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Profile for Madmanrick

******************** 06 Apr 2007 ********************
In order to keep peace within my house, I have decided to stop trading. My wife is adamant that I have more than enough discs and when I even think about having to reorganize my collection to trade again, my head begins to hurt. :-) I apologize to those who may wish to trade with me, but for now this is the way it must be. My sincere thanks to all the friends I've traded with, it has been fun (and alot of work), but my collection would never have gotten to where it is without you all!

Any discs in my trade list marked by either a C, J, or K are also uploaded to WASTE and available there. Enjoy!

***Rest in peace Marten, though we only "met" via email and our trades, I can say you are my friend! You shall be missed!***



Rubber Soul Working Version (2 CDs-Misterclaudel)
Abbey Road Working Version (2 CDs-Misterclaudel)
Rubber Soul (Mirror Spock MFSL stereo version)
I Favolosi (Onion Records DJ-002)
Sweet Capitol Tracks Vol. 1 1963-1964(Sweet Zapple SZ-110-111)
Help! (Odeon-fake MO 984008)
Yellow Submarine (Odeon-fake MW 153)

Paul McCartney:

Wings From The Wings (MisterClaudel 2 CDs)
Perfect Harmony (Piccadilly Circus 2 CDs)
Wings Over Los Angeles 1976 Remaster Version (MisterClaudel 2 CDs)
Lifeworks Vol. 4 (MPA 2 CDs)
Lifeworks Vol. 5 (MPA 2 CDs)
Complete Cold Cuts Collection (3 CDs-Secret Garden)
The Odds And Ends Collection Vol. 1, 2 & 3 (3 CDs each)
Red Rose Speedway (Quad-Fake Odeon)
Wings Wild Life (Quad-Fake Odeon)
Wings At The Speed Of Sound (Quad-Fake Odeon)

George Harrison:

Dark Horse 30th Anniversary Edition (Plus One)
Living In The Material World (Quad-Fake Odeon)
Extra Texture (Quad-Fake Odeon)
Somewhere In England (Quad-Fake Odeon)
All Things Must Pass (Quad 2 CDs-Fake Odeon)
Dark Horse (Quad-Fake Odeon)

John Lennon:

Live Peace In Toronto 1969 (MisterClaudel)
Mind Games (Quad-Fake Odeon)
Plastic Ono Band (Quad-Fake Odeon)
Double Fantasy (Quad-Fake Odeon)

Ringo Starr:

Beaucoups Of Blues Acetate (Yellow Cat)
RINGO (Quad-Fake Odeon)
Goodnight Vienna (Quad-Fake Odeon)

Elton John:

Willing to trade 2 for 1 for these titles:

The Alternate Caribou (2 CDs)
Portland, OR 10/15/74 (2 CDs)
Olympia Stadium, Detroit 11/74 (3 shows)
Pontiac Silverdome, Pontiac, MI 7/9/76
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, MI 10/29/79
The Myriad, Oklahoma City, OK 1984
Axis Club, Boston, MA 6/24/88
The Centrum, Worcester, MA 10/9/88
Shea Stadium, New York, NY 8/21/92
Reg On The Radio BBC1 Radio
9/15/92 Great Woods, Mansfield, MA
9/16/92 Great Woods, Mansfield, MA
4/16/93 Boston Garden, Boston, MA
4/17/93 Boston Garden, Boston, MA
Elton John w/Ray Cooper Amherst, MA 10/22/93 (2 CDs)
Elton John w/Ray Cooper Portland, ME 10/24/93 (2 CDs)
8/4/94 Face 2 Face, Pontiac Silverdome, Pontiac, MI
Elton John w/Ray Cooper Nagoya, Japan 2/9/95 (2 CDs)
Elton John w/Ray Cooper Osaka, Japan 2/11/95 (2 CDs)
Rainforest Benefit 4/12/95
Rainforest Benefit 4/12/96
Rainforest Benefit 4/30/97
Amherst, MA 10/5/97 (2 CDs)
Rainforest Benefit 4/17/99
Rainforest Benefit 4/13/00
Rainforest Benefit 3/29/01
Vienna, Austria 6/25/02 (2 CDs)

Here are some of the boot CD's that I have, that have as yet not been listed here (eventually I'll get around to uploading them to BZ):

The Rolling Stones:

Record Mirror Vol. 2-unreleased studio sessions from 10/1968 to 05/1974 (SBD) Bedrock Records BOX SET #335 - 4 CDs
Unsurpassed Acetates
Reelin' & Rockin' '61-'62 Outtakes (2 CDs)
Big Hits (High Tide & Green Grass)
Through The Past Darkly (Big Hits Vol. 2)
Stereo Rarities (2 CDs)
Rolling Stones No. 2 (Decca mono digi-pack)
England's Newest Hitmakers (ABKCO digital remaster)
Rolling Stones Englands Newest Hitmakers
Get Satisfaction...If You Want It
12 x 5/Rolling Stones Now (2 in 1)
Metamorphosis (Decca digi-pack)
It's Only Goat's Head Soup...But We Like It
(Outtakes + Alternates 1973/74)

Elvis Presley:

Studio Outtakes '56-'58 (1 CD)

Beach Boys:

Rarities Vol. 2
Rarities Vol. 3

Billy Joel:

Storytellers (2 CDs)
Sigma Sound Studio
Songs from the Backyard (2 CDs)
Cold Spring Harbor Demos (1 CD)
Songs In The Basement (1 CD)
Glass Houses Outtakes (1 CD)
An Innocent Man Outtakes (1 CD)
21 Rare Recordings (1 CD)
Storm Front Outtakes (1 CD)
The Bridge/River Of Dreams Outtakes (1 CD)

Electric Light Orchestra:

Japan 2/23/78 (2 CDs)

Bruce Springsteen:

Lost Masters Vol. 19 (Born In The USA Sessions)
Lost Masters Essential Collection Vol. 1 (2 CDs)
Lost Masters Essential Collection Vol. 2 (2 CDs)
The Definitive River Outtakes Vol. 1 (2 CDs)
The Definitive River Outtakes Vol. 2 (2 CDs)


Anthologenealogy (Capitol (Fake)) - 7 CDs
Et Maintenant Une Chanson (New Version) (NLR 9806)
Por Siempre Beatles (The Void)
The Beatles (Needle-Drop of East German Amiga LP - 1 CD)
Beatles Forever (Needle-Drop of Brazilian Apple LP - 1 CD)
Ultra Rare Tracks 1 & 2 (Remastered 2005)
Ultra Rare Tracks 3 & 4 (Remastered 2005)
Ultra Rare Tracks 5 & 6 (Remastered 2005)
The Beatles First Deluxe Edition (2 CDs)
Let It Be...Naked Radio Show w/Pat O'Brien (1 CD)
Let It Be Radio Programme 5/23/70 (1 CD)
The Alternate Help - Acoustic Music Records - a clone of the Walrus version
BeatOuts #1 - Outtakes from The Early Studio Era CD
BeatOuts #3 - Outtakes from The Help Era CD
BeatOuts #5 - Outtakes from The Best of the Demos CD
BeatOuts #8 - Magical Submarine History (Outtakes)
BeatOuts #9 RARE CUTS (Outtakes) - 2 CDs
Help Recording Sessions and Outakes. 2CD set. Fake Yellow Dog YD-030 - 2 CDs
The Alternate A Hard Day's Night (31 tracks)
The Alternate Revolver (26 tracks)
Complete BBC Anthology 12 CDs (offical BBC "At the Beeb" set) - BEEB Transcription, 2001 "promo" set - this 12-disc set differs from the 10-disc set on Bootlegzone, which is also BEEB Transcription but dated 2003 and not labeled "promo" - My 12-disc set includes everything in the Great Dane series plus more
Abbey Road 5.1 DTS Surround Sound (DTS Entertainment)
Rubber Soul 5.1 Surround Sound (DTS Entertainment)
Rare Tracks (Red Square)
Beatles Greatest (Mirror Spock German & Dutch versions)
Get Back With Let It Be (Dr. Ebbets)
2001 Liverpool Fan Club Edition (3 CD-Roms containing all Capitol albums, singles & misc., along with the 3 hollywood bowl concerts-Mp3 format)
The Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts (1 CD)

George Harrison:

All Things Must Pass (Two Of Us Productions DTS 5.1)
Rarities 70-91 (2 CDs)

John Lennon:

Dakota Demos
Lennon's Legacy Disc 3 (Radio show)

Paul McCartney:

Breakfast Blues-Nottingham 2/9/72
5/26/73 Odeon Cinema, Hammersmith, England
1974 Tour Rehearsals 11/74
3/20/76 Copenhagen, Denmark (2 CDs)
Wings First America (BMW) Fort Worth, TX 5/3/76 (2 CDs)
5/4/76 The Summit, Houston, TX (2 CDs)
5/7/76 Silverdome, Pontiac, MI (2 CDs)
5/15/76 Capitol Center, Landover, MD (2 CDs)
5/18/76 The Omni, Atlanta, GA Wings Over Atlanta UPGRADE (2 CDs)
Nassau Coliseum, NY 5/21/76 (2 CDs)
Madison Square Garden 5/25/76 (2 CDs)
1979 (4 Disc box set w/11/26/79, 11/28/79 & 11/29/79)
Montreal Forum 12/9/89 (TERRIBLE quality 2 CDs)
12/15/89 Madison Square Garden, New York (2 CDs)
1/11/90 Wembley, England (2 CDs)
7/4/90 R.F.K. Stadium, Washington, D.C. (2 CDs)
7/9/90 Giants Stadium, NJ (2 CDs)
Hog Hill "Unplugged Rehearals" 1/91
6/13/93 Philadelphia, PA (soundboard 2 CDs)
Berlin Soundcheck 9/3/93 (1 CD)
Off The Record 5/27/96
In The Air Tonight (Flaming Pie radio special 2 CDs)
Paul McCartney's "Routes Of Rock" 1999 radio Show (5-30 minute shows 3 CDs)
Parkinson Show 1999 (Misterclaudel mccd 08/09) 2CD
Washington, D.C. 4/24/02 (2 CDs)
Driving Rain Westwood One Radio Show ('02 2 CDs)
Back In The US Radio Show ('02 2 CDs)
Secret Gig (Soundcheck) 10/12/02
Back In The U.S.-Raleigh 10/7/02 (2 CDs)
Rockline 11/20/02
Back in the World-Manchester 4/9/03 (2 CDs)
Back Home Liverpool (3 CDs 1 June 2003)
Acoustic Paul (Live in Rome 2003-1 CD)
St. Petersburg 2004 (Piccadilly Circus 3 CDs)
Madrid, Spain 5/30/04 (2 CDs)
Live8 @ Hyde Park, London 7/2/05
Live at Abbey Road Studios 7/27/05 (2 CDs)
XFM Radio Show 9/16/05 (1 CD)
The Year Of Driving Rain (1 CD)
Soundcheck Fukuoka 1993 (1 CD)
The Missing Singles Collection 1972-1985 (1 CD)
Radio 2 Breakfast Show 7/26/05 (1 CD)
Back 2 Egg Sessions (1 CD)
Studio Tracks Vol. 1 (1 CD)
Studio Tracks Vol. 2 (1 CD)
Alternates (1 CD)
Is Paul Really Dead Radio Show 8/18/03
Rock Action 1987
This One & All The 1989 Singles
Son Of Press
Son Of Ground & Unplugged
Son Of Flowers (2 CDs)
Son Of Pie & Devil (2 CDs)
Paul Of Kintyre (2 CDs)
Lifeworks Vol. 1 (2 CDs)
Lifeworks Vol. 2 (2 CDs)
Lifeworks Vol. 3 (2 CDs)
Flowers In The Dirt Sessions (3 CDs Mister Claudel)
Red Rose Speedway Test Drive Acetate
Venus And Mars Over The World (Jack Of Hearts)
Wild Life (mono)
Ram (Quad-Fake Odeon)
Ram Outtakes (7 track vinyl to disc transfer of a '75 Macca boot-possibly a digital recreation of said vinyl boot, as there is no surface noise)
Demos & Outtakes (5 CDs)
Good Rockin' Tonight-The Soundchecks (3 CDs)
Adopt A Minefield McCartney/Paul Simon (2 CDs)
McCartney Interview (Vinyl to CD transfer)
McCartney (Quad mix)
Band On The Run Quad mixes (2 CDs)
Flowers In The Dirt Outtakes
Wingspan Outtakes (2 CDs)
Choba B CCCP/Single Hits VIII (CD Maximum)
Paul Is Live (CD Maximum)
Tripping The Live Fantastic/Single V (CD Maximum)
Suitable For Framing


Elton John Best 20 (Needle-Drop of Japanese only LP - 2 CDs)
An Interview With Bernie Taupin (Needle-Drop of RCA promo 1987 double LP - 2 CDs)
All In One Lately Pt. 2
Peachtree Road (Chinese Pirate 3 CDs 52 tracks)
Peachtree Road (Chinese Pirate 2 CDs 35 tracks)
Peachtree Road (Malaysian Pirate 1 CDs 18 tracks)
SACD Sampler (U.S. 7 track promo sampler)
Peachtree Raod (Euro promo CD 12 tracks)
Peachtree Road (Euro promo sampler w/ 6 snippets)
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (Japanese 2 track promo CDS w/ EJ/Ray Charles)
Answer In The Sky (US promo 1 track CDS)
All That I'm Allowed (Spanish promo 1 track CDS)
The Heart Of Every Girl (2 track CD single)
Mona Lisa Smile Sampler (features full ver. of "The Heart Of Every Girl", as well as 14 snippets of the rest of the soundtrack)
The Remixes (DJ remix CD)
Greatest Hits 1970-2003 (3 CDs)
Best Of BBC Classic Tracks (1 CD)
Diet Coke Promo (1 CD) 3 rare Diet Coke promo spots
I also have EVERY Elton officially released CD and CDS. If there is something Elton released, chances are I have it.

Ani DiFranco:

Portland 4.7.04 (Official bootleg 2 CDs 15 tracks)
Wish I May + 1 (Promo CD single)
Angry Anymore + 2 (Promo CD single)
Not A Pretty Girl (17 tracks Sunflower boot)
Little Plastic Castle + 1 (Japanese official CD 13 tracks)
Ani DiFranco (official release 13 tracks)
Hog Farm Family Pig-Nic 8/13/96 (17 tracks boot)
High Above Down Under (2 CDs 21 tracks boot)
As Is + 1 (Promo CD single)
Like I Said (15 tracks official CD)
Outta Me + 1 (UK promo CD single)
Up Up Up Up Up Up + 1 (Japanese official 12 track CD)
Women In (E)motion Festival (11 tracks official CD)
Out Of Range (12 tracks official CD)
Fellow Workers w/Utah Phillips (18 tracks official CD)
Dilate + 2 (13 tracks Japanese official CD)
A Perfect Pair (Live Tucson 9/94 & 6/96 3 CDs 41 tracks boot)
Dilate (11 tracks official CD)
Mayan Theatre-L.A. 11/97 (3 CDs boot)
New World Folk 8/97 (1 CD boot)
Up Up Up Up Up Up (11 tracks official CD)
Live Rarities (1 CD boot)
To The Teeth (13 tracks official CD)
Folk Hero (1 CD boot Japan 3/98)
Little Plastic Castle + 1 (Promo CD single)
Living In Clip (2 CDs 31 tracks official CD)
Imperfectly (13 tracks official CD)
Puddle Dive (12 tracks official CD)
Jukebox + 1 (Promo CD single)
Not So Soft (14 tracks official CD)
Ani DiFranco Catalog Sampler (17 tracks promo CD)\
Fire Door + 1 (Promo CD single)
Acoustic Adrenalin (15 tracks boot 7/94 WA)
More Joy, Less Shame (6 tracks remixes official CD)
In Or Out (Promo CD single)
Back Back Back + 1 (Promo CD single)
Swing + 5 (Promo CD single)
Shy + 1 (Promo CD single)
Little Plastic Castle (12 tracks official CD)

Long John Baldry:

The Best Of: Let The Heartaches Begin

Bee Gees:
In Their Own Time (1 CD BBC recordings & Demos)
Horizontal (Polydor)
Brilliant From Birth (Festival 2 CDs)
Bee Gees 1st (Polydor)
Idea (Polydor)
Melbourne, Australia 7/22/71 (1 CD)
Portland 1972 (2 CDs)
Japan 1973 (1 CD)
Soundstage, Chicago, IL 1975 (1 CD)

Bob Seger:

Boston, MA 3/21/77 (2 CDs)

Cat Stevens:

Tea For The Tillerman (MFSL Gold Disc)
Teaser And The Firecat (MFSL Gold Disc)
Evergreen - Live Boston, MA 1974 (1 CD)
Tour Of The Cat - Tokyo, Japan 6/22/74 (1 CD)
In Search Of The Centre Of The Universe (4 CD boxed set)
KCET Studios 6/8/71

Johnny Cash:

The Legend (4 CD boxed set)

Bob Dylan:

Blood On The Tracks: New York Sessions
Blonde On Blonde (2003 SACD remaster)
Bob Dylan Live 1975 (Columbia 2 CDs)

The Who:

Instant Party (2 CDs)

Simon & Garfunkel:

The Columbia Studio Recordings 1964-1970 (5 CD boxed set)

B.B. King:

80 (Universal V.A. 12 track compilation)

Fats Domino:

Best Of Fats Domino Vol. 1

Ray Charles

Ultimate Hits Collection (2 CDs)

Genius Loves Company (2004 duets CD)

The Byrds

Tambourines And 12 Strings


DVD's (I am now able to copy DVD's and will trade DVD for DVD and 1 DVD for 3 CD-Rs)

Elton John:

Elton John Story (Japan 2 DVDs)
Vintage TV Collection (1 DVD)
To Russia With Elton (1 DVD)
South Africa 1993 (1 DVD)
Live In Russia 2001 (1 DVD)
Sydney, Australia 3/25/84 (1 DVD)
An Audience With Elton John 9/16/97 (1 DVD)
Live At Wembley 11/3/77 (1 DVD)
Live In Japan 11/13/01 (1 DVD)
EJDVD1 1970 – 1979 Your Song B&W Promo, Whistle Test 1971 – Tiny Dancer, TOTP 1972 Daniel, Step Into Christmas Promo 1973, Cher Show 1974, Hammersmith 1974 The Bitch Is Back, Pinball Wizard from Tommy, Sorry Seems.. Promo 1976, TOTP 1976 Sorry Seems.., Morcambe & Wise Show 1976 Sketch and Sorry Seems.., Morcambe & Wise 1977 – Short sketches and Shine On Through, Ego Promo 1978, Bruce Forsyth’s Big Night 1978, Part Time Love Promo. (1 DVD)
Live In Verona 4/16/89 (1 DVD)
Tommy-The Motion Picture (Tristar 1 DVD)
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (90 minutes Pioneer 2001 NTSC)
Greatest Hits One Night Only (32 tracks 2003 Mercury release PAL)
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (DVD-Audio 2 DVDs includes The Making Of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 2004 Universal release)

Paul McCartney:

Back In The USA (1 DVD)
ABC Special/Red Square (1 DVD)
Video Collection 3 (1 DVD)
Video Collection 4 (1 DVD)
Back To The Egg,Rockestra Sessions (1 DVD) MPL (Fake)
Tokyo Dome, Closed Circuit 3/9/1990 (1 DVD)
Run Devil Run (3 DVDs)
Paul Is Live In Concert On The New World Tour (MPL Official DVD)
Tokyo Dome 12/14/93
Japan 1990 (1 DVD)
In The World Tonight (Rhino/MPL official DVD)
The Paul McCartney Special (VHS to DVD transfer of '80's era release-1 DVD)
Paul Is Live (1 DVD)
Madrid 2004 (1 DVD)
Up Close (DVD Fiona Records) Live at the Ed Sullivan Theatre 12/10/92 21 tracks
Rockshow (1 DVD)
Get Back Live! (Official 2001 DVD NTSC)

The Beatles:

In Washington D.C. February 11th, 1964 (1 DVD)
Telecasts 1963 (1 DVD)
Here Come's The Beatles Candlestick Park (1 DVD)
Promos 1968-1996 (1 DVD)
1962-1966 (All-Green Video DVD - 22 video clips)
1967-1970 (All-Green Video DVD - 14 video clips)
Live at Shea Stadium, Germany, San Francisco 1966 (1 DVD)
The Making Of A Hard Day's Night (MPI Official DVD)
Let It Be (1 DVD)
The Beatles Live in England (Silent Sea SSDV.009) 1-2 at the Cavern Club liverpool August 22 1962,3-4-5 The Royal variety Performance at the Prince of Whale Theatre nov 4 1963,6-7-8- Ardwick ABC Cinema Manchester nov 20 1963, 10-11-12-13-Empire Theatre Londondec 2 1963,14-15-16-17-18-19Wembly stadium April 26 1964,20-21-22-23-24-25 Empire Pool Wembly April 11 1965, 26...32 Apple Records Rooftop London Jan 30 1969.

George Harrison:

A Dark Horse On a Racing Track (1 DVD)

John Lennon:

Imagine (from vhs- 1 DVD)

Ani DiFranco:

Render: Spanning Time With Ani DiFranco (16 tracks 2002 Righteous Babe release NTSC)

Electric Light Orchestra:

Fusion 1976 (1 DVD)

Sarah McLachlan:

Video Collection 1989-1998 (15 tracks 1998 Nettwerk release NTSC)


Knebworth (1 DVD)
An All-Star Tribute To Brian Wilson (20 tracks 2003 Malaysian pirate release NTSC)

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