Jobs on BootlegZone

BootlegZone is a very flexible website because it allows simple visitors like you to manage most parts of the website. Jobs are divided by section (corresponding to one artist on BootlegZone). Each section is run by a Section Leader who has Section Helpers to help him (doh !) in his task.

If you want to participate more actively in the life of BootlegZone and become a section leader/helper, just send an email to Tilleul.

Each job requires spare time and a good knowledge of JADE interface & concepts.

Before you ask: Jobs on BootlegZone are not paid.

Here are different jobs awaiting for you (this is only a general picture and jobs/privileges granted may actually depend from a section to another):
Section helpers
Job Description Requirements Privileges
Honourable Contributor This is not a job per se, but some very trustworthy members might receive low-responsability privileges as a reward for their participation to the life of BootlegZone. Usually they're granted the right to delete their own files or manage boxsets and publishers. Simply be very efficient and tell the section leader you don't want a full responsability job but simply the ability to be even more efficient. Usually:
  • ability to delete own draft files
  • Manage boxsets & publishers
Scan Master A scan master is in charge of the validation of the scans sent by users. He's the one who decides if a scan may be viewed by visitors or not. He also makes sure that submitted scans are of the right type (front cover, back, etc) and has the ability to delete scans if needed. Anybody may apply. As you'll have to download many scans, a high speed connection is more confortable.
  • Manage scans
Draft Files Master Your job is to open and read each draft file submitted and check info & fix errors in tracklistings. For very common errors you may of course ask the original contributor to fix them. You'll have the ability to edit other members' files, declare tracks as "accurate" or "core". You might also receive the privilege to create/edit identified song versions. To apply you must have a good knowledge of the artist's songs but also a good knowledge of the bootlegs catalogue. You should have a huge bootleg documentation (books, fanzines, websites) and collection to identify tracks as accurately as possible. Of course, a great knowledge of JADE is essential.
  • Edit other members' draft files
  • Create/edit accurate & core tracks
  • Create/edit identified versions
Bootlegs Master This job is in many ways identical to "Draft Files Master" but one of the main differences is that it allows to work on non-draft files. The objectives are the same: check info & fix errors in tracklistings. The Bootlegs Master also manages the bootlegs of the section and he can remove duplicates, take ownership, promote to definitive files, etc. He may also edit/move/delete Reviews and Trades. See "Draft Files Master"
  • Edit/delete other members' draft files
  • Create/edit accurate & core tracks
  • Create/edit identified versions
  • Edit/delete definitive files
  • Take ownership/promote files
  • Manage trades & reviews
Songs/Versions Expert The job of the Songs/Versions Expert is mainly to create Identified Versions for future use. Where the Bootlegs and Draft Files Masters work by bootleg, the S/V Expert work by song. His task for the week might be to enumerate/identify/create/document all the versions of a particular song. Although he has the ability to edit non-draft files and files created by other members, it's only to quick fix errors and/or define Identified Versions & Accurate/Core tracks. It is also his responsability to remove duplicate songs, fix typos in songs'/composers' names, create/edit song AKAs, replace all occurences of a song by another (don't worry, JADE tools help do this automatically). Same as "Draft Files Master"
  • Edit (but not delete) other members' draft files
  • Create/edit accurate & core tracks
  • Create/edit identified versions
  • Edit (but not delete) definitive files
  • Manage songs
Section leaders & website administrators
Job Description Requirements Privileges
Section Leader The section leader has all the aforementioned privileges and a few more like the ability to post News on BootlegZone and grant privileges to other users (basically to nominate new Section Helpers). His role is mainly to distribute work to the Section Helpers. Of course, his privileges allow him to help as well and until he has a full team of section helpers, that's probably what he'll have to do: do the job of section helpers. He is also the essential link between the visitors and his team. All requests should be sent to him and he'll inform the public of changes in his section (mostly using news messages). Maybe his knowledge of bootlegs should not be as important as most of the section helpers. Nevertheless, he should have the ability to direct people's work, have plenty of time and feel at ease with JADE tools & concepts. All the privileges (incl. ability to post news and grant privileges to users) except Admin privileges.
Website Admin The website admin is in charge of all the sections without a leader but he's also responsible for the whole server as a machine. He's the one who nominates Section Leaders.
He has special admin privileges like Users Management (delete/disable users, etc) or Sections Management (add/delete new sections). He also runs general statistics on the website to prevent downtimes. He's in charge of the backup of the database as well.
That job is already taken by me ! :-) All privileges + users management & sections management

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