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Profile for JoJo_Lennon2002

Updated : 03.04.2016

Currently looking for the following :

Abbey Road NW3 Apple (Fake)
Apple Scraps 5 Melvin Records
No. 3 Abbey Road NW8 Adam VIII LTD
Peace Of Mind CBM/Contra Band Music
The Complete BBC Sessions (Disc 11) Great Dane Records
The Complete Christmas Collection 1963 To 1969 Trade Mark Of Quality

Hi I'm from Australia.
Looking for traders from all over the world.

I trade 1 DVD to 2 CDRs
I Always Burn in Disc-At-Once (DAO)
Also trade via USB's and online trading

If you are after anything not on bootleg zone e-mail me for my complete list

Dvds Not Listed On Bootlegzone :

Hiwax :

Odds and Sods BUT Upgrades vol.1 DVD
Odds and Sods BUT Upgrades vol.2 DVD
Odds and Sods BUT Upgrades vol.3 DVD
Odds and Sods BUT Upgrades vol.4 DVD
1962/08/22 Cavern Club
1966/06/30 Live In Japan
1966/07/01 Live in Japan
NME Poll Winners
Odds And Sods BUT Upgrades, Extra (rev.)
The Pal Collection
Early Beatles Special
Hiwax Reconstructions

Misterclaudel :

Big Night Out : 63/64/65 - 2 Dvds
Biggest Attraction In The Whole World
Bravo Blitz Bournee 1966 : 2 Dvds
Concert At Washington Coliseum : 2 Dvds
It\'s The Beatles & Royal Variety Performance - 1963 British Tour
Last Live Moment : Complete Tour 1966 - 2 Dvds
Live In Japan Memorial 1966 - 2 Dvds
NME Pollwinners 1964/1965/1966
Paris Left Breathless - 2 Dvds
Shea 16mm LLP
Star\'s Of The Beatles In Sweden
Thank Your Lucky Star\'s 1963/1964/1966
The Beatles At Shea Stadium - Video Version/Film Version
Intertel 1965
Intertel 1966
Live At The Washington Coliseum
8mm Film Collection
Satyricon : Los Beatles 1965 European Tour Italy & Spain 2 Dvds
The Music Of Lennon & McCartney
Around The Beatles
Les Beatles C\'Etait Cause De Soleil
Historic Hollywood Bowl 2 Dvds
Starry Night In Denmark/Netherlands
The Beatles In Chicago 64/65/66
First North American Tour 1964 Misterclaudel 2 DVDs
Live Chronicle Extra
North American Tour 1965 2 Dvds
Complete Royal Variety Performance
300,000 Fan's Can't Be Wrong 2 Dvds
Ready Steady Go!
Recovered Archives Vol. 1
Recovered Archives Vol. 2
Recovered Archives Vol. 3
Recovered Archives Vol. 4
The Complete Rooftop Concert 1969 with Let It Be The Film 2 Dvds
Complete Ed Sullivan Show 2 Dvds
In Sweden 1963-1964 2 Dvds
Last Concert At Candlestick Park 1966 2 Dvds
Complete Promo Clip Collection 5 Dvds
It's The Beatles & Juke Box Jury

FAB Productions:

The Beatles Beatlemania 1963
The Beatles Pop Go The Beatles 1963
The Beatles Off The Beatles Track 1962-1963
Germany 1966 2 Dvds
A Doll's House 1
A Doll's House 2
The Long And Winding Road 1970-1971 Vol. 2
Let It End 1970 Vol. 1
The Beatles 1965 US Tour Vol. 1
The Beatles 1965 US Tour Vol. 2
The Beatles Rarities 1963 - 1970
You Know My Name 1969 Vol. 1
Campaign For Peace 1969 Vol. 2
Ballad Of John And Yoko 1969 Vol. 3
Everest 1969 Vol. 4
Four Night's In Moscow 1969 Vol. 5
The Get Back Chronicles (3 DVD set)
VH1 Classics - Dizzy Miss Lizzy
Get Back Masters DVD
Yesterday In The Far East 1966 Vol. 1
Yesterday In The Far East 1966 Vol. 2
The Beatles Video Collection Volume 1 - 1962-1966 DVD
The Beatles Video Collection Volume 2 -1967-1968 DVD
The Beatles Video Collection Volume 3 -1969-2007 DVD
Let It Be...Revised
The Beatles Second
Ultimate Sing For Shell
Here,There & Everywhere
The Performance Series 1962 - 1963
The Performance Series 1963 - 1964
The Performance Series 1964 Vol. 1
The Performance Series 1964 Vol. 2
The Performance Series 1964 Vol. 3
The Performance Series 1964 Vol. 4
The Performance Series 1964 Vol. 5
The Performance Series 1965 Vol. 1
The Early Beatles
Recovered Archives : Around The Beatles Vol. 24 (Missing)
Recovered Archives 1963 - The Beatles Come To Town
Recovered Archives 1964 - The Beatles Around The World
Recovered Archives 1970 - Hot As Sun
The Beatles First US Concert, Washington DC, 11 February 1964 2010 Remastered Edition
1965 Volume 1: Eight Arms To Hold You
1965 Volume 2: NME Pollwinners To MBE
1965 Volume 3 : France!Italy!Spain! 2 Dvds
1965 Volume 3a : HELP!(MPI) 2 Dvds
1965 Volume 4 : London To America
1965 Volume 5 : Shea! 1965
1965 Volume 6 : Here They Are...New York To San Diego
1965 Volume 7 : Hollywood Bowl To London
1965 Volume 8 : Plastic Soul
1965 Volume 9 : The Music Of Lennon & McCartney
1965 Volume 9b : The Four Complete Ed Sullivan Shows 2 Dvds
1966 Volume 1 : Yesterday... And Today 2 Dvds
1966 Volume 2 : Live In Munich
1966 Volume 3 : Essen To Hamburg
1966 Volume 4 : Welcome To Japan
1966 Volume 5 : Live In Japan
1966 Volume 6 : Tokyo to Manila
1966 Volume 7 : Beatles On Safari 2 Dvds
1966 Volume 7a/b : Complete Mal Evans Silent Films ”Portugal & Kenya" 2 Dvds
Intertel Promotional Videos Plus 1965
French Tv Broadcasts 2 Dvds
I Favolosi Beatles
I Was At The Cavern 2010-2011
Telecasts 1991
Telecasts 1998 Vol. 1
Telecasts 1998 Vol. 2
Telecasts 1998 Vol. 3
Telecasts 2001 Vol. 2
Telecasts 2002 Vol. 1
Telecasts 2002 Vol. 2
Telecasts 2002 Vol. 3
Telecasts 2002 Vol. 4
Telecasts 2006 Vol. 4
Telecasts 2006 Vol. 5
Telecasts 2007
Birth Of The Beatles
Lost Archives Vol. 1
Lost Archives Vol. 2
1962 - 1966 EPK
The Beatles in Spain Vol. 2 2 Dvds
The Beatles in Spain Vol. 3 2 Dvds
1967 Volume 1 : Four Sides Of The Circle
1966 Volume 1,2 & 3 Ready Steady Go! 3 Dvds
1964 Volume 1 & 2  Down Under 1964 2 Dvds
Cartoons : Volumes 1 - 7 7 Dvds
All My Loving / All You Need Is Love
On Record
Produced By George Martin Arena
Telecasts 2000 Volumes 1 & 2 2 Dvds
Telecasts 2004-2005 (Lennon Jukebox)
Telecasts 2012 Vol. 1
The Beatles in Spain Vol. 1
1967 Vol. 2 Pepperland
1967 Vol. 3 Our World Disc 1
1967 Vol. 3 Our World Disc 2
1967 Vol. 4 Movies & Meditation
1967 Vol. 5 All Together On The Wireless
Remastered Rockband 2009
Telecasts 2011 Vol. 2
Telecasts 2011 Vol. 5
Telecasts 2012 Vol. 2
Fab Rarities Vol 1
Telecasts 2010
Telecasts 2010 Vol. 2
Telecasts 2010-2011
Telecasts 2012 Vol. 3
Introducing The Beatles 50th Ann Edition
Recovered Archives 1962-1964 : Too Much Monkey Business
Beatles Memories Vol. 1
Recovered Archives 1964 : Anytime At All
Recovered Archives 1965-1966 : Run For Your Life
Recovered Archives 1964: Things We Said Today
Recovered Archives 1964 : When I Get Home
Recovered Archives 1962 - 1964 : The Beatles Beat
1968 Volume 1 : Across The Unverse
1968 Volume 2 : Apple & Beyond
1968 Volume 3 : A Mad day Out
1968 Volume 4 : A Doll's House
1968 Volume 5 : Lords Of Madness
1968 Volume 6 : Everybody Had A Hard Year
The Performance Series : 1966 Vol. 1
The Performance Series : 1966 Vol. 2
Recovered Archives 1964 : North American Tour 3 Dvds
Recovered Archives 1965-1966: Ticket To Ride
Recovered Archives 1966 - 1968 Magic Circles
Recovered Archives 1963 - 1968 Lost And Found
56th Grammy Awards 2014
Beatles Memories Vol. 2
The Performance Series 1965 Vol. 2
1965 Volume 3 : France!Italy!Spain! 2 Dvds Remastered 2015
1965 Vol 1. Eight Arms To Hold You 2 Dvds Remastered 2015
Recovered Archives 1964 - Lost & Found Vol 2
The Beatles In The 1970's Vol. 2 2 Dvds
The Beatles In The 1980's Vol. 1 2 Dvds
The Beatles In The 1980's Vol. 2 2 Dvds
The Beatles In The 1980's Vol. 3 2 Dvds
Magical Mystery Tour And Beyond 2012
I Favolosi Remastered 2 Dvds
The Beatles Meet the Beatles
1964 Vol. 14 At The Stadium Remastered 2 Dvds
Telecasts 2012 Vol. 4
Telecasts 2012 Vol. 5
Telecasts 2012 Vol. 6
Telecasts 2012 Vol. 7
Telecasts 2013 Vol. 1
Telecasts 2013 Vol. 2
Telecasts 2013 Vol. 3
Telecasts 2013 Vol. 4
Telecasts 2013 Vol. 6
Telecasts 2013 Vol. 7
Telecasts 2013 Vol. 8
1965 Vol. 2 NME Pollwinners To MBE 2 Dvds


Channel 9 Master - 40th Anniversary Edition Pal Dvd
The Abbey Road Video Show (Wayback Images) DVD
Reel Music
The Beatles At Shea Stadium from the ABC Master (Darthdisc) DVD
The Beatles Yellow Submarine EPK
Around the Beatles/Shea Hobnail
Let It Be 1982 UKTV BBC broadcast
Paris France June 20. 1965 Seltaeb Fanclub
Munich, West Germany 1966 Sealtab Fan
Let It Be Sir Stephane DVD
Magical Mystery Tour Reconstructed w/ Magical Mystery Tour Memories DVD
Japanese TV Airchecks Volumes 1,2 & 3 3 DVDS
Hits and Apples DVD
ABC Tv Anthology - 6 Dvds (Transferred off VHS) Original ABC Broadcast
1962 - 1966 The Red Album Discs 3 Dvds Yer Blues
1967-1970 And Beyond The Blue Album 3 Dvds Yer Blues
Four Of Us Standing Solo 2 Dvds
There Was Love All Around
Beatles Videology 1962 - 1963
Beatles Videology 1963
Let It Be Dressed
The Beatles At Shea Stadium BBC (Hobnail)
Let It Be : 35mm Widescreen Stereo Edition BBC (Hobnail)
The Beatles In Portland 2 Dvds
Lost & Found 2 Dvds
The Scream Heard Around The World
Unsurpassed Promos : The Touring Years Disc 1 Upgrade Hobnail
Unsurpassed Promos : The Touring Years Disc 2 Fixes Hobnail
STV Interview 1964
I Was There..When The Beatles Played The Cavern
Big Night Out,Teddington, 23 February 1964 Lol & His Friends
On Camera, Off Guard 1963-69 Pavilion
Hodge Podge Volumes 1,2 & 3 3 Dvds
Let It Be 16mm Uncropped (Hobnail)
Cathode Ray Tube Collection Discs 1 - 8 8 Dvds
The Making Of The First US Visit
Unsurpassed Promo\'s : Studio Year\'s Disc 2 Upgrade
The Lost Days In The Life
Off Australian TV
Live 1964-1965-1966
In Holland 1989 Tv + Blokker
Imagine Love BBC 27.12.2006
Anthology Again
The Complete Ed Sullivan Shows 2 Dvds Sealtab Fan Club
On US Tv Tomcat
Live 1963 Sir Stephane
First Play At Shea Hobs,Apes & Jones
Walking To The Future 1963 - 2009 3 Dvds BA Productions
Cavern Club Anthology Apple
Anthology No. 6 : 1968 Apple Films
A Midsummer Night`s Scream
Budokan Concert Inside Story Japanese Collection
Complete Sydney Press Conference 1964 Japanese Collection
NME Poll Winners Concert 1964 Way Back Images
16mm Rare Concert Footage Japanese Collection
The Beatles In Japan 1966 Vol 2 MCP-032
The Beatles Museums Apple Fake
Video Essentials 1962 - 1963 Vol. 1
Video Essentials 1963 Vol. 2
The Magical Mystery Trip
Live In Paris 1965 - Palais Des Sports June 20th, 1965
Minnesota Mania
The Paris Concerts 1964/1965 MBE
Bravo Beatles Blitz In Germany 66 MBE
The Best Of Ready!Steady!Go!
Do You Know Your Beatles WOA76 Productions
George Martin : In My Life 1998 Documentary
Down Under Volumes 1,2 & 3 3 Dvds
Pepperland Update
The Beatles On French TV 1964-1970
UK Newsreel Archives Vol. 1 & 2 2 Dvds Black Pear Records
Earliest Footage 1962 - 1963
The Beatles In Adelaide 2 Dvds
Let It Be Outtakes ZitRock
Viva La France 1964-1965
The German Anthology 2 Dvds
At The Hollywood Bowl BFB
The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl Parlophone Fake
In Germany \'66 WOW
Around The World WOW
Were You There In \'64 Vol. 2
VHS Rewind 3 Dvds
Liverpool 3 Dvds Russian Version
Raw Footage 1964 - 1974
Fresh Beatles! Get Back With Across The Universe & I Me Mine
Five Nights In A Judo Arena 30.06.1966 1978 Broadcast
Five Nights In A Judo Arena 30.06.1966 1980 Broadcast
Anthology No.3 The Beatles At Shea Stadium 1965 Apple Films
BBC2 Arena Magical Mystery Tour Revisited JTT
Love Me Do \'62 - BBC FOUR Documentary October 7th 2012 JTT
TV Appearances 1963-1966 Volume 1
All This And World War II
A La Televisio
Billy Preston With The Beatles And Solo 1969-2002
Quarrymen - It was 50 years ago today
Whats Happening
The Beatles Secrets : Beatlemania Britain
My Life With The Beatles Victor Spinetti
The Beatles In Italy 1988-1991 (Paul & George)
Anthology EPK\'s 1995 2 Dvds
Anthology EPK\'s 1995/1996 2 Dvds
Anthology EPK\'s 1996 2 Dvds
Live At Shea Stadium 6382 (shea songs/germany songs)
Time Machine BA Productions
Stars of 1964
Beatle Memories Vol. 1
It Was Twenty Years Ago Today British Lions
1962-1970 British Lions
Behind The Beat British Lions
The Road British Lions
Beatles Updates Febuary 2009
Animation Apple Fake
Anthology EPK'S 1,2 & 3 British Lions
The Beatles In San Francisco And More Happy Snake
Under The Covers Tomcat
The Best Of Apple Records
The Best Of Apple Records vol. 2
Files 2006-2007 Vol. 1 BA Productions
Files 2006-2007 Vol. 2 BA Productions
All Songs Considered The Lost Beatles Tapes 2 VCD Set
Solo Promo Videos 1988-1991
Solo Promo Videos 1990-1994
Solo Promo Videos 1997-2000
Beatles Story Uncut Castle Communication
Then And Now
In Performance 2 Dvds
A Year In The Life 2006
A Year In The Life 2007
A Year In The Life 2008
The Magic Is Still Here Tomcat
Solo Beatles On Saturday Night Live British Lions
Live at Hollywood Capitol 6386
Let It Be Extended Version Sir Stephane
Let It Be 35mm HD
Tokyo 1966 HQ
20th Century Files BA Productions
En El Estudio BA Productions
Explosion (unknown)
Explosion Film Box (German) (Unknown)
1962 - 1970 EPK (MPC)
All My Loving (MCP)
At Abbey Road (Unknown)
Magical Mystery Tour 1967 (2012 upgraded version)
Concert In Paris 1965-06-20 (3 different versions - Eugeos Collection)
On The Road/All About the Beatles (Live Gold Productions/www.ocularmusic.com)
Ready Steady Go! 1964/ The Making Of A Hard Days Night (1985 Dave Clark (London) Limited/MPI Home Video)
Ready Steady Go! 1964/ Live At Budokan 1966 (1985 Dave Clark (London) Limited/Apple Corps Limited)
The Sound Of Change 1968 (Vidik)
Wer Sie Wirklich Waren (Doc) & Clips
Beatle Week 2005 In Liverpool (Fab Faux, Overtures)
Beatlemania – Tribute To The Beatles Part 1-2 (Vidik)
Beatles.Ru – Follow The Beatles
BeatlesFest August 2000 Chicago , IL 2Dvds Set (With Special Guests: Laurence Juber, Robbie McIntosh and Hamish Stuart)
Stars On 45 – The Show Live 1983(Ken Ehrlich)
The Unseen Beatles / Impact: I Want To Hold Your Hand (Eugeos Collection)
Yellow Matter Custard – One More Night In New York City 2011 (MP4 Productions)
All You Need Is Love! - A Tribute To The Beatles – Live Musical - Biography 2001 (Directors: Chris Berns/Bernhard Kurz)
What Happened 2012 BA Productions
Very Together Disc 1 BA Productions
Hodge Podge Vol 1 - 11 Javsil Productions
Hard Days & Hard Nights BFB 39
Let It Be MCP 129
Let It Be...Naked Promo Sampler...Plus Apple (Fake)
A Hard Day's Night 3 Dvds GEMA
Shea HMC
Around The Beatles Sgt/Dap
Please Please Me 50th Ann Sgt/Dap
With The Beatles 50th Ann Sgt/Dap
1964 Video Diary of North American Tour Volume 1 : 4 Dvds Sgt/Dap
1964 Video Diary of North American Tour Volume 2 : 4 Dvds Sgt/Dap
50th Anniversary in Holland and Australia Vol 4 2014 Bedhead Productions
50th Anniversary Of Their First Visit to The US Volumes 1 - 3 Bedhead Productions
1962-1966 Complete Video Album Disc 1 SGT
1962-1966 Complete Video Album Disc 2 SGT
1967-1970 Complete Video Album Disc 3 SGT
In Japan 1966 Collector's Edition 3 DVDS SGT
Let It Be Complete Fullscreen Edition SGT
Let It Be Collector's Edition 4 DVDS SGT
On Tour In Sweden 1963/1964 SGT LTD
2014: Vol 5 The 50th Anniversary North American Tour Part 1 Bedhead Productions
2014: Vol 6 The 50th Anniversary North American Tour Part 2 Bedhead Productions
2014: Vol 7 The 50th Anniversary Specials Part 1 Bedhead Productions
2014: Vol 8 The 50th Anniversary Specials Part 2 Bedhead Productions
On Tour In Sweden Sgt.Ltd
The Night That Changed America Unknown
Live At Washington Coliseum Sgt.Ltd
BBC Archives Radio 2 Dvd
BBC 1962-1970 Dvd 4 Sure Records
Ultimate Live Treasury 2 DVD Set (Green Apple)
Ed Sullivan DVD (MCP)
50 years down under 2 DVD set (Scaredy cat)
In Germany 1966 A Musical Documentary DVD (Headliner HDL0161-9)
MCP-023 Beatles On The Beeb 2015
MCP-036 Celluloid Heroes (2015)
MCP-092 The Beatles And The Sixties 2015
MCP-106 Kum Back 2015
MCP-124 BBC Magical Mystery Tour 2015
MCP-134 The Ed Sullivan Show 2015
MCP-137 Rage 2 Dvds 2015
MCP-142 Rock Arena 2015
MCP-143 CBS News 2015
MCP-144 Australia 1964 Silent Footage 2015
MCP-145 Australia 1964 Sound Footage 2015
MCP-146 The Mike Walsh Show 2015
MCP-147 The Barbre Reels Widescreen 2015
MCP-149 Wings Private Footage logo 2015
MCP-150 Beatles Private Footage 2015
MCP-153 The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl Raw Footage 2015
MCP-158-The Help! Scrapbook 2015
MCP-VA24 Watch Out For Your Ears 2015
Memory Pieces BA Productions
1960's Newsreels The Ultimate Collection British Lions 2015
The Complete Story 5 Dvds Source Media
Tokyo TV Clips From Japan TV Vols 1 -3 BA Productions
Magical Mystery Tour Film & Features 2012 Apple Dual Layer
Mark Lewishon : All These Years Ago 2013 - 2015 2 Dvds
Live Project And Rarest 63 - 64 BA Productions
Live Project And Rarest 64 - 66 BA Productions
Chinese Telecasts 50th Anniversary
The Ultimate Ed Sullivan Collection : 2 Dvds HMC
The Long And Winding Road HMC
Beatles 1 - Vol. 1 1962 - 1965
Beatles 1 - Vol. 2 1966 - 1969
British Pathe News 1963-1971 Disc 1 BA Productions
British Pathe News 1963-1971 Disc 2 BA Productions
MCP-163 Various Sound News Footage 2015
1965 50th Anniversary Vol. 1 Help! Bedhead Productions
Get Back Chronicles 3 Dvds Green Apple
Their Golden Age
Rare Beatles Videos
A Hard Days Night 50th Anniversary Edition 2 Dvds SGT
Beatles For Sale 50th Anniversary Edition SGT
The Complete Picture Vol. 1 1957 - 1962 Dual Layer
The Complete Picture Vol. 2 Jan-Apr 1963 Dual Layer
The Complete Picture Vol. 3 May-July 1963 Dual Layer
The Complete Picture Vol. 4 July-Sept 1963 Dual Layer
Rare 1964 Round The World ALSD Productions
Return To England Klonokos69
The Nation's Favourite Beatles Number 1 - 2015-11-11
2014 Vol 9 Old But New Part 1 Bedhead Productions
Beatles 1 Langelo Productions
The Complete Picture 1963 Oct - Nov Vol. 5
The Complete Picture 1963 Nov - Dec Vol. 6
A Hard Day's Night Recording Sessions Reconstructed BFB
The Complete Picture 1964 Jan - Feb Vol. 7
The Grammy Awards 1965-1983 MCP-185
Fab! The Night The Beatles Came To Dublin NTSC
Live In Concert Hollywood Bowl - Alvaro
Let It Be J Edition
Newsmakers 2015 Vol. 3
Newsmakers 2015 Vol. 4
Newsmakers 2015 Vol. 5
Newsmakers 2015 Vol. 6
Let It Be HMC
John Lennon 1980 HMC 2 Dvds
MCP-196 North American Tour 1964
Video Collection Quad Screen Version Beatcomber Records
The Beatles At Abbey Road 1983 HMC
A Rare Collection Of Beatles Firsts Good Times
1965 50th Anniversary Vol. 2 On Tour Bedhead Productions

CDS Not Listed On Bootlegzone :

The Decca Audition : Dr. Ebbetts

Suzy Parlour : Best Of The "Get Back" Sessions : STEPHSBEAR

Let It Be Naked Special - WOGL FM 13.11.03 3 Cds

The Beatles Beginning of The End Volumes 1 - 12 (12 Cds)Perfect Crime

The Beatles In Concert 2 Cds Secret Trax

The Beatles Strawberry Lanes 2 Cds Silent Sea

The Very Best Of The Beatles Rarest 1 - 4 from vinyl

North American Tour Diary 1965 Volumes 1 - 8 (Lazy Tortoise)
12-18 September 1969 (Lazy Tortoise)

A Bakers Dozen (NMR 013)
Carnival Of Light (NMR 012)
Sexie Sadie Summer Camp (NMR 015/016)

Anthology Laserdisc Soundtrack 1 - 3 (3CD)

Three Thirty Blues (Hobnail boots)

Live : The launch interruption (PC 179/180)
Stars and Stripes (HMC 010, 2CD)

The Beatles Live at the Liverpool Empire 22.12.63 CD

Words Of Wisdom 2CD set

White Strawberries 2CD set

Day By Day Vols 1 - 38 On 4 Dvds W/Artwork

A/B Road Version 1.1 On 4 Dvds W/Artwork

Thirty Days 1 - 17 On 1 Dvd W/Artwork

Hiwax :

Odds & Sods But Upgrades Volume 1
Odds & Sods But Upgrades Volume 3
Odds & Sods But Upgrades Volume 4 - 2 Cds

Remasters Workshop :

'69 Rehearsals Volumes 1,2 & 3 3 Cds
Abbey Road Talks
Acetate Collection
Acetate Collection Vol.2
All Together Now Volumes 1,2,3 & 4 4 Cds
American Tour With Ed Rudy
And Your Bird Can Sing 1 & 2 2 Cds
Arrive Without Travelling
Attack Of The Filler Beebs Vol. 4
Back In America 1964
Backyard Spool
Beatles At The BEEB TV
Beatles On The BBC
Blackpool Night Out Upgraded
Bootleg Recordings 1963 [iTunes] RMW
Broad Road
By Royal Command
Dear John
Dialogue From Film Let It Be Apple/ABCKO Records
Down In Havana
Earth News Radio Aug-Sep 1978 3 Cds
East Coast Invasion
Essen 6-25-66
Everything Was Right - The Beatle\'s Revolver
File Under Beatles
From A Whisper To A Shout
From Us To You 2 Cds
Get Back - Apple Corps Rooftop Concert - Remastered Edition
Get Back (Vinyl - Lemon Records)
Get Back EMI/Parlophone Fake
Get Back (Johns 1970 Mix + WBCN) (Remastered Edition) 2 Cds
Get Back Limited Edition
Here's To Veteran's Programs #953 (fall 1964) and 1406 (1973, orig. early 1969)
Here's To Veteran's Version 2
Historical Decca Audition Tape
Hold Me Tight - Condor Remasters
In America 1964 [RMW 223-4]
In Case You Don't Know
Johnny & The Moondogs : Silver Days
KLIF History Of Modern Music
Kum Back
Live At The Hollywood Bowl 23.8.1964 EP Set
LLT Premiere 2 Cds
Lost Broadcasts 1965 - 1967
Lost Broadcasts 1967 - 1969
Mything Pieces 4 Cds
NME Pollwinners Concerts 1964 & 1965
No Obvious Title
Not A Second Time
Not For Sale - Condor Remasters
Ob La Di Ob La Da
Please Release Me
Rarer Than Rare
Recovered Tracks
Revolution…Take Your Knickers Off
Revolver Mono Matrix 1
Rock n' Twist Parade 1962 (YD 2008 RE)
Rock And Roll Music
Secret Songs In Pepperland
Sessions - Condor Remasters
Sessions EMI/Fake
Songs From The Past Vols 2 - 5 4 Cds
Sgt. Pepper\\\\\\\'s - A History Of The Beatle Years 1962-1970 RMW 918-923 6 Cds
Stars & Stripes 2 Cds
Strawberry Fields Forever - Condor Remasters
Studio Sessions
The Barrett Tapes 5 Cds
The Beatles At the Beeb 2 Hr UK Version 2 Cds
The Beatles At the Beeb 3 Hr UK Version 3 Cds
The Beatles Caught On Tape Vol. 1
The Beatles Christmas Album
The Beatles Story
The Black Album Remastered : 2 Cds
The Decca Tapes
The German Medley
The Mal Evans Tapes 2 Cds
The Stereo Walk
The Ultimate Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 1
The Ultimate Unreleased Collection Vol.1
Tokyo Highway 66(NPU) 4 Cds
Tussen De Bollen
Ultra Rare Trax Remastered (2010) Volumes 1,2 & 3 3 Cds
Ultra Rare Trax Volumes 7 & 8
Unforgettable Bonus Cd
Unsurpassed Masters Vols 1 - 7 7 Cds
Unsurpassed Masters Volumes1,2 & 3 Original Mono Pressing Remastered
US Rarities
Vigotone Promo Cd
Vinyl To The Core 3 Cds
Yellow Matter Custard
Lost Lennon Tapes - Episode 0 (D1)
Lost Lennon Tapes - Episode 0 (D2)
Lost Lennon Tapes - Episode 0 (D3)
London Melbourne Munchen
Almost Grown
A Studio Recording
A Hard Day's Night MPI Video Mix
Bootleg Recordings 1963 (D1)
Bootleg Recordings 1963 (D2)
4 Others
Ain't She Sweet
VA - We Want The Beatles (D1)
VA - We Want The Beatles (D2)
Where The Ashes Been
Studio Collection
All You Need Is This
The Beatles Tapes VI - Rock & Religion 1966
I Hope We Passed The Audition (BBC)
Fab Four On Tour
Ultra Rare Trax 2011 Vol. 1 & 2
Ultra Rare Trax 2011 Vol. 3 & 4
Ultra Rare Trax 2011 Vol. 5 & 6
The Lost BBC Tapes
O.P.D (at A=440)
The Abbey Road Tape, Vol. 1
The Abbey Road Tape, Vol. 2
Release From Limitation
Germany '66
Hit Or A Miss
Hodge Podge, Vol. 4
The Little Girl Tape & Radio Rarities
Help! (B4)
Documents, Vol. 1
Documents, Vol. 2
Documents, Vol. 4
Documents, Vol. 6
Pop '63
The Beatles Greatest
The Complete Rooftop Concert
Doll's House Rough Cuts
Yesterday And Today
Meet The Beatles + 11 Bonus Tracks
Sea Of Green
Original Master Recordings (D1)
Original Master Recordings (D2)
Road Runner
The Beatles (mono) (D1)
The Beatles (mono) (D2)
Live In Paris 1964 & In San Francisco 1966
Something New (mono & stereo)
The Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts 2 Cds
Live At Abbey Road
Magical Mystery Tour
Rockband Abbey Road
Early Times
Attack Of The Filler Beebs Vol. 4 Upgrade 2011
File Under Beatles 2 cds
What A Shame Mary Jane Had A Pain At The Party
What's The New Mary Jane
Get Back & More


White Album Working Version 5 Cds
Rubber Soul Mono Matrix
Abbey Road Working Version 2 Cds
Sgt.Pepper Working Version 2 Cds
Rubber Soul Working Version 2 Cds
Strawberry Fields/Penny Lane 2 Cds
Everything Was Right 2 Cds
Sgt.Pepper Multi Tracks 2 Cds
Sgt.Pepper Multi Tracks Separated
Complete Rooftop Concert 3 Cds
The Beatles Pacific National Exhibition
Complete North American Tour 1966
Shea - Greatest Live Moment 2 cds
The Silver Beatles Historical Decca Audition Tape
Big Night Out ! 1963,1964 & 1965 cd
Get Back : Collection Of Unreleased Albums - 4 Cds
The Record Producer\'s Extended Cut
At Washington Coliseum
Paris Left Breathless 3 Cds
NME Pollwinners 1964/1965/1966
Bravo Blitz 1966
Lost Online Master
Stars Of Sweden
300,000 Fan\'s Can\'t Be Wrong - 1964 World Tour
Biggest Attraction In The Whole World : 2 Cds
Gone To The Atlanta
In Italy 1965
Indiana State Fair & Montreal Forum 1964
It\'s The Beatles & Royal Variety
Video 1
BBC Beatles Weekend: The Beatles At The BEEB! 2 Cds
Sessions And 1234 2 Cds
Satyricon : Los Beatles The 1965 European Tour Italy & Spain
Help! MultiTracks Separated
No.3 Abbey Road NW8 2 Cds
MultiTracks Separated Extra
American Tour With Ed Rudy
Les Beatles C\'Etait A Cause Du Soleil
Historical Decca Audition Tape
Tokyo Highway 66 (NPU) 4 Cds
John Lennon - Double Fantasy Recording Sessions
John Lennon - The Complete Live Lennon Tapes
John Lennon - The Lost Home Tapes 65-69
Paul McCartney - Michael Parkinson Show 1999
Paul McCartney - The World Tour Premiere At The Elstree Studio 1975
John Lennon - Milk & Honey Recording Sessions 3 Cds
Historical Hollywood Bowl 64-65 6 Cds
The Starry Night In Denmark & Netherlands 2 Cds
First North American Tour 1964 Misterclaudel 3 CDS
Birds Sing Out Of Tune
Birds Sing Out Of Tune 2
Live Chronicle Extra
North American Tour 1965 2 Cds
The Black Album 2 Cds
Live In Stockholm Sweden 1964
Complete Royal Variety Performance
Live At The Star Club 1962 Raw Tapes 5 Cds
John Lennon Imagine Sessions 6 Cds
John Lennon Imagine Multi Tracks Separated 3 Cds
John Lennon Mind Games 4 Cds
Complete Rooftop Concert With LET IT BE The Film 3 CDS
Beatlemania in Portland 1965
Complete Ed Sullivan Show 2 Cds
In Sweden 1963-1964 2 Cds
Last Concert At Candlestick Park 1966
Complete Promo Clip Collection
Complete Acetate Collection 1961-1970 5 Cds
The Complete John Barret Tapes 5 Cds
Live In Japan Memorial 1966 Misterclaudel Mccd 241-242 2 Cds
It's The Beatles & Jukebox Jury 2 Cds

Come Together Project : Ch. 1 One Dream Ago 2 Cds
Come Together Project : Book 1 Ch. 5 Volume 2 - Close Your Eyes
Come Together Project : Book 1 Ch. 22 Desert Skies 3 Cds
Come Together Project : Book 1 Ch. 24 Beast Friends 5 Cds
Come Together Project : Ch. 9 - Working Like A Dog 6 Cds
Come Together Project : Ch. 11 - Beneath This Mask 15 Cds
Come Together Project : Ch. 12 - Tomorrow May Rain 4 Cds

Sweet Apple Trax Newsound/Quarter Apple 2 Cds
Get Back Acetate #1
Transcending Time Godfather Records GR491
The Alternate One : Compiled & Remastered By Denoizer(Demonoid)
It\'s All Too Much
I Want To Hold Your Hand/This Boy Reconstructed
Contemporary Sounds 8 Cds

Beatles Invade America : It Was 45 Years Ago Today - Jan 64 - Jan 09
Abbey Road (Mogg) Multi Tracks Version Two
At The Royal Variety Performance 4.11.63 - BBC-TV Aircheck Tape 11
Beatles Do Aussie : Beatles In Australia 1964 - 2 Cds

Beebs Lost Beatles Tapes 1988 : Parts 1 - 14 8 Cds
Concert Series Live
Denmark & Netherlands 1964
Hollywood Bowl DTS Isolations 1964
Hollywood Bowl Remix : 1964 - 1965 (Homemade)

Live 1962 - 1966 2 Cds

Live At Teatro Adriano 1965
Live In Rome 1965
Live In Vancouver 1964
Liverpool Empire : 22 - 12 - 63
Mach Shau!
NME Pollwinners Shows 1964/1965 Broadcasts
Quarrymen Anthology 1957 - 1960 : 2 cds
Rockin\' At The Star Club 1962
San Francisco 29 - 8 - 66
Sunday Night At London Palladium October 13th, 1963
The Beatles : 1964-1-16 Olympia Theatre,Paris (Afternoon Show) FM
Washington DC - Feb 11,1964

Anthropology Silent Sea SS-005 2 Cds
Way Beyond Compare 1 - Tracks 1 - 167 (6th Jul 1957 - 24th Aug 1963) 6 Cd\'s - BC 01/02
Way Beyond Compare 2 - Tracks 1 - 299 (6th Jul 1957 - 24th Aug 1963) 6 Cd\'s - BC 03/04
Way Beyond Compare 3 - Tracks 1 - 195 (27th Aug - 18th Dec 1963) 6 Cd\'s - BC 05/06
Way Beyond Compare 4 - Tracks 1 - 189 (27th Aug - 22nd Feb 1964) 6 Cd\'s - BC 07/08
Way Beyond Compare 5 - Tracks 1 - 165 (22nd Feb - 3rd June 1964) 6 Cd\'s - BC 09/10

The Beatle Tours 1963-66 (2CDRs)
The Final Curtain (No Label) Beat 1995
Hot As Sun - TheLazenby\'s Definitive Reconstruction
Anthology Dvd Mixes 2 Cds
Watching Rainbows Audifon 12 Tracks
Big Beat \'64 : 2 Cds Masterfraction MFCD002/003
Please Please Me Studio Sessions : Back To Basics 2 Cds - Helter Skelter Records
Version 2
Unsurpassed Masters Volume 2 Unique Tracks
Getting Best : The Best Of Unicorn Records UC
The Ultimate Live Collection \'63 - Sweet Zapple
The Ballad Of John & Yoko - Complete Acetate (Apple)
McCartney Christmas Album Helter Skelter Records 03
WQAM The Beatles In Miami Souvenir Disc
Take 1 : Apple Jack Records 2 Cds
The Beatles At The Beeb : 1982 US Version 3 Cds London Wavelength

Broadcasts : Circuit Records Lp Transfer LK 4450
Beatles On The BBC Volumes 1 & 2 - 2 Cds Jasrac
Historic Sessions - Audiofidelity
MMT : Original Film Soundtrack - Reissued Stereo HiFi VHS
Most Wanted Tracks : Racoon Records

Revolution\'s Evolution : Apple/EMI
A Hard Day\'s Night : Back To Basics 2 Cds Helter Skelter Records
12 Bar Original : Disc 2 Red Apple Records
Let Me Take You Down : The Complete SFF Sessions 2 Cd\'s - The Lazenby\'s Expanded Edition
From The Basement To The Boardroom : 2 Cds Darthdisc/Helter Skelter Records
Now And Then Raskol

Quarrymen \'58 - \'62 Middle Record Company
Now And The (The Lost Album) Unknown
A Hard Day\'s Night : Back To Basic\'s Version 2 4 Cds
In Their Own Words 5 Cds Lazerlight Digital
Beatles For Sale : Back To Basic\'s 2 Cds Version 2
Fab Four On Film Capitol Records
Please Please Me : Back To Basic\'s 2 Cds Version 5
With The Beatles : Back To Basic\'s 3 Cds Version 2

Collage Zapple 2004
Red Wax Pressing : 3 Cds Scorpio
George Martin - Off The Beatle Track (One Way Records)
Direct From The Console Revised Edition Volumes 1 - 5 5 Cds B4E
Hey Julian Sapcor Vinyl Rip

Nothing But Aging : Vigotone LP 68
More Masters 2 Roaring Mouse
Yellow Matter Custard Helter Skelter Records 2 Cds
The Audition Decca Mono
The Decca Audition PMC 2011
Get Back The Last Sessions 2 Cds MBE

The Best Of The Beatles Odeon Records
Let It Unplugged Applewoi Records
In The Studio : Beatles \"1\" Parts One & Two 2 Cds
The Fab Four On Tour

Unsurpassed Broadcast Highlights
The Ultimate Ultra Rare Tracks Vol.1 Minotauro Records
The Alternate Rarities 1 - 4 4 Cds Blackhead Walrus (Birthday Records) Improved BHW Version
The Real Ultimate Christmas Album Walrus Records

All Too Much - On The Radio
A Hard Days Night & Help Radio Spots
Beatles 1 Soundbites
From Matthew Street To Abbey Road Images AEBCD10
Get Back Glyn Johns 2nd Mix 2008 DESS Upgrade Dr.Ebbetts
Get Back Original 2008 DESS Upgrade Dr.Ebbetts
Pope Goes The Beatles
George Martin : Interviews & Songs/Making Of Sgt.Pepper 2 Cds
Yellow Chatter Custard Volumes 1 & 2 2 Cds

The Beatles Live SW3
The Beatles BBC Tapes : The Original Masters 6 Cds
Rock\'n\'Roll Music : Direct From Acetate CBM Music
The Little Girl Tape July 1967 Paul & George
United Artist\'s Radio Promo\'s & More
Somewhere In Paris Quarter Apple

Dead Mans Walkman : The Best Of The John Barret Tapes Disc 2 Silent Sea
Get Back...Continued HMC 2 Cds
Sgt. Pepper\'s Lonely Hearts Club Band 8-Track Capitol Records
The Little Girl Tape Vol. 2
The Complete Get Back Sessions Camera B - Volumes 4 - 12 18 Cds Strawberry Records

Live At The Star Club Linasong 1977 US LP RIP
Live At The Star Club Linasong German LP BLS 5560 1977 RIP
Talk Downunder Radio Documentary Passport Records
One Bird A Humming 2 Cds HS/RMW
Missing Links Vols. 1 & 2 2 Cds

Bravo Beatles Blitz In Germany 1966 - Deluxe Edition 2 Cds MBE
Savoy Truffles Vol. 1 Helter Skelter
The Decca Tapes Puls 005
Uncovered (TMOQ Gazette) : 2 Cds HMC 014

Rubber Soul Back To Basics Pre Release 2 Cds Helter Skelter
Hamburg Raw Beat At-B001
Extra Rarities
In Germany 1966 Quarter Apple
The 1964 North American Tour 3 Cds Bag Records

Twelve Days At Twickenham Unicorn Records 18 Cds
Beatle\'s \'95 Radio Special
Beatles Tour Mono Capitol Acetate Unicorn Records
Blackpool Night Out Upgraded Unicorn Records 2 Cds

Everest Tarantura
Get Back Junky Volumes 1 & 2 Smiling Sphinx 2 Cds
Kum Back Tarantura
Rooftop Performance Tarantura

Alternate Takes 1966 Revolver TJT
Alternate Takes 1967 Sgt.Pepper TJT
Alternate Takes 1967 MMT TJT
Alternate Takes 1968 Hey Jude TJT
Alternate Takes 1968 A Doll\'s House TJT
Alternate Takes 1968 Yer Blues TJT

Alternate Takes 1969 Don\'t Let Me Down TJT
Alternate Takes 1969 Let It Be TJT
Alternate Takes 1969 Abbey Road TJT
Alternate Takes 1969 I Want You \"She\'s So Heavy\" TJT
Alternate Takes 1969 All Things Must Pass TJT

Acetate Collection Vol. 2 Unicorn Records
Where Are We Going Boys Godfather Records
Anthoropology Secret Trax
Vancouver 22.8.64 FM Broadcast
Blackpool Night Out 1964 ITV Broadcast

Philadelphia 1964 OFF Reel : Idol Mind Production
Acetate Collection Vol. 3 Unicorn Records
An Alternate Anthology 2 Cds
Untouched : Off Elecktra Acetate Idol Mind Production 2 Cds

Ed Sullivan Shows CBS TV
KCRA-TV Merilee Records
Hey Jude : Reel To Reel 71/2 IPS Merilee Records L385
Abbey Road : Reel To Reel 71/2 Merilee Records L383
The Beatles Conquer America NEMS
Untouched : Off Elecktra Acetate Idol Mind Production ( Fixed Version) Helter Skelter 2 Cds

Live At The Hollywood Bowl August 23rd, 1964 Helter Skelter
Untouched : Off Elecktra Acetate Rev. A The Pet Sounds Production 2 Cds
Live At The Festival Hall AUS Parlophone
Unsurpassed Broadcasts Special Edition 50th Anniversary 2 Cds Hobnail

At The Movies : Scenes From A Career CDROM
White Album 30th Anniversary Radio Special 2 Cds Masterworks
A/B Road Stereo Replacements Jan 3rd 1969
Get Back With Billy Preston : The Steveo Stereo/Mono Assembly 21.03.12
The Complete Ed Sullivan Shows OMI/Odeon

KRLA Radio Special 1967
Past Masters Volumes 3 - 7 5 Cds Eggman Records
Moggical Mystery Tour : Rubber Soul Helter Skelter
Northern Lights : Unicorn Records
Sessions : Masterdisc First/Alternate Mastering

Die Beatles In Essen : Checkpoint Records
Artifacts I Revisited : 5 Cds MER125
The Ted Tapes : Reel #1
The Ted Tapes : Reel #2
The Ted Tapes : Reel #3
Yesterday & Today 45th Anniversary Japan TOPC (2011)

The Beatles In Scotland Unicorn Records
Let It Be 40th Anniversary 2 Cds Unicorn Records
The Beeb\'s Lost Beatles Tapes : Volumes 1 - 8 8 Cds Unicorn Records
Acetate Collection 2 Cds Unicorn Records
Savoy Truffles Vol. 2 Helter Skelter
Patamixical Science Volumes 1 - 10 TJT
The Best Of Patamixical Science TJT
PataMixical Science Outtakes and Bonus Tracks TJT

Tussen De Bollen 2 Cds Unicorn Records
Artifacts 1 Revisited Patch MER125
John,Paul,George,Ringo & Me : Tony Barrow
The Man Who Gave Away The Beatles : Alan Williams

Sergeant Pepper - The Trance Mixes Chelsea Records
The Beatles Press Conferences 1964-1966 Uncut Records
Get Back - Soniclovenoize Reconstruction
50 Years At Abbey Road 2 Cds MasterJedi
Backwards Beatles Dino Records
From Us To You : A Parlophone Rehearsal Vinyl Rip
An Aural History : Volume 1 The Formation Of The Band

Japan June 30 1966 MasterJedi
Non Album Singles Sound Wax
Rock\'n\'Roll Music Vol. 1 Vinyl Rip Capitol
Rock\'n\'Roll Music Vol. 2 Vinyl Rip Capitol
TM Century Gold
Day By Day Lost Masters 2 Cds JPGR

Lost \'66 Concert : Land O\'Groats
White Sessions Vols 1 & 2 Secret Trax 4 Cds
The Nagra Reels - Jan 02, 1969 - 2 Discs
The Nagra Reels - Jan 03, 1969 - 4 Discs
The Nagra Reels - Jan 06, 1969 - 5 Discs
The Nagra Reels - Jan 07, 1969 - 4 Discs
The Nagra Reels - Jan 08, 1969 - 4 Discs
The Nagra Reels - Jan 09, 1969 - 5 Discs

Beatouts Vol. 7
I\'m A Loser Nanao Records
Viva La France 1964-1965 2 Cds Sgt.Ltd
Up On The Roof Zapple Records
Radio Monte Carlo Blackbird Records
The Decca Tapes Circuit Records

Tuned To A Natural E Vol. 6 Disc 1
Unbootlegged 13 Disc 1
Unbootlegged 14 2 Cds
Unbootlegged 19 2 Cds
Unbootlegged 22 3 Cds
W-A-Beatle-C Radio

The Beatles Historic Sessions
The Beatles American Tour With Ed Rudy (Radio Pulsebeat)
The Project : Part 1 Jan - June 1964 (16 Cds)
Treasury Box Set 1970 3 Cds (Lazy Chick)

The Corn Of The Apple : No label
Please Please Me ... and 3 other blasts
Alternative Rubber Soul Versions Flashback
Beatle Boots : Volumes 1 - 16 TJT 105-120
Beatlegged Live!! : Crabapple
Indiana State Fair and Beyond : IND-64

Let\'s Get Back Volume 1 : Cellar Dweller
Live At The Sam Houston Coliseum : 19 August 1965 Unknown
Live In Atlanta Unknown
O. P. D. Unknown
Road Runner : Positone Records B4-1235

Stockholm & Blackpool : Boxtop
The Live Beatles Singles Collection Bulldog Records - BSG-14
The Get Back Journals 1994 Reissue : 8 cd\'s Vigotone
Sessions (ODEON_1986 Vinyl)
No Obvious Title (ZAP 1976 Vinyl)
Studio Sessions - CBM
1964 Christmas Show Rare Interview Parlogram
1969-01-03 - Best of Twickenham Stereo EP

Ticket To Ride - UK Demo 45 Parlogram
Alternate For Sale + Bonustracks Odeon Version
Alternate Hard Days Night + Bonus Dreamworld Music
Alternate Help! + Bonus Dreamworld Music

Alternate Please Please Me + Bonus Dreamworld Music
Alternate For Sale + Bonus Dreamworld Music
Alternate With The Beatles + Bonus Dreamworld Music
Take Me Back 3 CDs
Alternative Hey Jude Strawberry Trax

The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl 3 Cds Rapple Corps
The Ultimate Unreleased Collection 2 Cds ADAM VIII
The Get Back Journals II 1995/1996 Reissue : 8 Cds
The Void (Unknown)
San Francisco 1966 2nd Edition

Crackling To The Rooftop (Black Owl)
Daddy Wants Wee Weegling (Sakkakaka Records)
Alternative Revolver Versions (Flashback)
Beatles at The BEEB (2009): 2 Cds JTT
Revolver Reconstructed : 3 Cds BFB
Beatles For Sale Reconstructed : 3 Cds BFB
With The Beatles Reconstructed : 3 Cds BFB

You Know What To Do : 2 Cds Miscellanious Tracks Records
You Become Naked : 5 Cds Helter Skelter
Last Live Show TMOQ
The Ultimate BBC Sessions - 10 Cds Secret Trax
The Real Story Of The Liverpool Street Kids (5 disc version)

Beatles-1962-Love Me Do (BBC4 07.10.12)
Early Years 1962-1964 Unicorn Records
Super Live! At the Hollywood Bowl JPGR-1009
Get Back Sessions Reconstruction Vol. 1 DAP Records 2 Cds
Sweden Jun-Jul 1964 new audio!

Starry Night Disc 2 Bonus Upgrades
Magical Mystery Tour 5.1 Dvd Mixes
Magical Mystery Tour BD 5.1 Mixes
Unsurpassed Broadcasts TOTP Bonus Disc
Yellow Submarine BD 5.1 Mixes

Upgrades And Additions Vol 1 Monochrome
Upgrades And Additions Vol 2 Monochrome
Fish & Chips : Audio Of \"Music of Lennon & McCartney\" TV Special
Indian Rope Trick - DragonFly Records
Jimmy Nicol Days - 2 Cds Godfather Records

Live In Japan Deluxe Edition CD - No Label
Live in Melbourne - Parlophone
Paris Landing - Godfather Records
The Legendary 22.09.1969 Get Back Radio Broadcast - Godfather Records
The Year Of Revolt & Other Changes - Godfather Records

Get Back - Helter Skelter
The Best Of The Apple Years JPC1015 - JPGR
The Beatle\'s Story-DAT - Capitol Records
Hollywood Bowl 1964 - Medusa Records

Live At The BBC Revisited 3 Cds
Doll\'s House - Maidenhand MHR JET 909-1 (2LP)
Anthology Revisited - 9 Episodes(Audio From Video)
John Lennon : Double Fantasy Recording Sessions : 4 Cds Misterclaudel
John Lennon : Milk And Honey Recording Sessions : 3 Cds Misterclaudel
John Lennon : The Lost Home Tapes 65-69 : 2 Cds Misterclaudel
John Lennon : The Complete Live Lennon Tapes : 3 Cds Misterclaudel

Paul McCartney : The World Tour Premiere At The Elstree Studio 1975 Misterclaudel
Paul McCartney : Michael Parkinson Show 1999 : 2 Cds Misterclaudel
Anthology Revisited Volumes 1 - 6 24 Cds
Paul McCartney : Still Dreaming Apart - Complete Berkely Concert 01.04.1990 2 Cds Misterclaudel

Strawberry Fields Forever Yellow Dog/MasterJedi
Paul McCartney And Wings - Leeds University 73 Unicorn Records
Past Lacquers Volumes 1,2 & 3 3 Cds MasterJedi
Paul McCartney : Aztec Night 3 Cds

Aunties Fantasy HMC 2 Cds
Reminiscing HMC 2 Cds
Ultimate Ringo 1966 - 2012 10 Cds
Paul McCartney - Paul Of Kintyre 2 cds
All Things Must Pass (Apple Acetate) declick1
Paul McCartney - Paul Of Kintyre 2 cds
Loveology 10 Cds

Chronology 18-1 : February - August 1969 SilverHammer SHCD 18-1
A Hard Day\'s Night : The Ultimate Collection DID 001
At Shea & Candlestick Park 1966 2 Cds - Medusa Records
Pot Luck Volume 1 [ReTread Records]

Beatles Story Uncut Castle Communication
1963 - Live In Washington [US DESS Archive Series]
1964 - Live At The Festival Hall [Australian DESS Archive Series]
1983 - The Number Ones [Australian DESS Archive Series]
1987 - A Taste Of Honey [Melodiya Russian Pressing] [DESS Archive Series]
1971 - The Essential Beatles [Australian DESS Archive Series]

Early Years 1962 - 1966 Unicorn Records
NME Poll Winners Concert 04-26-1964 London
Turn Me On Dead Man Plus Odeon
The Beatles & Various - Tribute To The Cavern (Parlophone)
The British Invasion Special - 12 CD Set (Westwood One)
A Doll\'s House : HMC 2 Cds

50th Anniversary Fab Productions
Complete Rooftop Mix - Medusa Records
Hamburg 1961 Fab Productions
Live Hollywood Bowl & Budokan Upgrades Fab Productions
Unsurpassed Broadcasts : Songs From The Front Row Hobnail 2012

Now In 2012 Fab Productions
Ultra Rare Tracks Vol. 1 And 2 Vinyl Upgrade URT
Ultra Rare Tracks Vol. 3 And 4 Vinyl Upgrade URT
Ultra Rare Tracks Vol. 5 And 6 Vinyl Upgrade URT
Where The Ashes Been

History Of The Beatles Years 1962-1970 9 Cds Unicorn Records
Get Back Masters 24 Jan 1969 Red Apple
Lennon/McCartney : Twice In A Lifetime No Label Vinyl
Abbey Road West Minster-1 (Quarter Apple)
Get Back Master - Volumes 1 - 4 8 Cds Red Apple
Get Back Master - Volumes 5 - 7 6 Cds Red Apple

Pot Luck volume 2 2013 ReTread Records
Pot Luck volume 3 2013 ReTread Records
Colliding Circles
Four Nights In Moscow
I Should Like To Live Up A Tree

Pink Litmus Paper Shirt (New Version)
Budokan 30.06.66 Reel Recording
Hollywood Bowl Japan LP
Zero Is Just Another Even Number
A Studio Recording : Stolen (Catso)
Reelin in the Years Jan 1994

All Too Much - Rarities
France 1965 (Green Grape)
Germany 1966 (Green Grape)
North American Tour 1965 disc 1 (Green Grape)
North American Tour 1965 disc 2 (Green Grape)
North American Tour 1965 disc 3 (Green Grape)
The Continuing Story Vol 06 (Green Grape)

Cinelouge Let It Be
Complete Audio Archives The Beatles 19631024-1030
Complete Audio Archives The Beatles 19640617-02-A

Strawberry Fields Forever YD2007
Live At The Star Club Rock\'n\'Twist Parade YD2008

As Sweet As You Are - Pumpkin Eater Wreckords
As Well As Abbey Road - Alternative Record Company
The Beatles On Apple Records (Japanese)
Candlestick Park 1966 - Fab4 Records
Help! DVD - Bluray Mixes
What's In The Bag - Sunn
Early Times - Beatle Boot
Boys 1963/1964 - Extract Factory

January 1969 : Twickenham Volumes 1 - 4/Apple Volumes 1 - 5 9 Cds
The Beatles with Billy Preston - The Warmth And The Freshness
Strange Mixes
Across The Universe (Oil Well)
Fran Mig Till Dig

Orphans of the Revolution MasterJedi
The Ultimate Live Collection '64 Volume 1 - Sweet Zapple SZ-148
Get Back Master - Volumes 8 - 12 10 Cds Red Apple
Beatles Again Vol.1 - 7 (Matilda Records) 7 Cds
Live At the BBC Volume Two (Mereno Records)
Mad Day Out Volume 1 - mono - unreleased Obsolete
Mad Day Out Volume 2 - stereo - unreleased Obsolete

Black Album (Apple) Disc 1
Black Album (Apple) Disc 2
Let It Be... Naked [2013-Album] RE-Mastered iTunes LP M4A NimitMak SilverRG
The White Album Sessions - Disc 5 Secret Garden
Twickenham Sessions Volumes 1 - 7 EGG RECORDS

What's New 2013 Vol.1 FAB PRODUCTIONS
Where Have You Been All My Life NON LABEL AP-WHY003 3 Cds

Don't Touch That Dial 2
The Get Back Sessions TMOQ/Quarter Apple
Harry & His Box Set (Sampler)
Another Tracks Of PPM (Sweet Zapple New Edition)
Another Tracks Of WTB (Sweet Zapple New Edition)
Direct From The Console Volumes 3 - 5 Special Edition
A-Cam B-Cam Parts 1 - 3 Yellow Dog 2009 - 2011

Sweder Than Wine : Live In Sweden 1963-1964
The Beatles Bare It All : Barrett Tapes Remastered 5 Cds MasterJedi
On Air Live At The BBC Vol 2 (5trk)Sampler
On Air Live At The BBC Vol 2 (14trk)Sampler
I Saw Her Standing There : Rock Melon Music
Inside Sgt. Peppers Part I (Unknown - PEP-1)
Inside Sgt. Peppers Part 2 (Unknown - PEP-2)
Inside Sgt. Peppers Part 3 (Unknown - PEP-3)

Kenny Everett Meets Sgt. Pepper (Audiofon Music - AF 12)
Kum Back! (Disques Du Monde - PCS 7095)
Let It End (Sapcor - Sapcor 42)
Missing Links Volume 1 (Unknown)
Missing Links Volume 2 (Unknown)

Mixomatosis Volume 2 (Abbey Rogue)
Reeperbahn (Arena Records - 1103-122)
Roof Performance (Disques Du Monde - PCS 7094)
The Beatles Rarities On Compact Disc Volume 14 - All Too Much (On the Radio)

The Revolver Sessions (Granny Smith)
This Is..... The Savage Young Beatles (Get Back - GET570)
Bootleg Recordings 1963 ITunes
John Barrett's Cassette Dubs Vol.6 - Rapple Corps
John Barrett's Cassette Dubs Vol.7 - Rapple Corps

Live At The Star Club 1962 (Japanese) 38CP44
Now And Then - BFB Rapple Corps
One Bird A Humming (Helter Skelter Records) V2-Final
Pepperland - Russian Import
Please Please Me Upgraded B2B HS
The Alternate Abbey Road - Strawberry Records

Record Store Day Reissue Singles (2011)
Take It Off HMC-027
Public Domain Tracks, 1961-1962
We Are The Eggmen! HMC 2 Cds
A Hard Day's Night - B2B Upgrade

Live Anthology Vol. 1 1962-1964 2 Cds Fab Productions
Live Anthology Vol. 2 1964 2 Cds Fab Productions
Revulvar : Sunn Records
Anthology Highlights
Live In Paris 1965 : Russian Disc
Live At Teatro Adriano (vinyl 1985)

Rare Beatles (Russian)
Free As A Bird EP (Press Promo)
Four By The Beatles : BBC
The Get Back Journals LP RIPS : 1 - 6

The Lost Beebs : Adam VIII Ltd
Direct From The Console Special Edition : Volumes 1 & 2
Ultra Rare Trax (24-96 Vinyl Collection) - 6x LP Set (12 Sides)
First US Concert - White Knight Records
NEMS RECORDS - The Beatles Conquer America LP RIP
Sessions : Please Please Me (Robbie_C_

UK Stereo Lps - Blue Box (2006 Remasters) DESS (12 LP's)
The Get Back Journals LP RIPS : 7 - 11
Arrive In America 1964 50th Anniversary - Fab Productions
Conquer America 1964 50th Anniversary - Fab Productions
First US Concert - Fab Productions
Live Anthology III 1964 England Denmark Holland - Fab Productions
Live Anthology IV 1964 Australia New Zealand England Sweden
Live Anthology V 1964 SF LV Seattle Vancouver LA

Stars & Stripes 1964 - 1966 - Fab Productions
Sunday Night At The London Palladium 1963 50th Anniversary - Fab Productions
Cinelogue - Let It Be (vinyl rip) (version 2) [Instant Analysis]
Cinelogue III A Hard Days Night (vinyl rip) (Instant Analysis Records)
Cinelogue IV Yellow Submarine (vinyl rip) (Instant Analysis Records)
Cinelogue V Magical Mystery Tour (Instant Analysis)

Magical Mystery Tour Mono Songtrack (Instant Analysis)
Sgt Pepper Back To Basics Version 1 - Helter Skelter
Cinelogue- Let It Be (Contraband)
Sgt Pepper Back To Basics Beta Version 1 - Helter Skelter
With The Beatles B2B Upgraded 2014
Ringo Starr - Octopus's Garden Story Book Bonus (2014) B4E-0007

Every Little Thing : 8 Cds BFB 39
Turn Me On Dead Man Plus : 2 Cds Odeon Fake
Meet The Beatals : 2 Cds Sunn Records 016-017
A Hard Day's Night (2014 ITunes) 5.1 Soundtrack

America To London 1964 Vol. 4 50th Anniversary Fab Productions 2 Cds
NME Pollwinners 1964 50th Anniversary Fab Productions 2 Cds
London To Paris 1964 50th Anniversary Fab Productions 2 Cds
Live Anthology VI 1964 - 1965 Fab Productions 2 Cds
Live Anthology VII 1965 Fab Productions 2 Cds
Take It Off! Fab Productions 2 Cds
Can't Buy Me Love 1964 50th Anniversary Fab Productions 2 Cds
Denmark! Holland! Hong Kong! 1964 50th Anniversary Fab Productions 2 Cds

Live Anthology VIII 1965 Fab Productions 2 Cds
Philadelphia 1964 Off Reel Plus Beatles Tour Acetate Fab Productions
Beatles For Sale BTB Upgraded 2014
A Collection Of Beatles Foldies Trademark Of The Parlophone 3 Cds
Live in San Francisco August 29, 1966 (Bulldog Records) BGCD 016

Melbourne 1964 Invasion Unlimited
Recorded Live In Australia Basrac
Strawberry Fields Forever YD 2007 Version 2
Talkin In Stereo BPD Records
The U.S. Album Sampler Promo CD 2014
Meet The Beatles! 5 cds Universal Music Japan

Blackpool Night Out 1964 (Television Broadcast) Remastered
The Edge Of Helter Skelter TJT255
Lost Recordings 1967 and Sgt Pepper BBC Debut [RUMI]
Live Anthology IX 1965 2 Cds Fab Productions
Live Anthology X 1966 2 Cds Fab Productions
Live Anthology XI 1966 2 Cds Fab Productions

Great To Have You With Us Unknown
Shea HMC
While My Guitar Gently Weeps Mid Valley Records
The Cavern Tapes Circa 1962 MasterJedi
Roughest Visits Swindon

And Now The Time Has Come Unicorn Records
The Ed Sullivan Shows Plus Shea Beat Cd 2nd Design 2 cds
Around The Beatles Sgt/Dap Records
Please Please Me 50th Ann Sgt/Dap Records
With The Beatles 50th Ann Sgt/Dap Records
At Home Chapter One

Hahst Az Son (Unknown - RFNB 002)
Get Back To Toronto (Unknown)
Dr. Pepper's Tastey Beverage Can (El Pumpkino Magnifico) 4 Cds
Get Back and More (JSJ Records - JSJ-1313)
Unheard Melodies Songs The Beatles Gave Away Chapter One 2 Cds

Indian Rope Trick (Unknown)
Get Back - John Barrett's Reel (Unknown - JB-03001)
Please Please Me Sessions 2 Cds Secret Garden
With The Beatles Sessions 2 Cds Secret Garden
A Hard Day's Night Sessions 4 Cds Secret Garden

Beatles For Sale Sessions 2 Cds Secret Garden
Help! Sessions 3 Cds Secret Garden
Rubber Soul Sessions 3 Cds Secret Garden
Revolver Sessions 3 Cds Secret Garden

Sgt.Pepper's Sessions 3 Cds Secret Garden
Magical Mystery Tour Sessions 4 Cds Secret Garden
Yellow Submarine Sessions 2 Cds Secret Garden
Let It Be Sessions 6 Cds Secret Garden
Abbey Road Sessions 4 Cds Secret Garden

The Silver Album of the World's Greatest (Jarris Records - 0020)
White Album 30th Anniversary Radio Documentary (Radioactive Recordings - 000016)
White Album EP (Apple - EP-1)
White Album Outtakes (Unknown)
Wonderful Picture of You (Circle Records - SKI 5430)

Lost In Germany & Other Rarities
Rubber Soul Remix (MasterJedi MJ1410)
Stars of 63 (24bit) TSP-005 Vinyl-Rip
Vancouver 1964 Hi-Res Rip TMOQ

Around The World In '64 Unicorn Records
On Tour In Sweden 1963/1964 SGT LTD
Rock & Roll At The Hollywood Bowl 3 Cds
Back in '64 At The Hollywood Bowl Berkeley Records
Candlestick Park (Vinyl) Beatlive Records
Homogenized Beatles (Vinyl Rip) Avocado Records

Live At Shea Stadium 1964 Benbecula Records
Live at The Star Club Rondo Records
Sam Houston Live Control Records
Anthology Revisited Documentary v2.0 - eps 1+2
Free Now - Magical Mystery Tour Back To Basics & More Audifon
Earth News Interviews

Go Disco Polysound
Live At The BBC Revisited v2.0
Best Of Rarities 2 Cds Gold Records
Ode To An Oboe Player 5 Cds
Petered Out 2 Cds
Reconstructed Multi-Tracks Audifon

Robert Ringo Robert 3 Cds
Threetlemania! 4 Cds
Varsity Blues 6 Cds
Yesterday and Twoday 4 Cds
62 - 70 Promo Sampler Capitol
Artifacts II Revisited 5 Cds

Red & Blue Promo Interview
The Beatles EP Parlophone
Live At Washington Coliseum Sgt.Ltd
All Good Children Strapple Records
Looking Through The Bent Backed Tulips
Alpha Omega Sides 1 - 8 Vinyl Rip

Alpha Omega Sides 9 - 16 Vinyl Rip
The A-Z Of The Beatles SC 19 Cd's
The BBC Archives 23 Cd's BBC Radio 2 BBC Records
BBC 1962-1970 11 Cd's 4 Sure Records
ZU LAUT - Live At The Star Club

Beatles Box Flexi Disc 1
Beatles Box Flexi Disc 2
Beatles Box flexi Disc (1980 Pressing)
Great Scott..It's The Beatles 6 Cd's MasterJedi
Beatles At The Beeb Version 2 Christmas 1982 Boxing Day 2 Cds (Lord Reith)
The Beatles At The BBC Part One (Lord Reith)
The Beatles At The BBC Part Two (Lord Reith)

1962-1966 (Unknown)
1967 - 1970 (Unknown)
The Best Of The BBC 1962 - 1970 Various Artists Lord Reith Collection
Budokan Hall,Tokyo,Japan,1966-07-02 (16bit)
Extracts From The Film A Hard Day's Night Parlophone, UK, EP GEP 8920, 1964
The Early Tapes Of The Beatles Polydor K.K.

15-18 Off The Record Ringo Starr
15-32 Off The Record Paul McCartney
2015 EBay Acetates MP3
Decca Tapes Boxtop Records
Four By The Beatles BBC Transcription Service
Hamburg 45's Box Bakrabak STAB 2001-2015

Dawn Of The Silver Beatles PAC Records ULD-2333
Why Don't We Do It In The Bowl 50th Anniversary 2 Cds (Newly Remixed) Lord Reith
White Out 1968 JWB
Rare Beatles Volume 3 Unknown
Collection Of BRG Oldies But Goldies (BRG013)

Rubber Soul (BRG08) (uk stereo remix)
Sgt. Pepper (MasterJedi)
The Get Back Sessions TMOQ CD
The Abbey Road Tapes Coda Publishing
Rare Beatles Volume 1
Rare Beatles Volume 2

White Album Sessions Secret Garden 8 Cds
All Sides Of Revolver 4 Cds OMS
Bandology Vol.1 I Saw Her Standing There Beatcomber Records
Do You Want To Have A Listen Before We Go On To The Next One (No Label Records)
Kicks,Kudos And Cash 2 Cds Lord Reith

Savile Row Unreleased 1992 Restoration Part's 1,2 & 3 Of 3 (Audio & Video) Revolver Tv
Leave My Kitten All Alone
A Hard Days Night 50th Anniversary Edition SGT
Acetates 1969 AT-100
Kicks, Kudos, and Cash (Lord Reith) Updates

All I Want Is MasterJedi (MJ1510)
Beatles For Sale 50th Anniversary Edition SGT
Disturbing The Peace (Upgrade) 2015
Hey Jude - video mix stereo
Revolution - video mix stereo
Beatles 1 : The B Sides

Isn't It Good The Beatles' Rubber Soul Non-Newscast 2 Hour Version.mp3
Isn't It Good The Beatles' Rubber Soul Non-Newscast Extended Version.mp3
Isn't It Good The Beatles' Rubber Soul Non-Newscast Preview.mp3
Japan 1987 25th Anniversary Mono-Stereo Remasters (Japan) 1-4 [flac]
Japan 1987 25th Anniversary Mono-Stereo Remasters (Japan) 5-7 [flac]
Japan 1987 25th Anniversary Mono-Stereo Remasters (Japan) 8-9 [flac]

Abbey Road Anthology (Roaring Mouse)
Can You Take Me Back (Black Owl)
Westwood One Xmas Special Radio Show
The Beeb's Beatles Weekend Scaredy Cat
The Beatles At Abbey Road - 1983 TMOQ Gazette HMC 033
What's New 2013 Vol. 2 Fab Productions
What's New 2013 Vol. 3 Fab Productions
Minus One 3 Cd's Lord Reith

Eight Arms To Help You
Archive Recordings 1964 2 Cds Archive Unlimited
In My Life No label 1030
Things Go Better With Beatles (Coke Cola Promo Spots)
Chronology Sampler Mixes SilverHammer
Chronology 15 - The White Album 6 Cds SilverHammer

Chronology 18 Feb-Aug 1969 Updated 04.2014 3 Cds SilverHammer
Let It Be True Naked
On The Road Again 2 Cds Copy Cat Chronicle CCC 003
May We Have A Record Contract Please 2014 4 Cd's
Making Of Strawberry Fields The Lazenby 2 Cds

Melbourne Meltdown Vol. 1 Lord Reith
Rooftop Concert 4.0 Mixes Beatcomber Records
Minus John Lord Reith
The Lennon Tapes - Dec 6 1980 Andy Peebles
Tapes 3 Cds

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33 reviews found.
Review byGaryg
Posted/modified on18 Feb 2004
ReviewThe disks arrived 8 days after we arranged the trade, and that's from Australia to New England USA. WOW! Good CDRS and packaged well.

Review byanthonys
Posted/modified on27 Jan 2006
ReviewI just wanted to recomend "Jo Jo" to any prospective trader, you would recive your discs extremely quickly, without doubt be of the quality you would hope for and is a great person to ask for advice and opinions.

Would trade again anytime without a second thought and hope to again real soon.

All the very best.

Review byHari Steingruber
Posted/modified on10 Sep 2006
Reviewgreat communication, a quick and efficient "local" trade!
thanks Mauro

Review bylazlo1968
Posted/modified on06 Oct 2006
ReviewVery serious trader and very professional. I highly encourage trading with him.

Review by1BlueGiraffe
Posted/modified on16 Nov 2007
ReviewPerfect trade, smooth from start to finish. Mauro is a very pleasant trader who keeps you informed at every stage and delivers high quality discs. A plus to the community. Trust 100%. Thank you Mauro. Daniel


Another pefect trade with Mauro! Expect great communication and excellent quality discs!Thanks again Mauro, till next trade!!!:-) Daniel

Review byacerimmer
Posted/modified on02 Apr 2008
Reviewfirst time trade with mauro
won't be the last for sure
excellant trader
excellant discs
all round good trader
thanks very much

Review bytiklady
Posted/modified on01 Jul 2008
ReviewMauro is an excellent trader. very friendly and helpful.do not hesitate to trade with.

my 2nd trade w/mauro. really could not be any better.

3rd trade w/Mauro. really keeps trading fun. a real pleasure to trade with.

Review byFrankSaxon
Posted/modified on29 Aug 2008
Review29/01/04 - Mauro is a teriffic trader! He handled a large (15 discs) international (Australia-USA) trade like a pro! He uses brand-name CDR's and ships securely! I will happily trade with him again!

29/08/08 - Second trade with Mauro went just as well as the first! He's an excellent trader! Thanks again!

Review byovniovni26
Posted/modified on12 Oct 2008

Review bypommy
Posted/modified on22 Oct 2008
ReviewExcellent trade.
Some very rare stuff!


Review byPiles
Posted/modified on04 Nov 2008
ReviewGreat trader! Fast shipper,super communication, friendly, quality discs. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED/A+++. Thanks Mauro!
Hope we get the chance to trade again.

Review byAidanymous
Posted/modified on17 Dec 2008
ReviewQuick turnaround, and good communication, but it turned out that the CDs he sent were mp3 sourced discs which he had unwittingly received in another trade...

Review bymelt
Posted/modified on02 Mar 2009
ReviewGreat trade, well packed discs.
Fast delivery.

Review bykane1000
Posted/modified on14 Mar 2009
Reviewgreat trade quick turnaround as previously stated within 10 days from australia to new england...thanx for trade and hope to trade with mauro again..a++

Review bykop007
Posted/modified on22 Apr 2009
ReviewAn excellent trader with good communication throughout the trade, highly recommended

Review byabdpunz
Posted/modified on15 Feb 2011
Reviewwonderful swap, thank you so much

Review byjmm234
Posted/modified on18 Apr 2011
ReviewGreat trade. Quality discs and generous honest trader.


Another great trade. Highly recommended. Trade with JoJo_Lennon2002!

Review bybeatleross
Posted/modified on09 Nov 2011
Review08/11/11 - another excellent trade with Mauro.AA++

Review byilovezoidberg
Posted/modified on05 Mar 2012
Review Thanks for the trade ! will gladly again anytime. Fast shipping and packaging + Good communication


Review byThe Acme Corporation
Posted/modified on13 May 2012
ReviewP E R F E CT

Review byMirror, Mirror
Posted/modified on18 Aug 2012

Review byBeatles4
Posted/modified on27 Dec 2012

Review bymikel655
Posted/modified on22 Mar 2013
ReviewThanks for another great trade, hope we can do more in the future.TOP TRADER!!!!

Review bym18r18
Posted/modified on22 Jul 2013
ReviewFantastic trade. Discs shipped fast for an international package and the quality was great. Would recommend to anybody.

Review byGrackleflint
Posted/modified on20 Aug 2013
ReviewGreat trader, would trade with JoJo anytime!

Review byMr.Beatles
Posted/modified on27 Dec 2013
ReviewGreat online trader who is quick and reliable.

Review byrobob
Posted/modified on30 Apr 2014
ReviewExcellent Trader, great friendly person

Review byreikor
Posted/modified on30 Jun 2014
ReviewHad a great trade with JoJo_Lennon2002! Thanks for a speedy, well communicated, well packed trade containing high quality discs. Definitely trading again if you ever need anything, Mauro!

Review byDnight25
Posted/modified on15 Sep 2014
ReviewMauro is an excellent trader. Highly recommended! Great second and third trades also!

Review byshoeless
Posted/modified on10 Nov 2014
ReviewFantastic trader!! I’ve been trading for a long time and JoJo_Lennon2002 is about the best there is. I’ve had multiple trades with him. Very friendly, great communication, fast in sending discs, quality discs used and excellent packaging of discs! I would definitely trade with him again!

Review byanillaice
Posted/modified on17 Dec 2014
ReviewAwesome trader. Fast and reliable service. Excellent. Thanks so much!!

Review bygreyrat
Posted/modified on11 Jan 2015
ReviewGreat trader. Quick, friendly, responsive, quality stuff. Everything you would look for in a trade.

Review byJukka L.
Posted/modified on09 Aug 2015
Review11 Jul 2015:
Perfect Internet Trade. Mauro is an excellent trader.
He sent even extra discs. Thank you very much!
Hope to trade with him again.

09 Aug 2015:
2nd Perfect Internet Trade.Thanks Mauro!

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