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Profile for doghousebass

Hi BZ traders,

I'm looking foward to adding new titles to my collection and meeting new Beatleg people. Please feel free to contact me.

I would like for you to:

1 use name brand cds
2 burn at 8x speed or lower
3 burn DAO
4 do not write on cds
5 send cds in paper or plastic slip cases
6 let me know when you send CDs to me and receive mine

My rules are also what I will do for you (unless I see or know you ask for something else.)

Quality Control:
I listen to ALL my trades for any errors before putting them into my trade list.
I stand behind all my trades and will keep in touch until trade is complete.

Other Odds & Ends

Australia Radio (CDR) Live in 1957 - Eddie Cochran,Gene Vincent, Bill Haley, Little Richard, and more! (30trks 57:39)

1 Live in Boston (CDR) Aug.24,1979 (9trks 40:19)

1 Crang Plaza 1964 (CDR) Levon and The Hawks live in Toronto Aug.1964 (24trks 70:35)
2 Big Pink Outtakes (CDR) Studio outtakes from 1967/1968 era. (24trks 65:10)
3 Woodstock (CDR) Live in Bethel, NY, Aug.17,1969 (11trks 48:41)

1 The Beatles Broadcast LK4450 (Orig vinyl) BBC recordings (18trks 38:44) Circuit Records Ltd.
2 Renaissance Minstrels Vol.2 (Orig vinyl) Side 1 Let It Be outtakes, Side 2 Let It Be studio (14trks 47:10)
3 Bactrax Sessions (Oirg vinyl) Various outtakes and outfakes (11trks 33:35) King Kong Records
4 Caught Offguard/Get Back (Orig vinyl) Let It Be outtakes (16trks 49:26)

Jeff Beck Group:
1 Live at the Fillmore West (CDR) Jul.24,1968 (5trks 30:37)

1 Fetishism (CDR) Live in Toronto 1982 (14trks 45:43)

1 Fresh Outtakes and Accetates (CDR 20trks 62:26)
2 BBC Sessions (CDR) Radio broadcast covering songs from 1966 to 1968 (13trks 43:04)

1 Woodstock 1969 (CDR) Live Aug.1969 (9trks 38:55)

Marshall Crenshaw:
1 Live in Austin, Texas (CDR) Mar.18,1995 with special guest Andy York (10trks 41:18)

Deep Purple:
1 Sessions & Outtakes (Orig CD) Machine Head outtakes, BBC recordings and others (17trks 73:50) Kobra Records KRCR 05
2 Live at the BBC 1969-1971 (CDR 15trks 67:42)

Dave Edmunds:
1 Kabuki Theater (CDR) Live in San Francisco with guest Brian Setzer and "Slim" Jim Phantom. Jun.7,1983 (20trks 71:02)

Elvis Costello:
1 Stiff Demos (CDR) Features the band Flip City sometime in 1974/75 (13trks 48:56)
2 Title Unknown? (CDR) Honky Tonk demos and BBC recordings (30trks 77:38)
3 Nashville And More (CDR 21trks 68:04)

Robert Gordon & Danny Gatton:
1 Capitol Attack (CDR) Live in Washington DC,Jan.5,1983 (20trks 55:02)

Jimi Hendrix:
1 Title Unknown? (CDR) Are You Experienced LP(Mono?),Red House(Different version), 51st Anniversary, Remember, Stone Free, Can You See Me(Different version), and 6 Live tracks in Germany (22trks 75:14)
2 Electric Ladyland Sessions Disc 5 (CDR) Outtakes of Rainy Day Dream Away, Still Raining Still Dreaming, Come On and others (16trks 49:28)

1 Vol.2 (CDR) Live at the Blue Note Club. Nottingham,England,Apr.13,1981 (15trks 58:45)

Chris Isaak:
1 MTV Unplugged (CDR) 1995 (12trks 39:54)

Joe Jackson:
1 Happy Loving Couples (CDR) Live in 1979 at Park West, Chicago Il. and Whiskey A Go Go (16trks 65:46) Tendolar Label Presents
2 Live at The BBC (2 CDRs) 2 shows from a live BBC broadcast (CD1 12trks 55:55/CD2 9trks 30:51)

1 '66 Breakout! (CDR) Various live and studio outtakes (11trks 40:01)
2 Ice Pick Slim (CDR) Live 1968 Grande Ballroom (3trks 41:41)
3 The American Ruse (CDR) Alternate takes from the Back In The USA LP (14trks 49:33)

1 Roundhouse London (CDR) Live Jul.20,1975 first gig (7trks 47:42)
2 Birmingham England (CDR) Live Jun.3,1977 (11trks 47:11)

Ricky Nelson:
1 Rockabilly Rarities (Orig CD) Various songs from 1957 to 1962 plus 3 songs from the 80s (37trks 79:53)

1 Lost BBC Tapes (CDR 17 trks 72:11)

1 Hard To Find Act 1 (CDR 28trks 73:33)
2 Hard To Find Act 2 (CDR 24trks 74:28)
3 Live on Howard Stern (CDR) Joey visits Howard (5trks 67:51)

Reverend Horton Heat:
1 Aiming To Please (CDR) Live in Dixie 1995 (19trks 63:47)

1 1978-1980 The Best Of Soundboards (CDR) Various live recordings (20trks 71:51)
2 My Father's Place (CDR) Live in NYC, 1978 (13trks 43:53)

1 Rush Hour (CDR) Live radio broadcast from 1974 performing songs from the first two albums. (10trks 59:58)

Brian Setzer:
1 Live in Nashville (CDR) Live with Marty Stewart and guest Elvis Costello in 1995 (14trks 47:17)

1 Ritz (CDR) Live in NYC,1981 (16trks 58:42) Soundboard

Stray Cats:
1 Rock This Town (CDR) A compilation from the Brian and the Tomcats 7 CD set. (22trks 77:49)
2 Stray Cat Strut (CDR) Brian and the Tomcats live at TK's Place May 24,1980 second set. (15trks 53:38)
3 Hollywood Strut (CDR) 1-5 Unplugged in the studio 1990, 6-15 Live at the Roxy 1981 (15trks 58:48)
4 Live at the Grand Ole Opry (CDR) With special guest Carl Perkins and Jeff "The Skunk" Baxter. Dec.18,1983 (19trks 73:32)

Surf & Drag Vol.1 (CDR 20trks 44:28) Sundazed
Surf & Drag Vol.2 (CDR 20trks 42:32) Sundazed

1 Coachella Festival (CDR) Live Apr.30,2005 (10trks 51:43)

If anyone needs more info on anything else please feel free to ask.
Thanks for looking,

Wish List:

Roy Orbison - Sun Years
The Who - Any live 65 thru 68
Jethro Tull - Any live 68 thru 69
The Band - Live at Winterland 69

Any rare Surf/Rockabilly/Psychobilly type music from the 50s up to today (early Elvis, Dick Dale, Stray Cats, Reverend Horton Heat, etc.)

E-mail*** Hidden to everybody ***
LocationIndiana USA
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Last logged on08 Jul 2020

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