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Profile for lazlo1968

AUG 12 2008. IMPORTANT NOTICE. I will probably be back on the trading block by September 20 2008. I will not want to carry more tan one or two trades at a time. If I were too busy when requested a trade, I will politely ask to put it off a few days. Thank you.

Hi to everybody. I am Rafa, I am a beatles freak and I find this trading world something fantastic.

I am still updating my trade list (I believe it is already about 100% updated). I have added agood number of the discs I have.

Also, burn your CDs and DVDs (decent brand names, please, I don't accept Princo) at a 4x speed max. Always DAO. I accept 1 DVD x 2 CDs. In case you wanted a double layer DVD (DVD9), the ratio is 3 DVD5 x 1 DVD9. It is due to the huge price difference between single layer and double layer DVDs.

There is one thing I wanted to say that I always forget. I do not care much about the artwork. If it is not on BLZ I just might need the titles of the different songs on the CD, but that is just about it. If you have it and want to email it, perfect. You can ask me if I have the artwork for something not on BLZ. If I have I will pass it to you, but I cannot guarantee I have the artwork of everything I have.

These are some discs I have not found listed here at BLZ that I have. My list is not 100% updated, but it is close. I hope I can finish it soon and keep it up to date.



- I have a large number of Mirror spock upgrades of Beatles records recently released and, also, a large number of Ebbett 2008 transfers and red wax transfers (also quite recent), not listed here at BLZ. If interested, just ask . I hope I will list them soon... when I have the time.

- Die Beatles (German Stereo LP - Hör Zu)(2005 edition, Dr. Ebbett)

- Help! (Canadian Pressing EMI Disque Americ). It was discovered that EMI Canada once released a batch of Help! and Rubber Soul CDs that were made from the original UK stereo mix and NOT George Martin's digital mix from 1987. Those
"special" CDs were manufactured by Disque Americ in Drummondville, Quebec, Canada. So this is the ultimate version of Help!, it is a direct copy from the master to a cd.

- Rubber Soul (from the original UK mix, released rarely on CD) (matrix: made by / fabrique par DISQUE AMERIC CANADA EA41 C246440). In 1987, some accidential pressing at EMI/Canada accidentially used the original UK stereo mixes on some CDs; not the (inferior) digital mixes most CDs used. This happened to Rubber Soul and Help!. Help is already here, so without further ado, here's the definitive, beautiful-sounding Rubber Soul. This mops the floor with the EMI discs and gives the Dr. Ebbetts and Mirror Spock bootlegs a run for their money.

- Rubber Soul 5.1 Test Mix: Two of Us Productions.

- Something New 5.1 Test Mix: Two of Us Productions.

- Please, Please Me 5.1. Unknown

- With The Beatles 5.1. Unknown.

- Let it be...Naked (5.1 DTS)

- The Beatles. Another Story. Vols 1-3- Japanese. Ref: AB-01/02/03. Printed by CTA Co., Ltd.

- In Their Own Words 1-The Lost Beatles Interviews 77+ min.

- In Their Own Words 2-Things We Said Today 76+ min.

- In Their Own Words 3-John Lennon Forever 77+ min.

- In Their Own Words 4-Paul McCartney-Beyond the Myth 77+ min.

- In Their Own Words 5-Dark Horse-The Secret Life of George Harrison 76+ min

- Beatle Tour with Jerry G (Acetate): It's a collection of interviews of Jerry G. Bishop that support the Beatles during the american tour in 1965.

- Hollywood Bowl 1965(both shows remastered)

- Ladies, Quiet, Quiet, Quiet: Upgrade of the 65 Houston Concerts, with great sound (Soundboard with great sound filtering). First two tracks from the afternoon concert, the rest from the evening concert. It reproduces a complete gig. Produced by the same guy that did the Rhine Tapes.

- Live in Minneapolis 1965: CD published in 2002 by Night Hawk. It contains 13 tracks related to the Aug 21, 1965 Min. concert and 12 other tracks from different concerts from 1963 to 1966.

- Take me Back 3 CDs

- The Rumi Tape / Sgt Pepper debut on where its at

- The Revolver Sessions Disc 1 + 2: this set consists entirely of outfakes and track isolations, in an attempt to reconstruct the recording of the Revolver album in chronological order, song by song, overdub by overdub. There aren't any new outtakes! It was put together by 3 members of the BeatlesRemixers yahoo group, as a more interesting way of presenting some discs of isolated trax. The first disc covers Apr 6 '66 up to Apr 19 '66.

- Revolver ALIVE (Sir Esquire Remaster) Stereo (Note: the Sir Esquire Remaster series are a needle drop set, kinda like the Ebbett's CDs. All were remastered by Sir Esquire from various analog sources. His audiophile quality system consists of the following:

Tables: Music Hall MMF-7, Thorens TD-160 with stock tonearm, Thorens TD-124 with Shure SME 3009 tonearm.
Carts: Shure V15VxMR, Shure M95ED, Shure M97xE, Audio-Technica 440MLa
Preamp: McIntosh Labs MX-110-Z.
Phono stage: Sutherland Ph.D
Amps: McIntosh Labs MC30 monoblocks
CD Recorder: HHB Professional
Reel: Ampex 351-2P
Headphones: Grado HP-1 Sennheiser HD-600
Speakers: JBL 4311 Yamaha NS-344 Tannoy Lancasters.

You cannot complain about the info, do you?)

- Revolver ALIVE (Sir Esquire Remaster) Mono

- Rubber Soul ALIVE (Sir Esquire Remaster) Stereo

- Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band ALIVE (Sir Esquire Remaster) Mono

- Beatles in Memphis 1966 (MisterClaudel label Live Series)

- Live at Shea Stadium (MisterClaudel label Live Series) 2 CDs (I also have the DVD that goes with the set).

- Come Together Project Book 1 Chapter 9 - Working Like A Dog (6 cds)

- Compact Disc EP Collection CD BEP 14. In 1992 after CD's had become firmly established, EMI packaged their next E.P. collection, this time in C.D. format. All of the C.D.'s were faithfully reproduced in glorious mono, with the only visible differences being, an Apple where the EMITEX advert used to be, and bar-coding in the catalogue number area. Even the "Magical Mystery Tour" E.P. in CD format was true to form, except for the white lyric sheet. The double-CD Magical Mystery Tour EP included a disc each of both mono and stereo versions of the 6 songs. The box though, did not have the gold embossed autographs, and was not in the familiar blue, but in a black hue.
This C.D. Box Set contains all the following :
CDGEP 8880 The Beatles Hits
CDGEP 8882 Twist and Shout
CDGEP 8883 The Beatles No.1
CDGEP 8891 All My Loving
CDGEP 8913 Long Tall Sally
CDGEP 8920 A Hard Day's Night (extracts from the film)
CDGEP 8924 A Hard Day's Night (extracts from the film) Vol.2
CDGEP 8931 Beatles For Sale
CDGEP 8938 Beatles For Sale No.2
CDGEP 8946 The Beatles Million Sellers
CDGEP 8948 Yesterday
CDGEP 8952 Nowhere Man
CDMAG 1 Magical Mystery Tour
CDSGE 1 Rarities


- New Musical Express Poll Winners Concert 1964: Barely authored. The Big Beat 1964. All artists, including The Rolling Stones, Gerry & The Pacemakers, The Searchers and The Beatles. Very good quality.

- The Complete 1965 NME Poll Winners Concert

- In San Francisco 1965-66: Barely authored. 1991 documentary. Excellent quality plus newsreels.

- The Making Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band: 2002 Disney Channel documentary. Plus 2 on the Town 20th Anniversary Party for Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 1987.

- Off Australian TV: The Day the Beatles came to Spain. 1991 documentary special –sbs Australia (original Canal 9 documentary, Spanish regional TV); Deaf Ted, Danoota and Me-John Lennon, not only but also 9/1/65-vision upgrade; Hey Bulldog-discovered video story –60 minutes Australia 26/9/99; Anthology 1996 TV trailer for video box set.

- She Loves You + I Want To Hold Your Hand (American Music Awards Footage 2004)

- Telecasts 65. Capitol (Fake). This not the Odeon fake listed at BLZ, but a different one (although content is similar).

- Beatles 65: Capitol (Fake) double DVD set.

- Beatles Take Over Holland (All Green)

- 1965 US Tour Vol. 2 Capitol ( Fake) / Fab Productions

- Yesterday and Today in the Far East (2 DVDs; Fab Productions)

- The Long and Winding Road: Interviews, and rare footage from begining till the end of their existance as a band.

- The Beatles Down Under + On the Road: Tthese documents of the Fab Four's trip to Australia are a charming addition to the Beatles canon. Airport interviews and street footage from throughout the tour shows the boys visiting Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, and Brisbane, where they clown around in the land down under. A revealing, in-depth interview with John, Paul, George, and John Nichol--who had filled in on drums for the ill Ringo Starr--is a further highlight.

- The making of Help: 18 minute DVD with very rare footage shot during the filming of Help!

- First US Visit (2004 edition). 2 single layer DVDs. Ripped from an originally double layer DVD. No loss of quality whatsoever (has not been compressed) and all menus are maintained. I can also provide the double layer DVD.

-Live in England (Silent Sea). A collection of Live performances of the Fab Four in England from the early 60's to the Roof Concert.

- The Beatles in Spain 1965 TVE (in Spanish)

- Enlightment 68

- Hollywood Bowl 35th Anniversary. All Green

- The Beatles At Shea Stadium 1965 (DartDisc, March 2007). Direct from ABC-TV 35 mm Broadcast Master. THE BEST PICTURE QUALITY UP TO DATE (excluding the remastered pieces of Anthology). It is the complete show, with space for commercial breaks and - not seen since original broadcast - Boston Pop's conductor Arthur Fielder's introduction. Amazing!!!

- Shea Stadium : Darthdisc remaster synched with original concert recording Murray15 - The best Shea remaster


- Rage Special Edition: This is the 4 DVD Rage set but sourced directly from the master tape. Authoring of the DVD is quite poor but picture quality is a real upgrade.

- The Beatles Video Collection (Fab Productions) 3 DVDs

- ANDERE TIJDEN 5 October 2000 NPS: Andere Tijden (=Different Times) is a Dutch TV Documentary focusing on a subject from the past, and this particular broadcast has an item on a Beatles boycott by one of the Christian radio stations in 1966, following John's 'more popular than Christ' statement, and another on previously unseen footage of the Beatles' visit to the Netherlands in 1964. While most of the program features dialogue and an interview with one of the DJs from the time in Dutch, it is interspersed with known footage in superb quality (such as the MBE Awards 1965, airport arrival in the US 1964, the Ku Klux Klan incident 1966) and the big catch of course is slightly over two minutes of never-before-shown footage of the Beatles' press conference at Schiphol Airposrt, the canal trip and a short interview inside the hotel during their June 1964 visit. The Picture Quality is superb throughout, there are a few dropouts in the sound, but otherwise the quality is very good. Total time: 11.56 Minutes.

- The Beatles - In The Flesh (2005) - DVD

- Live at Shea Stadium (MisterClaudel label Live Series) 1 DVD (I also have the 2 CDs that go with the set).

- LET IT BE: DIRECTOR'S PRINT (16mm film print - plus EPK promos of "Two Of Us" and "For You Blue" remastered by Apple in 1996 - both w/ slates)

- Let it Be. The 1982 BBC Broadcast version.

- Beatles instant recall 1991 DVD

- Beatles Memory Pieces DVD

- Alone & Together (MC Vision - IMC423D)


- Red and Blue (Al Green - DVD9)

I have 8 DVDs from the Hiwax Label. These are:

- Morecambe and Wise show


- June 30 1966

- July 1 1966

- Odds and Sods but Upgrades (Volumes 1, 2 and 3)

- Compulsory Video Stabilization


- Beatles First (GOODTIMES)

- The Beatles (BURBANK VIDEO)

- Victor Spinetti My Life With The Beatles

- A Day In The Life The Beatles And London Liverpool Memorial (BEATLES CINE CLUB)

- Live At Budokan Hall Tokyo July 1.1966 Inc.4 Japanese Opening Acts And Hollywood Bowl 64

- Beatles Historic Film Library Complete Newsreels Collection

- Abbey Road No Densetsu (With Paul,G.Martin,C.Black,P.Best,N.Aspinall,D.Taylor,J.Lynne Etc)

- Pete Best Press Conference In Japan July 30, 1992

- Birthplace Of The Beatles BBC

- Tripping In India

Other DVDs

- Revolver Audio DVD (Area 51): 5.0 Surround Universal DVD-A 24/96 MLP, 24/48 DTS, 24/48 DD. Also includes 5 isolated channels which can be accessed from the dvda side using the audio/language button, or directly from the menu on the
dvdv side. Sourced from the plain old cd, some songs have additions from the Anhology cds or dvds. Stereo to surround conversion by Area51.

- Magical Mystery Tour Audio DVD (Area 51): 5.0 Surround Universal DVD-A 24/96 MLP, 24/48 DTS, 24/48 DD. Center, left and right channel isolations includes four bonus Yellow Submarine songs stereo to surround conversions by Area51.

- Abbey Road 5.1 DVD-A (Area51 upmix)

- BRG 11-mp3 DVD (The Beatles Remixers Anthology)This=10 cds. It can also be burned as 10 separate cds.

Beatle related:




- Get Back Multimedia Disc.

- Dinsdalep beatcasts. Dinsdalep is a member of this community who has crafted some magnificent podcasts. Some people have burned it into audio CD format. I have kept the original mp3 format. I have 3 CDs, with 23 beatcasts each (from 1 to 69). These podcasts are available in dinsdalep's page, but if you don´t feel like downloading it, here is another option to get it. Thanx dinsdalep for your great work.

- Pop Go The beatles radio Show: Pop Go The Beatles is an in-depth look and the Beatles and the creation of their music. What makes us different is that we never play an album cut. We'll be using alternate studio takes and mixes, live in-concert and BBC radio performances and mostly unheard interviews. You'll learn something new about the Beatles and their music in every show. The show originally aired on WJNA in Ft. Lauderdale from 11/02 - 4/03. There are 21 2-hour For more information, including complete episode descriptions, http://www.popgoesthebeatles.com/. I have this material in pure lossless sources.

- Here, There and Everywhere, audio book, 7 CDs. mp3 sourced. I can trade it as one CD with all the mp3 CDs in it, as they fit in just one CD.


- Two of Us (The movie).

- I wanna hold your hand (movie)

- Beatle in Benton

- The Brian Epstein Story PAL format. UKTV.

- Brian Epstein Biography A&E Network September 17, 1999.

- The Lost Beatle: Stu Sutcliffe PAL format. 2005 BBC documentary. Includes McCartney on Parkinson 2005.

- The Simpsons Meet The Threetles Nicely authored. Three chapters of The Simpson where George, Paul and Ringo make a stellar appearance.

- Captured! Vol. 4 Nicely authored. Harrison with Paul Simon on Saturday Night Live NBC Nov 20, 1976 McCartney on HARDTalk Extra BBC World Nov 7, 2005; NASA Wake Up Call report by Sky News Nov 12, 2005; CNN Wake Up Call report
Lennon news programs, One Night in December BBC World, Dec 10, 2005 and Sky News 25th Anniversary Report, December 8, 2005.

- Pete Best: The Oprah Winfrey Show Broadcast Date: September 6th, 1993. Time 16:41

- Re-Meet The Beatles. This was a show broadcasted years ago by E! Television.

- Guitar Playing, The Beatles Style. One of my latest additions. If you like to play guitar (which I do), this educational DVD features Curt Mitchell teaching a lot of different riffs The Beatles played. Very interesting.

- Mal Evans Complete Uncut Silent Footage(4 DVDs)

- From Liverpool To san Francisco (Eagle Media)

- The Beatles In Portland-The Complete Story (2 DVDs)

- BEATLES Klaus Voormann: A Pencil Full Music. This is taken, I believe, from a scandinavian TV documentary. The background voice must be Norwegian or Swedish but all people interviewed speak in English: Klaus Voorman, Astrid Kirchner, Paul McCartney, Tony Sheridan, Yoko Ono... Very interesting documentary in deed. The picture quality of my copy is not great. Seems to be sourced from a compressed format transferred to DVD. Sound quality is good. I ignore if there are copies of this show in better quality.

- The Beatles LOVE 2006 (Fab Productions): Begins with news clips on the premiere from CBS This Morning, access Hollywood, Extra & Hollywood Insider! exclusive interviews on each show plus a one on one with Ringo on Hollywood Insider! Next up, the Access Hollywood Special on the "LOVE" show, from creation, rehearsals to the premiere with Paul & Ringo exclusive interviews! a fascinating documentary! BONUS: Capitol Vol.2 EPK, VH1 News Report on the release and dizzy Miss Lizzy Premiere! This DVD is in the BEST QUALITY for done in the best pressing, thus only one hour long. All in chapters!


- Odds and Sods Vols 1, 15, 16, 17 and 18 (5 DVDs)

- The Beatles On Larry King - Celebrating LOVE Anniversary Larry King Live (CNN)28.06.2007

-Who Buried Paul McCartney (taken from dutch tv I think, with subtitles. Good quality)

- It was 40 years ago today (about the rerecording of Pepper by other artists as telecasted by the BBC plus bonus)

- Beatlemania in Britain (from the Travel Channel)

- The Beatles Women (not the beatles wives). Biography Channel.

- The Early Years. Ringo narrates the history of rock and roll. 2 DVDs.

- First U.S. Visit 30th Anniversary - Pt.1 (CBS Programs). 1. Sunday Morning 2-6-94 (5:15) John Leonard gives a very pontificating portrait of The Beatles
first U.S. visit. This report deals primarily with The Ed Sullivan Show. 2. CBS This Morning 2-8-94 (9:20). Two segments on this broadcast: Cynthia Lennon is interviewed by Mark McKewen. Photographer Harry Benson is interviewed by anchorman Harry Smith.

- First U.S. Visit 30th Anniversary - Pt.2. 1. FRONTPAGE (Fox) 2-8-94 (6:42); Host: Viclie Liviakis; Guests: Louise Harrison, Harry Benson, Little Richard
Walter Cronkite, Nancy Cronkite; Beatles fan: Debbie Levitt// 2. DATELINE NBC 2-8-94 (6:32) Host: Jane Pauley; Guests: Harry Benson, Dick Clark, Carl Perkins; Beatles fan: Tracy Wagner// 3. PRIMETIME LIVE (ABC) 2-10-94 (3:51) Guests: Bruce "Cousin Brucie" Morrow, Walter Cronkite, Nancy Cronkite, Ed Anderson (Ed Sullivan Show staff); Beatles fans: Debbie Levitt, Mary Kastner, Chistina Krupka// *BONUS*
4. SEGMENT 2 (KTVU - Oakland CA) 2-11-94 (4:59)This is an interesting look at the Beatles in San Francisco. It includes footage from all three Beatles concerts: 8-19-64 (The Cow Palace) 8-31-65 (The Cow Palace) 8-29-66 (Candlestick Park); Host: Bob McKenzie; Guest: Tom Donahue Jr.; Beatles fans: Juanita Williams, Peter Kovesci

- The Beatles - 'All Together Now' (28 Minutes PAL DVD). The UK premiere of the ‘Free As A Bird’ video was broadcast on Granada TV on Monday, 20th November 1995. To commemorate the event Granada shot a 19-minute intro-documentary,
‘All Together Now’, featuring an array of stars including Cilla Black, Timothy Leary, Mary Quant, Melvyn Bragg and Victor Spinetti. On the 23rd they broadcast the ‘Real Love’ video preceded by a short ‘Newsflash’ intro. This DVD contains both broadcasts, brought to you from the nice people at Yellow Cow

- The Beatles Inside New Zealand

- Yellow Submarine EPK



- Damals in Hamburg (Pro, has a great portion in German)

- Back Then in Hamburg + the Day the Beatles -- Almost -- Came To Marburg (German, PRO; NTSC)

- Bravermans' Condensed Cream of Beatles (PRO)

- Pete Best Of The Beatles DVD (Warner)

- Meet the Beatles. This is a documentary of the Rock Milestones Series released on Nov. 3 2008 (NTSC). (about 55 minutes long)

- Once there was a way DVD (British Lions)

The following is a list of Fab Productions DVDs which are Beatles related:

- Destinees

- BEATLES live 62-63

- Sgt Pepper's Magical Mystery Tour

- Abbey Road Studios Story/In My Life

- A Doll's House 2 DVD set

- Let It Be Revised

- Across the Universe 1968

- Rarities 1963 - 1970 Vol. 1

- Unseen Beatles (this is FABS version, not just the TV broadcast)

- Live in Germany (2 DVD set by FAB Pr.)

- The Touring Years (3 DVD set)

- You Know My Name (Vol. 1)

- Everest

- Four Nights in Moscow

- The Ballad of John and Yoko

Now, all the BEATLES TELECASTS series I have from Fab Productions. To find more about these telecasts series and the rest of Fab production items, along with the corresponding artwork) please visit http://www.finelinenovelties.com/NEW.htm

- 1963

- 1981-1982

- 1982-1984

- 1989 Vol 1

- 1989 Vol 2

- 1989 Vol 3

- 1989 Vol 4

- 1990

- 1990-1991

- 1991-1992

- 1992 vol 1

- 1992 vol 2

- 1993

- 1993-1994

- 1994 vol 1

- 1994 vol 2

- 1994-1995

- 1995 vol 1

- 1995 vol 2

- 1995 vol 3

- 1995 vol 4

- 1995 vol 5

- 1995 vol 6

- 1995-1996

- 1996 vol 1

- 1996 vol 2

- 1997 vol 1

- 1997 vol 2

- 1998 vol. 1

- 1998 vol 2

- 1998 vol 3

- 1998-1999

- 2001-2002

- 2002 vol 1

- 2002 vol 2

- 2002 vol 3

- 2002 vol 4

- 2003 vol 2

- 2006 Vol. 4

- 2006 Vol. 5

Paul McCartney:


- Up Close: Paul McCartney Ed Sullivan Theater NYC 12/12/92
Complete Show Perfect Sound MTV. This is the complete first show taped for an MTV concert show that may not have aired (two shows were taped). Frankly, no one remembers it airing. There were two boots of this show. The more common one was missing a song or two; this is the complete show.

- McCartney on Music: BBC Radio Radio 4 - Front Row. Broadcast 29th August 2005 7:15pm (GMT). FM. 30 Minutes approx. Paul McCartney talks about writing music and plays guitar to demonstrate his techniques.

- McCartney-Costello demos and live


- Up Close: MTV concert, Dec 10th or 11th (not sure)1992 New York, Ed Sullivan Theater. Unedited. Pretty good quality.

- Live Madrid 2004: May 30 2004. Pretty Good quality. Professional recording.

- @Live8: All songs played by Macca in this 2005 event, plus interviews.

- Here There and Everyhere: Concert for Linda

- Paul McCartney.CBS Sunday Morning broadcast Date: November 17, 1991. Short and sweet look behind the scenes of the making of The Liverpool Oratorio. Time: 9:56.

- 2005 Ellen Degeneres Show

- Paul Big Egg 3rd Night Tokyo 1990 (2 DVDs)

- Best of Wingspan - VH1/Blackbird Singing - CNN (Bulldog DVD)

- Paul's British TV Appearances 83-90 (4 DVDs)

- Paul's British TV Appearances 90-97 (4 DVDs)

- The Linda McCartney Story (telefilm)

- Full of Memory 2007 Vol 1 and 3 (Fab Productions)

- What's Wingspan? EPK

- Cover Story 1986: Cover Story was a syndicated half-hour program that ran for a couple of years - usually on a weekend afternoon in the US. This is a profile of Paul McCartney (lentgh: 22:14)

- Paul McCartney, ICA, London, 5th July 2007. Pro-shot PAL DVD (Edited, with menus, great show. DVD lasts 47 minutes).

- Paul McCartney. CBS Sunday Morning. Broadcast Date: November 17, 1991. Time 9:56. Short and sweet look behind the scenes of the making of The Liverpool Oratorio.

- Paul McCartney - The Long And Winding Road (Oz 93 TV) PAL DVD (Yellow Cow Records - YCDVD062). Paul interviewed by Molly Meldrum for Australia's Nine Network at Hog Hill Mill Studio, Sussex in January 1993. Broadcast 13th March 1993. Interspersed with live and archive footage, a calm and happy-sounding Paul discusses various subjects including
his feelings about Michael Jackson's recent acquisition of the Northern Songs catalogue. 45 mins.

- Last Resort 1987. Channel Four Broadcast. 1. Introduction by Jonathan Ross 2. Don't Get Around Much Anymore 3. Interview by Jonathan Ross 4. I Saw Her Standing There 5. Lawdy Miss Clawdy

- Electric Promos 07, Roundhouse Oct 25 2007 Hybrid DVD. (Yellow Cow Records - YCDVD066) Sourced from both, BBC2 and BBCi. Complete show. Amazing.

- Live Earth Day (Audience recording)

- UK TV 1989-90

- UK TV 1999

- Paul Raw Footage (MCP - Can't find the reference number for this one)

- BBC Electric Promos

- Live at L'Olimpia (Paris) 2007. Pro Shot

- Wings over Seattle 76

- Paul at Oprah 24/11/1997

- Paul at Parkinson 1999

- 1979 Rockestra Sessions at Abbey Road ntsc

- Back to the Egg (This is a recently made public bootleg version, with improved picture quality. It is a VHS transfer with pretty good upgraded picture quality).

- From Yale to Liverpool (Fab Productions)

Now the PAUL MCCARTNEY TELECASTS from Fab Productions

- 1979

- 1980

- 1980-1982

- 1982-1984 vol 1

- 1982-1984 vol 2

- 1989

- 1989-90

- 1990 Vol. 1

- 1990 Vol. 2

- 1990 Vol. 3

- 1990-91

- 1993 Vol. 1

- 1993 Vol. 2

- 1993 Vol. 3

- 1993 Vol. 4

- 1993 Vol. 5

- 1997 Vol. 1

- 1997 Vol. 2

- 1997 Vol. 3

- 1997 Vol. 4

- 1997 Vol. 5

- 1998 Vol. 1

- 1998 Vol. 2

- 1998 Vol. 3

- 1998 Vol. 4

- 2006 Vol. 1

- 2006 Vol. 2

- 2006 Vol. 3

George Harrison


- Live with Eric Clapton. Japan. 12/10/91. 2 CDs.


- Concert for Bangla Desh 2 DVD set, Deluxe Edition with 5.1 sound available.

- The Quiet One (Waterfall Entertainment)

- Songs And Interviews 1971-2001 (Capitol Fake)

- George & Co. Whatever Wilbury Wilbury

- Tour 1991 TV Japan With Harrison & Clapton (some parts in Japanese)

- Japan Tour 1991(Fab Productions)

- George Harrison Archives 1999-2000(Fab Productions)

- Archives 2001 Vol. 1 Version 1 (Fab Productions)

- Archives 2001 Vol. 1 Version 2 (Fab Productions)

- Up Close and Personal

- A Tribute To George Harrison Volume 1 Video Shack

- A Tribute To George Harrison Volume 2 Video Shack

- George Harrison: Any Road Will Take You There (PRO, PAL)

- The Dick Cavett Show. Bonus Crosby/Nash Performance

- I could wait for ever, I've got Time. (Attention fellas!!!!!! this DVD includes the clip of George playing Lucille with Deep Purple in Sydney, the complete song. The picture and sound quality of the clip are very good, the camera is placed on a side of the stage though)

- A Gardeners Life (documentary + videos)

- George at Home (MCP - cant't locate the reference number)

- Economy Class Beatles Pal

- The Best Of George Harrison Live 2 Dvds (British Lions) Ntsc

John Lennon


- The Alternate Studio Versions of "Mind Games" (ref: HEN047). 21 tracks

- Bakall: The CD is the companion of: A Spaniard In The Works. This gift was distributed only in few copies in Sweden.The track list of the CD is

01. My Life (2:30)
02. John Talks About How He Met Yoko And About Their Relationship (1:44)
03. Dear John (4:10)
04. John Talks About The Cosmic Joke Number 9; The Paradoxy Of Responsibility And The Idea Of Leadership As A False God (1:30)
05. Lord, Take This Makeup Off Me (2:21)
06. John Talks About How Important It Is For Everyone To Produce Their Own Dreams And Got Their Own Ways (1:13)
07. Make Love Not War (3:13)
08. John Talks About The Rock Star Life (1:44)
09. Here We Go Again (2:57)
10. John Talks About Pacifists That Got Shot, Gandhi, Martin Luther King. (0:57)
11. Yoko Talks About Her Feeling That John’s Spirit Is Still There (0:46)

Although the non-speech tracks (1, 3, 5, 7, 9) later also got released on Lennon Anthology (except 9), the CD is still quite interesting as in most cases the versions here are longer.

- Live Peace In Toronto. This is a great quality transfer from vinyl to CD. This mix has NEVER been available on CD. It is split in 2 tracks, one being side a and the other being side b.


- Give Peace a Chance. The concert at Madison Square Garden.

- NBC DATELINE 'The Man Who Killed John Lennon'

- I Knew John Lennon Not authored. BBC Learning, program. Includes interviews with many people who knew John like Bill Harry, Allan Williams, Pete Best and Klaus Voormann. Ends with Uncle Charlie Lennon singing 'Eight Days A Week.' Very good quality.

- A Journey in his life

- Imagine IMAGINE (A BBC documentary about the impact of this album. Program recorded from an Autralian broadcast).

- The US vs John Lennon

- Declassified

- Imagine(Deluxe Edition 2005) 2 DVDs

- John Lennon & Yoko Ono Archives

- John Lennon Archives 1985 - 1989 (Fab Productions)

- John Lennon Archives 1988 Vol. 1 (Fab Productions)

- John Lennon Archives 1988 Vol. 2 (Fab Productions)

- John and Yoko Archives 1995-1999 (Fab Productions)

- John Lennon-Archives 1998-1999 (Fab Productions)

- John Lennon Archives 2005 (Fab Productions)

- Bob Dylan - Eat The Documnet Outtake - Lennon & Dylan Limo Ride

- COME TOGETHER: A Night for John Lennon

- The Spirit of John Lennon Pay Per View Seance 2006 (just a curiosity. This show deals about the story of trying to get in touch with the spirit of John Lennon).

- In my Life. GMVS Limited gmvs10011. 1 Hour. Pretty good quality.

- Imagine Now Promos (3 DVD set)

- Killing A Beatle (documentary)


- Milk and Honey (1983)/ Then and Now (1984). This is a DVD that includes these 2 programs with interviews with Yoko Ono and footage of John.

- Campaign For Peace - 1969 vol. 2 DVD (Fab Productions)



- Ringo Starr & His Fourth All Starr Band - Live Detroit ´97 2 DVDs. Good quality.

- Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band - Live At The Greek Theatre 1989

- VH1 Storytellers

- Ex Beatle Files Vol. 6 (1981-1984) Fab Productions

- What Goes on. Different TV appearances from 1970 to 2005

- Ringo Starr Promotional Tour for Liverpool 8. January 2008 TV shows (Letterman, Larry King, Craig Ferguson)

- Ringo and the Blockheads weith Dave stewart. The Early Show Jan 11 2008


These are the DVDs of this label that I have as of today. Check other parts of this intro list as there are other MCP's listed here whose reference I have not been able to find. For info and artwork http://www.rreinstein.net/mcpdvd.htm

- MCP-001 Paul McCartney: Tour ’89 Vol. 1 (I also have the upgraded version of this DVD)

- MCP-002 Television Nine Beatles Special 1965 MCP DVD:

- MCP-003 The Beatles: The Beatles On 8mm:

- MCP-004 Paul McCartney: Up In Smoke:

- MCP-006 Paul McCartney: MTV Networks Interviews Uncut. 2 complete interviews: 1983 & 1989 from unedited tape (not from broadcast)

- MCP-011 John Lennon: Salute to Sir Lew DVD

- MCP-013 John Lennon & Yoko Ono: The Lennons On PBS (also the 2008 upgraded version, with same content)

- MCP-016 Paul McCartney: Wings Over St. Paul.

- MCP-017 Paul McCartney: Wings Over Chicago.

- MCP-018 Paul McCartney: Rockshow Japanese Special Edition (2 DVDs)

- MCP-019 The Beatles: Newsreels

- MCP-021 The Beatles: Once Upon A Time in America

- MCP-022 Paul McCartney: Broad Street Promotion Vol. 1.

- MCP-023 The Beatles: The Beatles On The Beeb.

- MCP-024 Paul McCartney: Paul McCartney 1968-1976

- MCP-025 The Beatles: Film Chain

- MCP-026 John Lennon: Listen To This DVD 1.

- MCP-027 John Lennon: Listen To This DVD 2. 1968 Auction Movie excerpt "Look At Me" from Preiner doc. CBS News 1969.Bryant Park Peace Rally excerpt. Ten For Two movie excerpt. CBS News 1972. French TV 1975.

- MCP-028 The Beatles In Australia VOL-1.

- MCP-028 The Beatles In Australia VOL-2.

- MCP-029 The Beatles: Beatles'64 (DVD1).

- MCP-029 The Beatles: Beatles'64 (DVD2).

- MCP-030 The "5th Beatle"s: Revenge of the "5th Beatle".

- MCP-031 The Beatles In The Sixties.

- MCP-032 The Beatles: From Beginnings To Today. This is another "The Beatles In Tokyo 1966" TV special, this time titled "From Beginnings To Today". It is presented by someone who seems to have access to a 2" tape of the black suit concert. Luckily, his friend the tape operator is there to spin up the 2" tape machine. The presenter also provides a look at the Budo Kan Hall as it stands today (or at least when this show was made), and includes various Beatles footage from all time periods.

- MCP-033 Wings In The Seventies DVD

- MCP-036 The Beatles: Celluloid Heroes DVD

- MCP-037 The Beatles: Big Night Out 1963/Shindig 1964 Uncut DVD

- MCP-038 Paul McCartney: Tour '89 Vol. 2 DVD

- MCP-039 The Beatles In The Sixties Vol. 2 NTSC DVD

- MCP-040 The Beatles: Lucky Stars On Merseyside

- MCP-041 Ringo Starr: Ringo 69/89

- MCP-042 John Lennon: Imagine John Lennon Outtakes DVD

- MCP-043 The Beatles: All You Need Is Love-London Weekend Television DVD

- MCP-044 Paul McCartney & Wings: The Buddy Holly Tribute Concert DVD

- MCP-045 The Beatles: The Beatles on 8mm Vol. 2 DVD

- MCP-046 John & Yoko: Joko Productions Presents Ten For Two DVD

- MCP-047 The Beatles: The U.S. Touring Years-Raw News Footage DVD

- MCP-048 Paul McCartney: Saturday Superstore DVD

- MCP-049 George Harrison: Thru The Years DVD

- MCP-050 John Lennon: Imagine: John Lennon Workprint Cut # 15 1987 DVD: This is a doble layer DVD

- MCP-052 Paul McCartney: Broadstreet Promotion 1984 Vol. 2 DVD

- MCP-053 Paul McCartney: All The Best - UK TV 1987 DVD

- MCP-054 Paul McCartney: Broadstreet Promotion 1984 Vol. 3 DVD

- MCP-055 Paul McCartney Broadstreet Promotion 1984 Vol. 4 DVD

- MCP-056 Paul McCartney: McCartney '86 NTSC DVD

- MCP-057 The Beatles: 20 Years After (the arrival in N.Y.) NTSC DVD

- MCP-058 The Beatles: Les Beatles A Paris NTSC DVD

- MCP-060 Paul McCartney Broadstreet Promotion 1984 Vol. 5 DVD

- MCP-061 John Lennon: ORF Profile and more rarities NTSC DVD

- MCP-062 Paul McCartney: The Toshiba-EMI Tapes NTSC DVD

- MCP-064 John Lennon: Imagine John Lennon 2-11-88 NTSC DVD

- MCP-065 The Beatles: A Hard Day's Night/Magical Mystery Tour BBC 1979 (2 DVDs)

- MCP-066 Paul McCartney: Wings 1979

- MCP-067 The Beatles: The Capitol Tape/The Encore Reel NTSC DVD

- MCP-069 John Lennon: The Benefit Concerts NTSC, 2 DVDs

- MCP-070 John Lennon: Radical NTSC DVD

- MCP-071 Paul McCartney: Broad Street promotion 1984 Vol. 6 NTSC DVD

- MCP-072 The Beatles (John, Paul, George, Ringo, & Pete) with Billy Preston: The MTV Tapes

- MCP-073 The Beatles: Yesterdays

- MCP-074 George Harrison: Fun In Acapulco

- MCP-075 The Beatles: Yesterdays 2

- MCP-076 The Beatles: "... and now a word from our sponsor"

- MCP-077 The Beatles: Yesterdays 3

- MCP-078 Paul McCartney: That's Entertainment

- MCP-079 The Beatles: The Beatles Decade DVD

- MCP-080 The Beatles: Ringo's Private Reel

- MCP-081 The Beatles: Beatlemania DVD

- MCP-082 Ringo Starr: "Caveman" Chronicles

- MCP-083 Ringo Starr: "Caveman" Chronicles 2

- MCP-084 The Beatles: 16mm Gems DVD

- MCP-085 Paul McCartney: Junk

- MCP-088 Sir George Martin: This is your Life

- MCP-089 John & Yoko: Everybody Had A Hard Year

- MCP-090 Ringo Starr: Rotogravure Interview

- MCP-091 The Beatles: 25 Jahre Beatles

- MCP-092 The Beatles: The Beatles & The 60s

- MCP-093 The Beatles: Yesterdays 4

- MCP-095 Paul McCartney: More Junk

- MCP-096 Paul: En Vivo Buenos Aires 1993

- MCP-097 Paul at Nassau (2 DVDs)

- MCP-099 Meet the Lennons (2 DVDs)

- MCP-100 The Beatles: Beatles Songbook

- MCP-101 John Lennon: Remember (2 DVDs)

- MCP-102 John Lennon: War is over (2 DVDs)

- MCP-103 The Beatles: Yesterdays 5

- MCP-107 John and Yoko: Cold Spring Harbor

- MCP-109 George Harrison: Handmade

- MCP-110 The Beatles: Around The Beatles

- MCP-111 Ringo Starr: Ognir Rrats

- MCP-112 The Beatles: From The North

- MCP-114 John Lennon: I read the News Today

- MCP-115 The Beatles: 1962 To 1970 2 DVDs

- MCP-116 John Lennon:Milk And Honey/Truth 2 DVDs

- MCP-120 The Beatles: The IF Tapes Vol. 1

- MCP-121 The Beatles: The IF Tapes Vol. 2

- MCP-123 The Beatles: Japanese TV Anthology. 2 DVDs.

- MCP-124 The Beatles: BBC Christmas With The Beatles 1979: Magical Mystery Tour



Rolling Stones

- Rough, Dirty and Irrisistable

Todd Rundgren and Utopia

- 5-29-80 The Greek Theatre Los Angeles/Ex/2CDR (good audience recording)


- 1998 5/16.House Of Blues, Myrtle Beach,SC.(2CD,Ex+,SB)

Stevie Ray Vaugham

- 59 Fender Stratocaster

Pink Floyd

- Wish You Were Here (5.1)

- Dark Side of the Moon (5.1)


Rolling Stones

- Charlie Is My Darling (THE MOVIE, 1965 BRITISH TOUR DOCUMENTARY + TV SHOW, 04/08/64)(50min, EXC Quality)

- On DVD 1964-1969 (TV SHOWS, UK, US AND OTHER COUNTRIES, 1964-1969)(120min, VG Quality) DVD

- On DVD 1964-1965 (TV SHOWS , UK, US AND OTHER COUNTRIES, 1964-1965)(120min, VG Quality) DVD


- Tami Awards Show '64-(LIVE AT CIVIC AUDITORIUM, SANTA MONICA-CALIFORNIA, 28/10/64)(17min, EXC Quality) DVD

- Sympathy for the Devil

- Bridges to Babylon Tour 97-98

- Gimme Shelter

- Rehearsal



- Who killed the Rolling Stones?

- Live in Copacabana Beach, Brazil, 20 songs, pro shot (I believe it is 2006 tour but could be 2005, I am not an expert)

- RARE VIDEOS 1964-1969 2 DVDs

- Stones on TV. 2 DVDs

More DVDs...


- The best Beatles cover band ever. This DVD (with extras such as rehearsals and backstage footage) contains the gig this project did in May 2003 in New York (at BB King's Club). It is Mike Portnoy, Paul Gilbert, Neal Morse and Matt Bisonette together as a band, doing covers of songs that go from No Reply to You Know My Name, with gems like While My Guitar Gently Weeps (one of the most incredible guitar solos ever, about 4 minutes long). Absolutely f*ck*ng amazing. Poorly pro shot, but the show is great and sound is good. You have one of the best drummers and one of the best guitar players in the world today together on stage.


- Beatles Cover Band with Brad Delp from Boston 2xDVD (AUD, NTSC). Very good quality

Bruce Hornsby

- Live Saratoga 01/07/2002 (Pro shot)

- Live In Chicago With Jimmy Haslip Ntsc

- 1986-02-02 Ritz; New York City, NY (PRO)

The Corrs

- Live at R.A.H. St. Patrick's Day, March, 17, 1998 (pro shot)

James Taylor

- Pull Over. Live Concert (Pro shot)

- BBC 1970

- 1997 Live By Request Sony Music Studios Ntsc

- 2001-08-04 Live At The Rosemont Theater


- Live in Warsaw 2005. Pro shot. TV recording.

- Glostonbury 1997


- Last man standing

Bob Marley

- Live Essex House. This is Bob Marley rehearsing with an acoustic guitar, talking with friends and smoking pot. Poorly authored and certainly a VHS transfer.

- B Marley and the Wailers. Live. (don't have the datwe, looks like taped from a tv broadcast. pro shot).


- Live Amsterdam, 15 songs (pro shot)


- Live Hyde Park 1976 (old pro shot VHS Transfer)

- LIVE IN BUDAPEST. This must be in the late 80's. It is pro shot, VHS transfer with pretty good sound quality and fairly authored.

- We Will Rock You. (Pro shot)

- Documentary Japanese Jewels Ntsc


- Live in Amsterdam 05/06/2006. Pro shot.

Bruce Sprigsteen

- Live 1984 (pro shot but a small time box is on the screen all the time)

- Tunnel of Love tour 88


- Live at chicago Grant Park,Illinois, 22 songs (pro shot)


- Supernatural. Pro shot

Buddy Guy



- Oakland 31.01.70 & more



John Mayall

- 70th BIRTHDAY (pro shot)

Phil Collins

- SERIOUS HITS… LIVE 2 DVDs (pro shot)

Peter Frampton

- Live 1975/1977


- Farewell concert 26/11/70



- Live Karuisawa 86 (Pro shot). This is really a compilation of different appearences in live events by Jeff Beck.

- Royal Bolero. Live in London (Good audience recording)


- Live in Paris 1979

Ted Nugent

- Ted Nugent-Live Raleigh 6/23/95 (pro shot)

Deep Purple


- EARLY TV - VARIOUS 1970-1974


Johmy Winter

- Johnny Winter-Live Rockpalast 1979. Pro shot (VHS transfer)

Jimy Hendrix




- Dick Cavett Show

- Hendrix (Warner Brothers)


- 10/13/79 Carnegie Hall, NYC, NY 1DVD


- 07/16/81 Rockpalast, Koln, Germany 1DVD Pro Shot 70mins

- 05/28/83 US Festival, Devore, CA 1DVD 65 mins

- 08/20/83 Rockpalast, Loreley St. Goarshausen, Germany ALL DVD 1 Pro Shot PAL 75mins

- 07/18/04 London, England 90 mins 1DVD

Brian Setzer

- Live West 57 Studios

- Two Concerts. Montreux Festival '95 / Swingin' In Vegas '97. Pro shot

- Christmas Extravaganza: PBS, one hour, Ex, the former Stray Cats front man rocks and swings in both trio and big band formats 1DVD Pro Shot (this DVD has a bonus with a Ray Charles Show)

- Live in Japan 04 (pro shot, excellent)

- VH1 Shows: VH1 Behind the Music / Duets with Bryan Adams / Swingin' in Vegas

Pink Floyd

- Dark Side of the Moon

- The Wall Live London 1980

- London 66-67 (with Lennon 67)

- The Calhoun Tapes

Led Zeppelin


- LED ZEPPELIN 1970-1972

- Sydney Austrailia 2-27-72 Original issue

- See through the out films (2 DVDs).

Hammer Of The Gods-Tribute To Led Zeppelin

- Mike Portnoy: Drums; Paul Gilbert: Guitars; Dave LaRue: Bass; Daniel Gildenlöw: Vocals. An awesome tribute to Led Zeppelin! One hour pieces of two concerts (Canada and New York).


- Black Album - DVD (Classic Albums)

Lynyrd Skynyrd

- The Old Grey Whistle Test

David Gilmour

- Live at the Royal Festival Hall (Pro shot)

Stevie Ray Vaugham

- One Night in Texas. Excellent.

- Live at Montreaux July 15 1985. Pro shot

- A Tribute. No SRV here, but all his blues guitar buddies in a great tribute concert. Pro shot

- Live Capitol Theater 21/09/1985.


- Live in Osaka (pro shot)

- The Marquee Rehearsals (with Jimmy Page)


- 1DVD 1976 1/27 Cobo Hall 2nd Nite


- Live Madrid 1996 (Complete concert, 2 hours). No menu, although there are chapters. Very good quality. Pro shot

- Rio 1985 (Pro shot but poor image quality).

Eric Clapton

- Live Birmingham July 15 1986 (with Phil Collins on drums). About 45 minutes. Pro shot

- Live Tokyo Dome. November 3 1988. With Mark Knopfler and Elton John. Pro shot

- Live Hyde Park June 29 1996. Pro shot

- ERIC CLAPTON & FRIENDS IN CONCERT (Crow, Dylan,Sanborn, etc.) Pro shot

- This song for George Concert. Budokan (Japan)- Pro shot. Great quality. Must be a Japanese TV Broadcast.

Dire Straits

- On the Night. Pro shot

- Sultans of Swing. Pro shot

- Live in Nimes, Les Arenes,Nimes, France,15 songs

Billy Joel

- Bridge Tour, live USSR,16 songs,at the vi lenin sports. Pro shot

- With ELTON JOHN F2F tokyo, japan, 26 songs,pro shot


- Live at Wembley July 1987. Pro shot

- Katovice 1998 (2 DVDs) Pro Shot. Recorded from TV Broadcast, disc 1 from TVP and disc 2 from Onyx TV.

- Genesis 1972-1974

Diana Krall

- Live in Paris (Pro shot)

The Police

- Live at Hatfield Polytechnic, 9 songs, american edition (Feb, 1979) (Pro shot)

- 02/08/83 The Synchronicity Concert, Le Spectrum, Montreal, Canada 1DVD Pro Shot

- 2007-02-12 Rehearsals Wiskey A Go Go Ntsc


- 06/18/05 Oxygen Custom Concert, Sony Music Studios, NYC, NY Pro Shot 1DVD

The Jam


- THE COMPLETE JAM (includes Live stuff, promo vids, TV shows) 2 DVDs. Pro shot

- Copenhagen 82, Paris 82, Birmingham 82 (PRO)

David Bowie

- DAVID BOWIE STAGE 1978: Live in Dallas 10/4/78 + Tokyo 12/12/78. Pro shot


- THE LIFE OF DAVID BOWIE: A&E documentary, Biography Channel (2002)

- Stages (2 DVDs)

Eddie Cochran

- At Town Hall Party

Cheap Trick

- SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA 1988. Pro shot

Van Morrison

- ROCKPALAST 1999 & 1994


- Live Mineapolis Dec 31 1987 with Miles Davis.

- Unrave to year 2000 (Live) (Pro shot)

- Rock and roll Hall of Fame concert

- Live at O2 Arena London, 25/08/2007. Audience Recording. Very nice sound quality, and more then decent picture (lateral view from the top, more than acceptabe).

The Beach Boys

- The Lost Concert 1964/Petsound Sessions

BB King

- Live Request. Pro shot, great quality, porrly authored. I believe it is a concert in a New York Theater, no date available but quite modern.


- Live Zoomerang Tour

- Take this Heart. Anaheim April 1st 2005.

- Live Amnesty International 1986 + with The Police.

Paul Weller

- Live at Haldenpop 2004. Pro shot.

Amy Winehouse

- Live at Shepherds Bush Empire, London 2007 (recorded with my DVD recorder from Canal+ Spain broadcast. 53 minute concert, I don't know if it is the whole concert, but that was the tv show. Of course, pro shot).

John Mayer

- Any Given Thursday 2 Dvds Pro Ntsc

- & Brad Paisley - Cmt Crossroads 2004 (Pro)

- 2006-Xx-Xx Webster Hall; New York City, Ny (Pro)

- 2007-06-29 W/ Buddy Guy, Pbs Soundstage; Chicago, Il (Pro)

- 2007-07-20 With Eric Clapton, Good Morning America (Pro)

- 2005-11-23 Bowery Ballroom; Nyc, Ny (Pro)

- Sound Off W/Matt Pinfield 2005, Mmm Profile (Pro)

- Crossroads 2007 (PRO, NTSC)

- John Mayer Trio - 2005-2006 Television Appearances (PRO, NTSC)

- TV Appearances 2006 (PRO, NTSC)

Norah Jones

- 2004-Xx-Xx Live At Musicmax Studios Ntsc

Allman Brothers

- 1995-01-12 Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame (PRO)

Alison Krauss

- 2003-xx-xx w/Union Station, PBS Soundstage; Austin City Limits (C&M) (PRO)

Al Jarreau

- 1975-xx-xx NDR Studios; Hamburg, Germany (PRO, PAL)

Earl Klugh

- In Concert (2000). From The Jazz Channel (pro)

Yngwie Malmsteen

- Yngwie Malmsteen With The New Japan Philharmonic - Concerto Suite For Electric Guitar And Orchestra In E Flat Major Live DVD


- Knebworth Concert, June 30, 1990. This is a 2 DVD set, with DVD 1 being a double layer DVD (DVD9). Knebworth, Hertfordshire, June 30, 1990. 120,000 fans gathered for an historic concert event to aid the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Centre and the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology. This incredible benefit concert was an instant success due to the high-energy, awe-inspiring performances of such rock 'n' roll legends as Paul McCartney, Phil Collins, Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Mark Knopfler, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, Status Quo, Tears For Fears and Cliff Richard & The Shadows. The 2002 DVD edition (the one I got) features a new 5.1 Dolby Surround and DTS sound mix.

- Crossroads Blues Festival. 2 DVDs. Amazing. All Star cast for this great festival: from Eric Clapton and JJ Cale up to Santana and John Mayer. Pro shot

- GUITAR LEGENDS 92 EXPO: 4 DVDs. Pro shot

- 20 Years After [A Woodstock Reunion Concert] 3DVD

- Good Rockin' Tonight: The legacy of Sun Record: documentary & songs (112 minutes with artists like Paul McCartney, Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)

- The History of Rock 'N' Roll - Boxed Set 5DVD
Disc 1: Episodes - 1. "Rock 'n' Roll Explodes" 2. "Good Rockin' Tonight"
Disc 2: Episodes - 1. "Britian Invades, America Fights Back" 2. "The Sounds of Soul"
Disc 3: Episodes - 1. "Plugging In" 2. "My Generation"
Disc 4: Episodes - 1. "Guitar Heroes" 2. "The '70s: Have a Nice Decade"
Disc 5: Episodes - 1. "Punk" 2. "Up From the Underground"

- Monterey - The Criterion Collection - 1 Monterey Pop Festival

- Monterey - The Criterion Collection - 2 Jimi and Otis

- Monterey - The Criterion Collection - 3 The Outtakes

- Woodstock 3 Days Of Peace And Music [Directors Cut] 2 DVD set

- Murray the K Phantasmogoric (2 DVDs) (MCP) Taken from the dook "People are Strange" and other sources. Great compilation of Murray the K shows with many different artists.

- UK TV (MCP) 2 DVDs (different clips from the 60's)



- Artifacts of the Eighties - Volume 1 (MCP-VA20; PRO, NTSC)

I have met some fantastic people here at BLZ, and I am sure I will meet a lot more.

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