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Profile for eckhard

Hello to all

updated :13.02.2011

287 tiles on my list ... Thanks guys!

The Tubes TV Broadcast from 1983 (Germany/UK)
A Bigger Bang Tour Extras & Bounusmaterial
The Who Live at Isle of Wight/Woodstock 4REEL Productions(my does not work)

If you can help, mail me. Thanks a lot!

Bootleg Audio CD's
xx/xx/xx Allman Brothers Final Fillmore
08/17/69 CCR At Woodstock CDR
03/15/02 Eddi Vedder Los Angeles ATP CDR
08/17/69 Gratefull Dead Live At Yasguar’s Farm 2CDR
05/29/71 Gratefull Dead Winterland Arena 4CDR
05/20/73 Gratefull Dead Santa Barbara 3CDR
08/17/69 Janis Joplin Live At Woodstock CDR
12/08/05 Johnny Winter Toronto Opera House CDR
02/07/87 Johnny Winter Munich Deutsches Museum CDR
09/07/07 Johnny Winter Ingolstadt
05/12/09 Johnny Winter At The Galaxy, Kingston Canada 1CDR
06/18/92 Pearl Jam Zuerich 2CDR
03/08/92 Pearl Jam Koeln CDR
08/16/69 The Band Woodstock CDR
08/16/69 The Who Woodstock CDR
08/06/93 Tool Irwindale CDR
08/14/79 Muddy Waters London CDR
07/18/69 Jimi Hendrix Woodstock 2CDR
-- new -- Jimi Hendrix Complete ATM Serie (FLAC files,20DVD)
-- new -- Jimi Hendrix Pauls Jimi Bootlegs Vol.1-5
-- new -- Jimi Hendrix Two Nights At Fillmore East
-- new -- Nina Hagen Dortmund (Rockpalast) 1CDR
1966-1970 Various Artists San Francisco Nights Volume 2 (8 CD-R)
1967/68 Ten Years After BBC TopGear
??/??/?? Eric Clapton Complete Montevideo
??/??/?? Friends Of Woodstock '69 CD 1-15,16 Artwork
25,26/02/2008 Eric Clapton Steve Winwood MSG two shows
2005/2007 Rolling Stones Bigger Bang Tour(Madrid/Glasgow)

Bootleg DVD's
1970 Johnny Winter Detriot Tube Works 1DVD-R
2005 Varius Woodstock outtakes 1DVD-R
1970 Jimi Hendrix French Letters 1DVD-R
1967-1970 Jimi Hendrix Stockholm 1DVD-R
2002 Tool mpeg collection( Live in Seattle + filler )1DVD-R
1989 Woodstock- 20 years after (feat. Randy California, Ginger Baker, Robbie Krieger, Spencer Davies...) 1DVD-R
1989 Von der Wirklichkeit einer Utopie- 20 Jahre Woodstock(feat. Richie Havens at home - acoustic)1DVD-R (german)
2006 Various Rockpalast Crossroads 2DVD-R
-new- Nina Hagen Live At Rockpalast 1DVD-R
2007 Johnny Winter Live in Bonn (12.07.07)
2007 div.TV-Broadcast recordings(for a list drop me a line!)
2007 Amy Winehouse Live At Shepherd's Bush
???? Various Artists Gray Old Wistle Test
08/25/95 Neil Young with Pearl Jam Pukkelpop Festival
2008 Metallica Rock In Rio,Lisboa (05.06.08)
xxxx Janis Joplin Biography
-new- Sid Vicious Final 24
-new- Janis Joplin/Jim Morrison Final 24
-new Janis Joplin E true Hollywood Spezial
-new Janis Joplin Stimme einer Generation
-new- Various A Night At The Family Dog
2007 The Rolling Stones Live In Rome 2007
3005 The Rolling Stones Live In Boston
3006 The Rolling Stones Live In Tokyo
2008 The Rolling Stones Vinyl-A Bigger Bang Spezial (Germany 2007/2008)
2007 The Rolling Stones A Bigger Bang in Germany 2005-2007(TV Reports/Superbowl)
2008 Eric Clapton Steve Winwood MSG (2DVD)
2003 Varius Bridge Shool Benefit XVII October 25&26 2003 3DVD-R
1967 Varius B.H's Bandstand (Rolling Stones, Other)
1999 The Who Bridge Shool Benefit (2DVD)
1996 David Bowie Bridge X (October 19 & 20, 1996)
-new- Janis Joplin From Monterey to Woodstock

New officials :
1999 Red Hot Chili Peppers Woodstock'99
-new- Allman Brothers Woodstock&NewYork'94

For complete list, please mail me!


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