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Profile for The BeaTles

USB 1 “Libra, Gemini, Pisces & Best ltd”
1957 – 1961 - Everything
USB value 4GB
USB 2 “Pete”
1962 Pete - Everything
USB 2 “Ringo”
1962 Ringo – Everything
USB value 8GB
USB 3 “Parlophone”
1963 Beatles – Everything
USB value 64GB
USB 4 “Parlophone”
1964 Beatles – Everything
DVD Support for this USB - “The Making of a Hard Day’s Night” works in HOME Units
- “Hard Day’s Night” (Mirror Spock)
- “Hard Day’s Night” (MPL)
- “Hard Day’s Night (Laser Disc)
USB value 128GB
USB 5 “Parlophone”
1965 Beatles – Everything
DVD Support for this USB – “The Making of HELP!” (MPL)
- “HELP!” (MPL)
- “HELP!” (Laser Disc)
USB value 128GB
USB 6 “Parlophone”
1966 Beatles – Everything up to April 22nd (completion is expected to be done beautifully by February 2019). The episode we are currently working on is: 1966-42 2.30pm “Tomorrows Never Knows”.
Now as for further information on 1966. For the real “Yesterday and… Today”, we have 9 different. Now for the so-called fake ones… In the early 1990s PDL Productions put out a CD picture disc. Our is No. 2 of 200. Next up, the promo box set is No. 50 of 50. And for the traditional box set, we have No. 3 of 500.
DVD Support for this USB – “The Family Way” (Warner Brothers)
USB value ___GB
USB 7a “Parlophone”
USB 7b “Applephone”
No idea, but everything is in place
Curious aside; at the beginning of “Magical Mystery Tour” film, you see John as a ticket taker and in front of him is a banner that says “The Best Way To Go is MD&C”. The EP was released on December 8th, 1967. Now fast forward to 1980, does December 8th or MD&C play into it all?
DVD Support for this USB – “How I Won the War” (United Artist)
USB value ___GB
USB 8 “Applephone”
No idea, but everything is in place
DVD Support for this USB – “Yellow Other Submarine” and others
USB value ___GB
USB 9a “Get Back… Naked”
January 1969, if we care, it can be done in 21 days. But not a priority for now. But be aware it has a World Class Collection of “Get Backs”. Have you been told there are only 4 of them? We say there is 42 of them and can prove it. Some are 38 minutes, some are 30 seconds.
January 19th – The “Yellow Submarines” EPs with front/back covers you will not believe.
DVD Support for this USB – George- “Wonderwall” (Pilar)
USB value 128GB
USB 9b “Applephone”
Everything Beatles and John & Yoko continues
Do we have a World Class Collection of “Two Virgins”? YUP!
And now a word about Abby Road. 1983 Abby Road (Toshiba). We have two, one is still sealed and the other one has a promo stick that is easily defaced. Ours was carefully preserved and a good chance it is unique. “PC31 said we caught a dirty one, Maxwell stands alone”, will be fully explained. Now for a hint… California is the 31st state and I will let you figure out who “Rose and Valeria” are.
DVD Support for USB – “I Met The Walrus” (Time Travel Tours)
- “The Bed-In” VHS to DVD (PMI)
- “The Bed-In” Laser Disc to DVD with Japanese subtitles (PMI)
Other DVDs as well…
USB 10a “Applephone”
USB 10b “Solo”
Everything through April 14th, 1970
Rest of the Year, everything John, Paul, George, Ringo and Beatles
USB 11 through USB 20 will be the same a USB 10b
Some notes about the Solo Project: Everything John is in place through April 15th, 1970 to December 9th, 1980. (not a typo)
As for Paul, everything is in place through December 8th, 1980
As for the George Project: It encompasses April 15th, 1970 through February 16th, 1976
As for the Ringo Project: Identical to George’s Project
Now as for The Beatles in the Solo Years: It starts April 15th, 1970 and ends September 9th, 2009, do your Enimen research to figure out why such date… we have not HA HA!
If you are fearful or need advice, email: abbynorwoods@yahoo.com
Or if you care to send a USB as described above… THE MAD HATTER PROJECT
PO BOX 1663
NOBLESVILLE, IN 46061-1663

As Abby likes to run around and say… “Peace, Love and Crabs”
This page will be updated, Independence Day, 2019.

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