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Profile for razmataz

Please contact me and don't be shy in asking. I am open to all trades and really appreciate complete copies - NO MISSING TRACKS and IN THE CORRECT ORDER. New traders are welcome too. I like doing multiple trades and try to accommodate any amount of copies. 1 DVD = 2 CDs.
My rules are simple - I prefer copies that are made from original cds - if available - but no mp3s. Please burn DAO. I also do DVD+Rs.
Please use quality cdrs (such as Sony or TDK) with no writing on them - package in manufactured paper sleeves.
USA traders preferred but I am open to others. I am interested in many items - my want list is anything I don't already have.

Items not listed in BZ:


10,000 Maniacs:
From Natalie with Love

13th Floor Elevators:
Bull of the Woods
Sign of the 3 Eyed Man 10CD
The Psychedelic World of (UK box set) 3CD

5th Dimension:
Up-Up & Away - The Definitive Collection 2CD

The Complete Recordings 9CD Demos 2013
Live in London 79

Al Stewart:
Songs From the Radio (Best of)

Alice Cooper:
"Killer" Soundboard
School Days - 2009 Remaster 2CD
Raise Your Fist and Yell
The Strange Case of Alice Cooper - KBFH Broadcast Version
Hollywood Bowl '72 (from vinyl)
Pretties For You
Easy Action
Love It to Death
School's Out
Billion Dollar Babies Deluxe Edition 2CD
Muscle of Love
Welcome to My Nightmare
Alice Cooper Goes to Hell
Lace & Whiskey
From the Inside
Flush the Fashion
Special Forces
Zipper Catches Skin
Raise Your Fist & Yell
Hey Stoopid
The Last Temptation
Brutal Planet 2CD
The Eyes of Alice Cooper
Dirty Diamonds
At the Hollywood Bowl '72
School's Out Sessions
Killer Sessions
Long Island 1972

Allman Brothers Band:
Live @ Ludlow's Garage 2CD Duane & Gregg Allman
Live @ Winterland Arena 9/26/73 2CD Brothers & Sisters Outtakes
Skydog - The Duane Allman Retrospective 7CD

Amazing Rhythm Aces:
Full House/ Aces High Tour

Amboy Dukes:
Eastown Theatre - Detroit '70 Survival of the Fittest (Live)
The Amboy Dukes Tooth, Fang & Claw
Journey to The Center of The Mind Call of the Wild
Migration Dr Slingshot
Marriage on the Rocks


Blossom Music Center (Cleveland) America Live (Greek Theatre 4th Night)
America Live
Live in Chicago

American Breed:
Bend Me, Shape Me 1968
Lonely Side of the City 1968

Andy Kim:
Greatest Hits 1968-84

The Best of

Inside Looking Out (1965-66 Sessions) Pontiac Blues (w/ Sonny Boy Williamson)
The EP Collection Before We Were Interrupted 1966
Trackin' the Hits The House of The Rising Sun
The Singles Plus 2CD Live @ The Club A Go Go 1963
In the Beginning (Live) 1973
The Animals (US) 1964
The Animals (UK) 1964
Animals on Tour (US) 1965
Animal Tracks (US) 1965
Animal Tracks (UK) 1965
Animalisms + bonus hits (US) 1966
Animalisms (UK) 1966
In the Night Time is the Right Time (w/ Sonny Boy Williamson) 1974
The Animals & Sonny Boy Williamson 1975
Eric Burdon - Rare Masters
The Great Animals Live!
Greatest Hits Live!
Animal Tracks (Heavy Hits)

Apple Records:
The Complete Apple Singles Collection (different from UK Singles on BZ) 10CD
Apple Records Box Set (2010) 17CD
Apple Records Box Set vol 2 15CD

Archie Bell & the Drells:
Tightening It Up (The Best of)

20 Greatest Hits
Absolutely the Best of The Archies

Various Studio/ Live 1971-73
Encore - Live in Concert

The Best of

Arthur Brown:
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

Live Acoustic
2001 Live
Carling Academy - Glasgow 2006 2CD

Songs That Made Them Famous
And Then...Along Comes The Association
The Association 1969
Goodbye Columbus 1969
"Live" 1970
Bonus "Live"
Stop Your Motor 1971
Waterbeds in Trinidad 1972
Insight Out - Ezpanded Mono Edition 2011

Down the Line/ Travelin' Man
Surfin' with/ Everything is A-OK
Competition Coupe/ Astronauts Orbit Kampus

Bachman Turner Overdrive:
The Anthology 2CD Bachman-Turner Overdrive
Live! Live! Live! Bachman-Turner Overdrive II
Four Wheel Drive Not Fragile
Rock & Roll Nights Four Wheel Drive
Roll on Down the Highway Head On
The Collection
Bachmann Cummings - Jukebox

Unreleased 3rd Album
Unreleased 5th Album
Badfinger - Best of 1970
Carnegie Hall 3-3-72
Live BBC 1972
Mike Gibbons - In the Meantime
Mike Gibbons - Archeology
Mike Gibbons - More Annoying Songs
Pete Ham - 7 Park Avenue (Japan bonus tracks)
The Executive Collection (Iveys, Badfinger, Pete Ham) 2CD
Acetates (Iveys)
Carnegie Hall 3/3/72

Carter Barron Amphitheater 1976 Capitol Rarities 1968-1977 2CD
Live @ The Academy of Music 1971 4CD

Best in Show vol. 5 2006-2009

Barry McGuire:
Upon a Painted Ocean (The Best of)

Beach Boys:
A Pocket Symphony
Johnny T Breaks a Smile
Live in Lakeland 2CD
SMILE Story BBC Radio Show
First Demo Tapes
Paley Sessions + Other Rarities
Smiley Smile Revisited
The Swedish Collection (GH)
Aren's You Glad (Syracuse 71)
Beachago Tour NY 6-14-75 (different from BZ)
Circus-Krone-Bau 5-9-72 2CD
Hammersmith Odeon 11-20-70
Live in Central Park 9-1-77
Live in Glasgow 2004 2CD
Live @ St Johns Univ. 3-8-72 2CD
Manchester Apollo 4-12-08 3CD
Princeton 11-11-71 2CD
Spectrum, Phila. 4-18-80 2CD
Live @ St John's Univ. 2CD
Live in Munich 2CD
The Zander Smile Collection 2CD
Wally Heider Studio 1967
Net Sounds - A Fan Tribute to Brian Wilson & The Beach Boys vol 1 2CD
That's Why God Made the Radio
The SMILE Sessions - vinyl + 5CD set 2011 6CD
Made in California 6CD
Holland - Mt Vernon & Fairway (A Fairy Tale) A Fairy Tale in Several Parts
Good Vibrations 4CD
Hawthorne, CA 2CD
Keep an Eye on Summer - The Beach Boys Sessions 1964 (2014) 2CD

Beach Boys Related:
Bruce Johnston - Solo & Various Clips
Jeffery Foskett - The Best of
Carl Wilson - Long Promised Road
Hondells - The Complete Motorcycle Collection

Ultimate BBC Sessions (Secret Trax) 10CD Work in Progress Outtakes 1963 (2014)
Sweet Apple Trax 2CD Mexican Beans
Don't Touch That Dial Three Thirty Blues
Help/ Rubber Soul - Disc America The Empire Strikes Back
Transcending Time Mixamatosis
Sgt Pepper's Magical Mystery Tour The Birth of Apple 2CD
The Lost Beatles Tapes The Sweet Apples
Unsurpassed Broadcasts Beatles Relics 2CD
Take Me Back 3CD Hot As Sun 2010
The Day John Met Paul 3CD Shrubbery Fields 2CD
The Ultimate "Sessions" Collection 2CD Now & Then (Remastered) 2CD
Unsurpassed Broadcasts 13CD Release From Limitation
With the Beatles - Dr Ebbetts Canadian Stereo The Record Producers Extended
Now & Then (The Lost Dream) Great Scott! ... It's The Beatles 6CD
Forgotten Abbey Road vol 1 2CD Solo Beatles Rarities vpl 1
Paul is Dead - A Secret Audio History Quarrymen 1960-61
Abbey Road KABC-FM 1969 From A to Z
Acetate Collection vol 2 (Unicorn) Then & Now 2CD
Sweet Apple Trax 2CD (raw vinyl recording) Reeperbahn
Revolution 1 Remixed Rare Beatles - John Lennon - 60
Uncovered! 45 Tracks 2CD White Out 2CD
Get Back .... Continued 2CD Alternative Abbey Road
Magical Mystery Fields 2CD The Long Lost Album
Renaissance Minstrels vol 1 2015 Beatles BBC Archives 23CD
In the Beginning - BBC Radio Documentary Pop Go The Beatles Radio Show 42CD
The Day John Met Paul - BBC Radio Documentary
The Beatles Untouched Rev. A - de-clicked & de-noised 2CD
Mashups & Remixes 2CD
Hover Horse
Yesterday's Mixes ... Today
Codename Russia vol. 2
Sgt Pepper - Paul's Bass
Abbey Road - Paul's Bass
The Beebs Lost Beatles Tapes (14 half hour shows on 7CDs) - different from BZ
The Australian/New Zealand Tour Diary 4CD
Beatles @ The Beeb (BBC) 2CD
Here, There & Everywhere (Radio Show) 2CD
Across the Universe (BBC) 4CD
The Revolver Sessions 4CD
The White Album (Center Channel DTS) 2CD
The World's Best (Center Channel DTS)
Magical Mystery Tour (Center Channel DTS)
Let It Be (Center Channel DTS)
Let It Be Naked (Center Channel DTS)
The Beatles Story - Original 1973 BBC Radio Special 14CD
The Beatles at The Beeb - 3 Hour US Version 3CD
RKO Radio Show - From Liverpool to Legend - 15 Hrs on 15CDs
The Auction Tapes vol 1
The Complete 2CD Rooftop Concert
Unsurpassed Outtakes
The Ultimate Collection - TV Appearances Ed Sullivan vol 2
Unforgettable A.K.A The McCartney Christmas Album RM
Stars & Stripes 2CD RM
On Air - Live @ the BBC Volume 2 2CD
Long Tall Sally & the BBC Sessions
Acapella (isolated vocals)
Live @ the BBC - 2013 RM 2CD
4 Sgt Pepper's Multitracks
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Helter Skelter & 18 Other Songs
Revolver Sessions 4CD
Rubber Soul Recording Sessions Reconstructed 4CD
The Red Light's On 7CD
A Hard Days Night Studio Sessions (Back to Basics) 4CD
Help Studio Sessions (Back to Basics) 3CD
Rubber Soul Studio Sessions (Back to Basics) 3CD + Bonus disc
The Beatles For Sale Studio Sessions 2CD
With The Beatles Studio Sessions 2CD
Please Please Me Studio Sessions 2CD
I Saw Her Standing There 2013 2CD
The Complete Pop Goes The Weasel 2014 4CD

Beau Brummels:
The Best of 1964-68 Beau Brummels 1975 (1996)
The Very Best of (2010) Live 1974 (2000)
Ron Elliott - The Candlestickmaker 1969 Triangle 1967 (1993)

Bee Gees:
Mythology (50th Anniversary Collection) 4CD
More Great Songs
1989 Tokyo
Live @ the Beeb
Sing & Play 14 Barry Gibb Songs
Too Much Heaven 3CD
Far East Tour 1973
The Bee Gees Story
An Irresistible Force (Unreleased Album)
Brilliant From Birth 2CD
Here at Last 2CD
Spicks & Specks (LT)
First Hits vol 2
Rare Precious & Beautiful
Wine & Women
From the Archives
Barry Gibb Demos
Ladybird Demos 12CD
Spicks & Specks (Spa)
Size Isn't Everything Deluxe 3CD
Live in Australien 2CD
Merchants of Dream 2CD
Birth of Brilliance 2CD
Robin Gibb - Sing Slowly Sisters (unreleased) 1970
Tomorrow the World
Christmas Bootleg
Barry Gibb - Soundtrack Hawks
Robin Gibb - Secret Agent
Barry Gibb - Now Voyager
Robin Gibb - How Old Are You
Andy Gibb - Flowing Rivers
Life in a Tin Can
To Whom It May Concern
2 Years On
Maurice Gibb - My World
Robin Gibb - Salvato dal Campanello
Robin Gibb - Robin's Reign
Cucumber Castle
1967-1970 Collection
Unreleased Demos 1966-1972
Unreleased Album - Instrumental & Other Rarities
Robin Gibb - Legacy 4CD 2013
From the Archives 1966-1972
In Their Own Time 1967-1968
Live @ the BBC 1967-1969
Instrumentals & Other Rarities 1968-1988
Live in Koln 1968
Live @ the Festival Hall, Australia 1971
Live in America 1971
Live in Portland, Oregon 1973
Japan Concert 1974
Live in Central Park 1975
Midnight Special 1975

Big Bopper:
Hellooo Baby! - The Best of 1954-59

Billy Fury:
The Last Concert 2CD

Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas:
The EP Collection At Abbey Road 1963-1966

Billy Joel:
The Best of The Hassles
12 Gardens Live 2CD

Billy Joe Royal:
The Very Best of - The Columbia Years (1965-1972)

Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings:
Paul Jones Show 5/5/00

Black Sabbath:
Live at Last 1973 Walpurgis (Peel Sessions) 1970
New Britain 2CD Gillan Tapes 1984
Born in Hell - Worcester 1983 Star of India (Seventh Star Sessions) 1985
Live Reading Rock Festival The Eternal Idol (w/ Ray Gillen) 1987
Vienna, Austria 2CD The Ray Gillen Years
Noblesville, IN 2CD Dehumanizer Rehearsals 3CD
Heaven & Hell in Hartford 2CD Ozzie Meets the Priest 1993
Black Mass FM Promo 1970 The Dio Years
1969 Demo Acetates (Earth Studio Sessions)
Live in Worcester
Perth Arena 2CD 2013
Mythology (Pre-Black Sabbath) Queens Hotel, Silloth UK 7/13/68
Come to The Sabbath (Live Archive) 1970
From the Darkness 1970
In Concert (Live in Paris) - Historical Live Performance 1970
Return to 1969, Berlin 1970
Eternal Void of Doom 1971
Live in Tucson 3/16/72
Killing Machine (Live Archive Sweden) 1974
Metal Mess 1974
Live in Asbury, NJ 5/8/75 2CD
Live @ the Olympen 1977
Shock Wave Over Texas 1978
The 1978 American Tour - Pittsburgh 1978
Welcome to Electric Funeral 1978
The Last Sacrament (Osaka Live Archive) 1980

Blind Faith:
Compensation for Betrayal 6CD Studio Outtakes 1969
Live in Hyde Park 1969 Live Berkeley 8/26/69
You Can All Join In Live in Gothenburg 1969

Blue Cheer:
Outsideinside 1968
Blue Cheer 1969
Vincebus Eruptum 1968
Original Human Being 1970

Blue Oyster Cult:
Blue Oyster Cult Rarities
Tyranny & Mutation
Secret Treaties
On Your Feet or On Your Knees
Agents of Fortune
Some Enchanted Evening
Cultosauraus Erectus
Fire of Unknown Origin
Extraterrestrial Live
The Revolution by Night
Club Ninja
Heaven Forbid
Curse of the Hidden Mirror

Blues Image:
Ride Captain Ride - Anthology of Classics

Blues Magoos:
Psychedelic Lollipop/ Electric Comic Book

Blues Project:
Live @ the Cafe Au Go Go 1966

Bob Dylan:
Dylan Meets Simon The British Judas Concerts May 1966 (w/ Hawks) 3CD
The Witmark Demos vol.9 2CD Wigwam/ Thirsty Boots single - unreleased demo
Original Mono Recordings (2010) 9CD In Concert (Unreleased CBS Concert Album 1963)
Waiting for a Train Across the Green Mountains Tales of Thunder 1976 2CD
The Broadside Sessions 1962-63 Hidden TV Shows 1976
Live in New York City 10-7-02 2CD The Karen Wallace Tapes 1960
Dylan's Roots The Gaslight Tapes 1961-1962 3CD
Masterpieces 3CD Clean Cuts - Empire Burlesque Sessions 1984-85
The Great White Wonder (Rocolian Records) 2CD Friends Will Arrive - Studio Sessions (Take 1) 2CD
Mercy on Us Friends Will Disappear - Studio Sessions (Take 2) 2CD
Genuine Live 1966 8CD Park It Where the Sun Don't Shine 2CD
The Great Woods 2CD Walk Like a Duck Smell Like a Skunk 2CD
Bob Dylan's Greenwich Village (various) 2011 2CD Let My Poor Voice Be Heard 2CD
Another Self Portrait Deluxe Edition 4CD Now Your Mouth Cries Wolf 2CD
The Live Dylan with The Band - Royal Albert Hall 5/26/66 Some Big Television Network TV Shows 2CD
The Basement Tapes Complete (2014) 6CD Outtakes & Alternate Takes 1962-1988
Christmas in the Heart The Cutting Edge - Bootleg Series Vol 12 18CD
Don't Look Back The Outtakes 2CD
Church With No Upstairs - Studio Outtakes 1965-1966 3CD
Blonde on Blonde Studio Sessions 2CD
Dream Dylan Live (BBC Radio 2)
Live @ the Hollywood Bowl 1965 2CD
New York Town Hall 1963 2CD

B J Thomas:
All the Hits - 16 Greatest Hits
More Greatest Hits

Bob Marley:
Portland 7/14/7
Return to Dunn's River Falls
Alternate Demos 1975-80 2CD
Live in Rotterdam 7-7-78
Behind the Smile - The Real Life of Bob Marley - BBC Radio Music Documentary 4 parts on 2CD

Bob Seger:
Early Singles Nine Tonight
Live Bullet
Live Boston 1977 2CD

Bobby Fuller Four:
I Fought the Law/ KRLA King of the Wheels
Live @ PJ's Plus
Never to Be Forgotten 4CD
The Best of the Bobby Fuller Four 1981
The Best of the Bobby Fuller Four 1992
The Best of the Bobby Fuller Four 2001
Shakedown - The Texas Tapes Revisited 2CD
El Paso Rock - Early Recordings vol 1
El Paso Rock - More Early Recordings vol 2

Bobby Goldsboro:
(Honey) The Best of
31 Songs 2CD

Bobby Rydell:
The Hits & More

Bobby Vee:
Golden Greats vol 1-2
Bobby Vee Meets the Crickets 1962
Bobby Vee
Legendary Masters
A Portrait of Bobby Vee
The Very Best of
The Essential & Collectable Bobby Vee 2CD

Bonanza - Lorne Greene 4CD

Bonzo Dog Band:
Cornology 3CD

Long Beach 3/19/77
Mission Aborted
Long Beach 10-16-77 (FM Source)
Feeling It in Cleveland - Live in Ohio 1976

Boyce & Hart:

Boz Scaggs:
Live Silk

Live in Costa Mesa 7-11-97

Brenda Lee:
Little Miss Dynamite 4CD

Brian Wilson:
Live in Philadelphia 2CD
Live @ the Ryman Auditorium 2CD
Pet Sounds Live in Berlin 2CD
Sweet Insanity & Paley Sessions 2CD
Jan & Dean Go Surfin' with Brian
Presents SMILE Live Premier
Rare Works - Still I Dream of You
That Lucky Old Sun - The Studio Demos
SMILE Live (w/ the Wondermints)
Soul Searchin'
Orange Crate (w/ Van Dyke Parks)
Brian Wilson 1988
Gettin' in Over My Head 2004
Demos & Outtakes 3CD
Sweet Insanity 1991 2CD

British Invasion:
Westwood One Radio 12CD
Tremeloes - Previously Unreleased

Brotherhood of Man:
United We Stand

Bruce Springsteen:
The Early Years 2CD
Railroad Tracks
Murder Incorporated
Live @ the Main Point 1975 2CD
The Alternate Greatest Hits Album 2CD
Unsatisfied Heart (Born in the USA outtakes) 2CD
Unbroken Promise (Darkness outtakes) 6CD
Meadowlands 2009
Meadowlands Night 1993 3CD
The Born in the USA 12" Singles Collection

25 All-Time Greatest Bubblegum Hits

Buckingham/ Nicks:
Coffee Plant Demos

Buck Owens & the Buckaroos:
Act Naturally - The Buck Owens Recordings 1953-1964 5CD
The Instrumental Hits of

Buddy Holly:
That's What They Tell Me (Interview) Blue Days Black Nights
Forever Gold (w/ The Picks) Buddy in Britain
Rare Tracks Buddy's Rarest
Masters COMPLETE 9CD Career Highlights & Studio Outtakes
Chronologic 8CD Live & in Person
Crickets _ Ravin' On From California to Clovis In the Studio
Crickets - Still in Style (Complete Brunswick & Coral recordings) More Apartment Demos
Cover to Cover - The Crickets w/ Buddy Holly The Famous Apartment Tapes & Rarities
Peggy Sue (The Picks) 2CD The Complete Buddy Holly (studio) 7CD
Buddy Holly Live! My Life With Buddy (Maria Elena Holly)
The Music Didn't Die 2CD
The Only Unreleased & Live Recordings
Rare & Alternate 7CD
Oh Boy
Soldier of the Cross
That'll Be the Day
That Makes It Sound Much Better (w/ Jack Hansen Combo)
Something Special From Buddy Holly - original 15 tracks RM
Portrait of Buddy Holly
The Day the Music Died (tribute from vinyl source)
The Buddy Holly Story box set 9CD
A Portrait of Buddy Holly
The Buddy Holly Story (Epic) - Gary Busey
Not Fade Away - Buddy Holly 1957: The Complete Recordings 3CD
Crickets - A Collection + California Sun - She Loves You

Buddy Knox:
Buddy Knox & Jimmy Bowen & the Rhythm Orchids (complete Roulette recordings) 2CD

Buffalo Springfield:
The Lost Tapes (radio show)
Live Market Hall (Dallas)
Rare & Live
The Complete Huntington Beach Show 8/11/67

The Buoys 1971

Burton Cummings:
Cummings & Goings

Tambourines & 12 Strings Never Ever Before 1965
Freedom Hall 4/20/70 Piper Club - Rome 5/7/68
The Preflyte Sessions 2CD Boston Tea Party 2/22/69 2CD
Free Flyte Fillmore West 1/4/70 2CD
Definitive Collection Washington DC 4/18/70 2CD
The Original Singles
Fifth Dimension - Mono LP Transfer
Notorious Byrd Brothers - Mono LP Transfer
Younger Than Yesterday - Mono LP Transfer
The Byrds Reunion Album
Dr Byrds & Mr Hyde RM
Up Close #91-02 Radio Show 2CD
The Byrds Sing Dylan
Brooklyn Rock 10/23/70
Full Flyte 1965-1970
3 Byrds in London - Live @ the BBC 1977
In the Beginning 1988
Untitled 1970
Byrdmaniax 1971
Farther Along 1971
Byrds 1973
Never Before 1987
Cancelled Flights & Other Sundazed Vinyl Rarities

Canned Heat:
Boston WBCN 1972 2CD Live @ Fillmore West 7/21/69
Stockholm '73 Live in Europe 1973
Arcen Marianhill, Netherlands '71
WBCN Studios Boston 2CD
Clubshow 1967
Living the Blues 2CD
Future Blues 1970
'70 Concert Recorded Live in Europe
Vintage Canned Heat 1970
Historical Figures & Ancient Heads 1972
The New Age 1973
One More River to Cross 1974
Memphis Heat (w/ Memphis Slim) 1974
Human Conditions 1978
King of the Boogie - Dog House Blues 1982
Live @ the Fox Venice Theatre 1981 (w/ John Lee Hooker) 1987
Reheated 1989
Burnin' (Live) 1990
Internal Combustion 1994
In Concert King Biscuit Flower Hour 1995
Gamblin' Woman 1996
Canned Heat Blues Band 1996
The Ties That Bind (1975 Studio Sessions) 1997
House of Blue Lights 1998
Boogie 2000 1999
Friends in the Can 2003
The Boogie House Tapes Vol 1 2CD 2000
The Boogie House Tapes Vol 2 2CD 2004
Uncanned - The Best of CH 2CD

Carole King:
The Legendary Demos

Live 1976 NY/Tokyo
Live in Amsterdam 1976
The Carpenters Collection:
Ticket to Ride/ Close to You
Carpenters/ A Song For You
Now & Then/ Horizon
Christmas Portrait
A Kind of Hush/ Made in America
Passage/ Voice of the Heart
Reflections 1998
Love Songs 1997
Only Yesterday
Perform Carpenters 2003
As Time Goes By 2004
Karen Carpenter Solo 1996
Karen Carpenter (Unreleased Tracks)

Hits & Rarities

Cass Elliot:
Cass Elliot
Complete Solo Collection 1968-1971 2CD
The Road is No Place for a Lady

Cat Stevens:
Live in Tokyo 1974
On the Prowl for PBS
Early Tapes

Chad & Jeremy:
Sing For You 1964/ Second Album 1965
Distant Shores + bonus tracks 1966 (2000)
Painted Dayglow Smile
Yesterday's Gone: A Golden Classics Edition

The Best of

Charles Manson:
The Love & Terror Cult
Live @ San Quentin
White Album (Lie & Family Sings)
Way of the Wolf
The Psychedelic Soul of Charles Manson 2CD
Family Jams #1
Family Jams #2
Manson Speaks 2CD
One Mind

Cheap Trick:
B-sides, Demos, Outtakes, Rarities 14CD Live @ The Lion - Stockholm 1979

At Carnegie Hall 4CD

Chocolate Watchband:
No Way Out...Plus 1967
The Inner Mystique 1967
One Step Beyond 1968
The Best of 1983
Melts in Your Brain...Not on Your Wrist D2 2005

Chris Montez:
Let's Dance - All-Time Greatest Hits

Yellow River

Christopher Cross:
Cross Words (Best of) 2CD

Chuck Berry:
You Never Can Tell 4CD
Johnny B. Goode 4CD

Classics IV:
Atmospherics 1966-1975
Best of Dennis Yost & The Classics IV

Climax Blues Band:
25 Years 1968-1993 2CD

Studio Outtakes

Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen:
Bar Room Classics
Hot Licks, Cold Steel & Truckers Favorites
Lost in the Ozone
Rock 'n Roll Again
Tales From the Ozone
Too Much Fun (The Best of)

Connie Francis:
Stupid Cupid 2CD

Count Five:
Psychotic Revelation (Ultimate) Psychotic Reaction
Pioneer HS Reunion 5/24/86

Country Joe & the Fish:
Live Fillmore West 1969

Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls 1969
Coven 1972
Blood on the Snow 1974
Goth Queen - Out of the Vault 2008

The Roots of the Cramps 2CD
Songs the Lord Taught Us + Bonus Tracks

Outtakes & Alternates 2CD Sun Vanishes 2CD
Fruit of the Poisoned Tree 4CD
Alameda County Coliseum '68
Disraeli Gears Outtakes
Jack Bruce - BBC Live in Concert 1971
Reunion Rehearsals
BBC Sessions 1967-1968 (Black Panther BP-069)

Creedence Clearwater Revival:
Live in San Francisco 7-4-71
Live @ the Oakland Coliseum 1-31-70
Fantasy Sessions (w/ Booker T) 7/30/70
Fillmore East 7/4/71
Bad Moon Rising Over Lodi - Fillmore West 1971

20 All-Time Greatest Hits

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
The Archives of CSNY Demos & Rehearsals 1970-1986
Up Close 3CD Radio Show Halverson Tapes 4CD
Crosby/ Nash Live Just Roll Tape (demos) - Stephen Stills
Detroit Cobo Hall 2CD Stephen Stills 1
Freedon of Speech Tour 3CD Stephen Stills 2
The Complete 1974 Tour Anthology 4CD
Prison Benefit
Los Angeles '69
Long Island '79 4CD
Deja Vu Live
Rarities 5CD
Bring Me Gladness
Another 4 Way Street 2CD
Daylight Again
Five Way Street 2CD
Madison Square Garden 2-23-02 3CD
Manassas (Stephen Stills) - Amsterdam 1970 2CD
June 5, 1970 Fillmore East 2CD
June 6, 1970 Fillmore East 3CD
Up Close #88-24 Radio Show 2CD
Off the Record #04-31 Radio Show
David Crosby A&T #03-16 Radio Show 2CD
Superstar Concert Series 5/7/05
In the Studio #040 Deja Vu Radio Show
In the Studio #838 CSN 35th Radio Show
A&T #04-08 Radio Show 2CD
Up Close #99-51 Radio Show 2CD
??? #00-01 Radio Show 2CD
Storytellers 3/12/00
A Perfectly Beautiful Stoney Evening - Detroit 12/14/69
Paul Masson Winery 6/26/91 2CD
The Acoustic Concert (PBS Special)
Denver 5/12/70 2CD
Cleveland 8/31/74 3CD
Roosevelt Raceway 8/9/74 3CD
Wyoming, MI 8/20/87 2CD
Manassas (Stephen Stills) - Musikladen 1972
David Crosby - If I Could Only Remember My Name Sessions
Voyage (Anthology) 1966-2004 3CD

The Best of

Dave Clark Five:
History 2CD
Complete History 7CD
Glad All Over (needledrop)
Return (neddledrop)
Coast to Coast (needledrop)
Weekend in London (needledrop)
A Session With DC5 (UK)
Dave Clark & Friends
Catch Us If You Can
Catch Us If You Can (UK)
Dave Clark Five Returns
I Like It Like That
If Somebody Loves You
Satisfied With You
Try Too Hard
You Got What It Takes
5 X 5
American Tour
The Best of Dave Clark Five (UK Stereo)
The Very Best of Manfred Mann & Dave Clark Five
Last Train to Clarksville - Unreleased Tracks vol 1

David Bowie:
Essential Equipment
Alternate Hunky Dory
Pretty Rare Versions 2CD
Rare Demos/ Live

David Soul:
David Soul

Davy Jones:
Bell Recordings 1971-72

Deep Purple:
Danish Yodel - Denmark 2CD Live in Long Beach 1971 (2015)
Final Trucking - Osaka 2CD Live in Europe 1993 4CD
Mk III Th Final Concerts 2CD Come Taste the End 2CD
Children in Time In Deep Grief 2CD
Live and Rare Edge of Insanity 2CD
BBC Radio Tracks 1969-1970 Arrowhead Stadium
Hard Road - The Mark 1 Studio Recordings 1968-1969 5CD White Nights 2CD
Mk II Final Truckin' Destroyed the Arena 2CD
Boston '73 2CD Long Beach 4/15/73
Munich 1973 2CD Frankfurt 1/20/73
Bronx 1972 2CD Walverhampton 2CD
Cold Spring Essen San Bernardino Swing Auditorium
Toronto 2CD Kinetic Circus
Live in Denmark 1971 2CD Munich in December
Fairfield Hall 2CD Dusseldorf 1970 2CD

Del Shannon:
The Very Best of Del Shannon
A Complete Career Anthology 1961-1967 2CD
Live in England/ The Music Plays On RM 1995
This is My Bag/ Total Commitment RM 1966
Runaway/ Hats to Larry 1961-63 RM 2002
The Definitive Collection 1998 2CD
Rock On 1991 RM 2007
Further Adventures of Charles Westover 1968
The liberty Years 1991
Home and Away - The Complete Recording 1960-1970 2004 8CD

Delaney & Bonnie & Friends:
On Tour w/ Eric Clapton 4CD

Dell Vikings:
For Collectors Only 2CD

Dennis Wilson:
Dennis Wilson Story 2CD
Pacific Ocean Blue (Legacy Edition) 2CD

Denny Laine:
Holly Days 1977
Collection of Hits 2CD
Japanese Tears 1981
Go Now 1995

Derek & the Dominos:
Layla Session Outtakes 2CD
Alternate Masters, Jams, & Outtakes
The Layla Sessions
Live @ The Fillmore 2CD

Boston 1980

Dickey Lee:
I Saw Linda Yesterday

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