970)
live in germany 1966
new musical express shows(1964-1966)
ed sullivan shows(1964-1966)
telecast 1968(2cd)
private reel
live in paris 1965
in holland 1964(w/jimmy nichol)
royal command performance/drop in(1963)
around the beatles (1964 ,complete show)
shea '65/tokyo '66
washington '64/n.y.c. '65(shea)
australia 1964
ready,steady,go! special edition
24 hrs. with john & yoko(plus color footage of beatle concert in itlay 1965)
big night out 1963/1964
thank your lucky stars 1963
morecomb&wise 1963
smothers brothers show 1968(cameo by george,hey jude/revolution,plus apple promo film)
hollywood bowl 1964
every little thing vol.1 1962-1964
every little thing vol.2 1964-1965
every little thing vol.3 1966-1969(1995)
san francisco t.v. special,the last concert
24 hours with john & yoko
telecast 1968(2cd's)
beatle cartoons(3cd's)

strawberry fields forever
dig it
not for sale
not guilty
hold me tight
something to hide

john barrett dubs:
vol.1 that means alot
vol.2 los paranoias
vol.3 she loves you
vol.4 how do you you it?
vol.5 odds & ends
vol.6 abbey road show
vol.7 get back(2nd glyn john mix,jan.5,1970)

overdone productions:
every little thing vol.1(2cd)
every little thing vol.2(2cd)
every little thing vol.3 (2cd)
every little thing vol.4 A-Z(2cd)

yellow panda:
fab forgeries, the beatle years
fab forgeries 2
fab forgeries 3

terminus threnody:
magical mystery mixes vol.1-8(the beatle years)
magical mystery mixes vol. 9-16(the solo years)

the peter sellers tape

help! the original mix(2cd)
revolver mono matrix (2cd)
revolver mono matrix(superior version)

secert trax:
ultimate live masters
in concert addendum vol.1 1957-1964(2cd)
in concert addendum vol.2 1965-1966(2cd)

misellaneus titles&labels:
complete bbc sessions upgrade(10 cd +1cd-rom,purple chick)
oopsology vol.1
oopsology vol.2
oopsology vol.3
oopsology vol.4
down in havanna(unicorn records)
acetates collection(unicorn records)
the very best of shindig(beatles ,plus other acts:stones,who,kinks)
the lost paris tapes(dr.pataphysical)
jamming with heather(because records)*
it's not too bad(peg boy)
upgraded collection highlights(fool on hog hill)
gone tomorrow,here today(repo-man)
kaleidoscope (2cd)
studio sessions mar.5/sept 12,1963(speed corrected)(tobe milo)
you can't do that on stage(quarter apple)
norhwest nights(2cd ,darthdisc)
live-make as much noise as you like(flo records)
garage tape(for sale by auction)(kremo music)
beatles in italy 1965(bulldog)
raw energy(decca tapes,romance records)
wild cats(2cd,madman records)
5.1 degrees of separation(2cd,blue meanie records)
pollwinners go to blackpool(m-beat music)
danmark&nederland june 1964(why not records)
come together(beatles in the '90s)(fab 3)
when i get older....(beatles in the '90s)(fab 4)
talkology(interviews 1964-1966,3cd)
the beatle tapes(interviews w/david wigg,1968-1973,2cd)
300,000 fan's can't be wrong(living legends)
blackpoolnight out '64-upgrade(unicorn records)
beatles vs.don ho(melvin records)
the little girl tape(paul/george interview by fan,1967)
as it happenened baby!(darthdisc)
magical mystery tour mono(oden)
yellow submarine mono(oden)
abbey road mono(?)
songs from the past vol.2(side walk)*
songs from the past vol.5(side walk)*
last night in hamburg(live 1962)(rocktoons)*
abbey road companion(invasion unlimited)*
a toot & a snore in '74(john jamming w/paul & others in 1974)*
help sessions(B4 records)
complete hollywood bowl concerts 1964-1965(midnight beat)
vinyl to the core upgrade vol.1
vinyl to the core upgrade vol.2
vinyl to the core upgrade vol.3
ciy of light(2cd,darthdisc)
please,please me(stereo,mfsl)
with the beatles(stereo,mfsl)
a hard day's night(stereo,mfsl)
beatles for sale(stereo,mfsl)
rubber soul(u.k.mono/u.s.stereo)
mything pieces vols.1-4(4cd)
beatles bop -hamburg (bear family,2cd)
abbey road show(2cd,birthday records)
bloomington min. 1965
meet the threetles(audio of 3tles from dvd +mixes of free as a bird,real love)
whie sessions(4 cd)
anthology dvd songtrack the 2002 re-mixes vol.1 1962-1966
anthology dvd songtrack the 2002 re-mixes vol.2 1967-1970
anthology dvd songtrack the 2002 re-mixes vol.3 the live album
tuned to a natural E vol.1
tuned to a natural E vol.2
tuned to a natural E vol.3
magical mystery tour dvd dissected 5.1 mixes
rubber soul remixes
phasing phunc
channeling from the cener within
5 point wonderful(8 disc set ,dissecting the dvd set)
fixing sgt.pepper
the golden beatles(interview album from italy)
john,paul,george &ringo
the beatles in washington d.c.......and liverpool
lost beatle tape,christmas 1965(outtake)
sgt.pepper,MFSL ultgr stereo(mirror spock)
the abbey road show1983(2 cd)
revolver rain
revolver rains again
the mixing impossible"the music"(mirror spock)
the mixing impossible"the vocals"(mirror spock)
the mixing impossible"the remixes"(mirror spock)
alternate rubber soul
complete apple trax vols.1-6(adam VIII LTD)
give apple a chance,beatles 1971(solo)
sgt.pepper the trance remixes
relativity canenza vol.1 (outfakes)
relativity canenza vol.2 (outfakes)
relativity canenza vol.3 (outfakes)
sgt.pepper .....naked vol.1
sgt.pepper......naked vol.2
sgt.pepper......naked vol.3
mix & mash(cool remixes)
mutation (cool remixes)
lost t.v. & radio luxemburg broadcast(2 cd)
I have the remastered box sets mono/stereo

complete bbc sessions(great dane set +bonus)
john barrett's cassette dubs
beatle video(vols.1-4,has every thing)
ultimate experience(8cd+bonus disc,has everything ,mp3)
complete live concerts(2cd,every live show mp3)
documents vols.1-6(mp3)
real anthology(all 8 videos in 2cd,mp3,plays in real player)
30 days(3cd,mp3 2discs music ,1 disc has booklets)
from U.K.with love(russian cd-rom,all beatles discs on 1 disc mp3)
day by day vols.1-28(9 cd,mp3 w/artwork)
yellow submarine press kit(cd-rom)
anthology 1 epk(cd-rom)
anthology 2 epk(cd-rom)
load(2 dvd set,has everything,plays on computer)

DVD'S:i am asking 3 audio disc's for 1 dvd in a trade
load(2 disc's,has everything audio.plays on computer)
anthology(vols.1-8,plus bonus disc)*(apple)
anthology directers cut 1993(vols.1-8,plus bonus disc)(picture perfect)*
chronology 1962-1970vol.1(picture perfact)*
chronology 1962-1970vol.2(picture perfact)*
let it be (from japiness laser disc)
let it be (5.1 surround sound?? great picture & sound!)
video anthology-42 greatest hits(promos)
one(28 promo clips fom 1 album+clips from Beatles.com)
the ed sullivanperforances 1964-1970
get back/winter of discontent(2 discs,get back clips in stereo &let it be out takes,nice set)*
around the beatles/ready steady go!
live at shea stadium aug.15,1965(in-line/flim soundtrack opption)
concert at budokan 1966
the 4 complete ed sullivan shows(complete shows w/other acts &commercials,5.1 suround sound)*
the first U.S. visit(original ver.)*
the first U.S. visit(2004,bonus stuff,apple)*
a hard day's night(mpi)*
a hard day's night(miramax,2 disc)*
magical mystery tour(mpi)*
yellow submarine(mpi)(5.1 surround sound)*
the beatles celebration(laser light)*
beatles 1 companion 1962-1966
beatles 1 companion 1967-1970
best of 1963(red dog)
best of 1964(2 disc,red dog)
best of 1965(red dog)
best of 1966(red dog)
fun with the fab four(good times dvd,beatles doing shakespear,press conferance 65')*
beatles unautherorized(good times dvd,clips of wash. d.c. concert 64',last u.s. press conferance in L.A. 66')*
let it be.....naked plus(japiness promo trailer 2003,apple clips 2003,....naked video clips)
in washington, d.c. feb. 11,1964
a collection of beatle oldies
1963(beat # 10)
jan-apr.1964(beat # 8)
feb. 20-june.5,1964(beat # 9)
june 6-nov.29 1964(beat #7)
apr 6-aug 1,1965(beat #6)
aug. 14/15 ,1965(beat #5)
noverber 1965(beat #4)
june 24-26 1966(beat #3)
june 30/july 1,1966(beat #2)
1967-1970(beat #1)
audiophile! vol.1(dr.ebbett MFSL collection part 1)
audiophile! vol.2 (dr.ebbett MFSL collection part 2)
eye of the hurricane american tour 1964(2 disc)(picture perfect)*
palais & plazas(2 disc) (picture perfect)*
a year in pepperland 1967
tomorrow never knows 1966
unsceen beatles(b.b.c. doc)
stars of the beatles in sweden 1963/64(cd/dvd)(misterclaudel)
NME poll winners' concert1964/65/66(cd/dvd)(misterclaudel)
beatles big night out 1963/64/65(cd/2dvd)(misterclaudel)

5.1 surround sound:need receiver that decodes DTS discs
five point wonderful(DTS,2 disc anthology dvd soundtrack)(toup)
please,please me(DTS)
with the beatles(DTS)
a hard days night(DTS)
beatles for sale(DTS)(toup)
rubber soul(DTS)
sgt.pepper (DTS)(mirror spock)
magical mystery tour(DTS)(toup)
beatles,white album(2 disc DTS)(toup)
yellow submarine songtrack(DTS)
abby rd.(pus earlier songs,DTS)
let it be/let it be....naked(DTS)
songs from anthology(DTS)
sgt.pepper dvd-audio(great sound 5.1 & photos)

scans for lots of labels&titles

*original disc*

the rolling stones:
live-great hits
lost point(live steel wheels,diff. mixes of high wire/sex drive)
still life plus
brian's blues*
brussels affair(live 1973)
the black box vol.1
the black box vol.2
the black box vol.3
the black box vol.4 bonus disc
get your leeds lungs out!(live 1971)
happy birthday nicky(single disc version)
itchy fingers(outtakes)
live in europe(1976)*
mad shadows(outtakes)*
pearls at swine(1978,2cd ver. of the woodstock rehearsals set)
rockin at the forum (1975 2cd )*
rsvp new version(beggers banquet outtakes)
some girls are bigger than others(live 1978)
static in the attic
time trip 1969-1973 vol.1*
time trip 1969-1973 vol.2*
trident mixes*
tropical disease(exile on main st. outtakes)*
welcome to new york(live at m.s.g.1972)
the mick taylor years(live 1971-73)
in action(live 1966-67)
in action revised
voodoo halloween(2cd,1994)
twilight zone
fuck yer ya ya's out(m.s.g. 1969)
acoustic motherfuckers
electric motherfuckers
beat,beat,beat at the beeb(2cd)
liver then you'll ever be(1969)
the complete woodstock tapes(1978 rehearsals on 4 cd's)
the complete woodstock tapes(1978 rehearsals 4cd's on one mp3 disc)
hot as hell(live 1975)
alternate made in the shade
out takes 1978
some like it hot(paris 1970)
out of our heads mono(plus others songs from the era)
farewell tour(england 1971)
satisfaction guranteed(live 1981,2cd's)
rio 98'(2cd's)
live 1978
made in the shade 78'
el mocambo(live 1977)
out the door(live 1997)
closer then close
stripped companion
the chess sessions
bright lights,big city(2cd)
unplugged(demos&outtakes '68-'73)
can you hear the moible(rehearsals 1973,2cd)
a rolling stone gathers no moss(2 cd,early live 1965-67)
brussels affair definitive edition(2cd,disc 1-live brussel 1973-disc 2-other live shows 1972)
burning at the garden(2 cd live 1972)
live 1975(vcd)
four flicks(4 dvd in 5.1 surround sound)*
gimme shelter(dvd in 5.1 surround sound)*
bridges to babylon tour 1997-98(dvd in 5.1 surround sound)*
rock & roll circus(dvd ,5.1 surround sound.1968,the who,john lennon,jethro tull)*
the complete rolling stones collection(5 cd in mp3 has every official release up to 40 licks,very cool)
video anthology(4 dvd set group/solo)
let it bleed(DTS)
ladies & gentlemen the rolling stones(live 1972 dvd)
the ed sullivan shows 1964-1969/bonus clips(dvd)
the mick taylor years(dvd)
the marguee club 1971(dvd)
the ultimte t.v. masters(dvd u.s./british t.v. 1964-1971)
more hot rocks(2 dvd)
love you live 76'(2dvd)
tv appreance & promos (10 disc dvd set up to tattoo you promos)
Stones in exile(dvd)*
Exile on main street(remasterd)*

bruce springsteen:
born in the u.s.a.outtakes
born to run outtakes
heart & soul(live 1980 3 cd)
lost masters essential collection(2cd)
passaic night(live 1978 3cd)
ties that bind(river outtakes)
river outtakes(2cd)
son you may kiss the bride
darkness on the edge of town outtakes(2cd)
asbury park (1999, 2cd)
you mean so much to me
complete video antholog/1978-2000(2dvd in 5.1 surround sound)*

bob dylan:
almost went to see elvis(w/ g.harrison,1970)
blood on the tapes(blood on the tracks outtakes)
get ready!tonight bob's staying here with you(live in boston 1975, 2cd)
highway 61 revisted
more music from big pink(w/the band 1967)
thin wild mercury music(outtakes 1965-1966)
westwood one (live 1986, backed by tom petty & heart breakers, petty does
not perform any of his own songs)
all hallows' eve (live 1964 ,2cd)
night of the hurriane (1975, 2cd)
dylan/cash sessions(1969)
renaldo & clara
as good as it gets (2cd)
plymouth rock
live 1966
don't look back(dvd 1965 english tour)*
we had known a lion(2cd,live 1965)
folk rogue (live at newport,1964/1965)
dimestore medicine(2 cd,studio outtakes/live from 1965)
no direction home(2 dvd's,5.1 surround sound)*

the who:
tales from the who(live 1973)
who put the better boot(live 1976)
studio takes (ny,1970)
charlton 1974(2 cd)
pete townshend vh1 storytellers & more (england 2000)
the kids are alright special dvd edition(2 dvd in 5.1 surround sound)*
30 years of maximum R & B(dvd of live concerts)*
who's next ?(5.1 surround sound)(toup)

john lennon:
the complete lost lennon tapes(cd-rom,has all lost vols.on 3 mp3discs)
imagine all the outtakes(3cd)
more imagine sessions(2cd)
absolute elsewhere(mind game outtakes/demos,3cd)
imagine the alternative(imagine outtakes)
free as a bird(the dakota demos)*
something precious & rare(rehearsal for i'm the greatest w/ringo & george 1973)*
a toot & a snore in '74(studio jam w/p.mccartney & others)*
alternate plastic ono band
the lennon legend(dvd in 5.1 surround sound)*
sweet toronto(live sept.1969 with other acts DVD 5.1 surround sound)
complete!vol.1lost lennon tapes(formatted on DVD)
john lennon the lost home tapes 1965-1969 2cd(misterclaudel)

george harrison:
beware of abkco(all things must pass demos,1970)*
the making of all things must pass(outtakes 3cd,plus3 ringo outtakes)*
through the years(outtakes 1970 & 4 ringo outtakes)*
living in the alternate world
baton rouge 1974(2 cd)
live in seattle,nov. 4,1974(complete show,2cd)
songs for patti
concert for george(2cd bootleg ver.)
george harrison video collection(vcd)
silver wilburys live
the concert for george(2 dvd in 5.1 surround sound)*
all things must pass(DTS surround sound) (toup)
the concert for bangladesh(2dvd's,5.1 surround sound)*
george harrison the quiet one(dvd)

the eagles:
back to the fast lane(live 1994 2 cd)*
live at berkeley-1973
hell frees over(dvd in 5.1 surround sound)*

stone temple pilots:
violet (core unplugged & core electric )*

paul mccartney (wings):
one hand clapping
complete cold cuts (3 cd)
wings over boston 1976(2cd)
wings live in toronto 1976(2cd)
one hand clapping(vcd)
james paul mccartney(vcd)
more unplugged
washington d.c.( 2cd,2002 1rst leg)
boston(2cd,2002 , 2nd leg)
james paul mccartney
back in the U.S.(dvd in 5.1 surround sound)*
james paul maccartney/one hand clapping(DVD)
DTS 5.1 surround sound mixes vols.1-5(vol. one has beatles &solo harrison,vol.2 has solo lennon)
paul mccartney & wings videos 1970-1978(dvd)
paul live in omaha nebraska(aud.recording oct.30,2005,i was there)
paul live at MSG N.Y.C dec.15,1989(i was there)

charlottle coliseum mar.29.2001(2cd)
moe b-sides

led zeppelin:
a worhwhile experience(fort worth 1973)*
round & round (soundcheck/studio outtakes 1975)
stairway to heaven #3
stairway to heaven #4
in the evening
black dog 2
black dog 3
led zeppelin DVD(2 dvd of concerts 1969-1979,lots of extra.in 5.1 surround sound)*
stuido sessions vol. 5
stuido sessions # 6
last day in mannholm(2cd,live 1980)
seattle days
tympani for the butter queen(live 1973,2cd's)

elvis presley:
adios(last live show, june 1977)

elton john:
b.b.c. 1973(live)

killer-xmas(live dec.26,1975)
on fire

pearl jam:
mtv unplugged
19 footsteps
5 musketeers

unplugged #2

unplugged ,completely

radio head:

smashing pumpkins:
enter adore

david bowie:
absolutely rare

billy joel:
billy the demo
strangers on 52nd st.

back to collage(live 1969)

pink floyd:
great gig on the moon
live at pompeii(vcd,2cd)

jimi hendrix:
unsurpassed studio takes

neil young:
on the beach +(1974 album not avilable on cd,+ 8 live songs 1971 bbc 2)
heart of gold dvd(2disc)

beach boys:
leid in hawaii #1(live 1967)
leid in hawaii #2(rehearsal 1967)

jim croce:
jim croce live(dvd)*
live at the philly folk fest....& more(1973)

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The BeatlesA Hard Day's Night - 2014 Remixes (Disc 1)Fab Productions26 Jul 2014CDN/A
The BeatlesA Hard Day's Night - 2014 Remixes (Disc 2)Fab Productions26 Jul 2014CDN/A
The BeatlesAt The Beeb REPAIRYellow Dog Records (Fake)22 Jan 2007CDN/A
The BeatlesThirty Days Vol.15 - The Complete Apple Studio Performance Part OneVigotone20 Jan 2002CD-RN/A
finally!!all the(most of)outtakes we've been
hearing(reading) about.GREAT SET.GET IT!!
The Rolling StonesTime Trip Vol. 5Scorpio/Bad Wizard29 Apr 2010CDN/A

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