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Mark Robinson
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Quick News
  [BootlegZone]    26 Feb 2002 19:55 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
New Draft File Editor System
I consider that Help is finished. Today, I've done some live tests on a Smashing Pumpkins draft file of mine.
You can see the results here
As you see it has not much to do with the usual text-only draft files you're used to. In fact, except for the scans (which need to be uploaded separately for now) and for the beatleg file (which needs to be built from data taken on the online database -- this is just the opposite as usual), it's just like a regular entry. Includings cross-referenced songs !

Tomorrow, I'll do some more live tests and some fine-tunings...
I feel that you'll be able to play with the new system in a few days ...

  [BootlegZone]    26 Feb 2002 16:11 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
Byrds And Monkees
I've opened Byrds and Monkees sections.

  [BootlegZone]    25 Feb 2002 18:35 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
Looking for Apple Singles in mp3
I'm looking for
- Mary Hopkin - Let My Name Be Sorrow (japanese version)
- Van Eaton bros - Mr Businessman

If you can help, please mail me !

Many thanks !

(in the meantime ... more scans are being uploaded)

  [BootlegZone]    24 Feb 2002 18:07 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
More artists on BootlegZone
The following artists sections opened upon request:
  • The Kinks
  • Neil Young
  • Kiss
  • Genesis
  • Radiohead
  • Iron Maiden
  • The Velvet Underground
  • Lou Reed

... and in the meantime more HQ scans (unclassified) were uploaded ...

  [BootlegZone]    17 Feb 2002 11:35 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
I'm not happy !
I just fixed a very important bug that occured with users having a "space character" in their user name.
This is a bug I discovered myself ! Why hasn't anybody told me earlier ? If you find something that does not seem to work as expected, I want you to warn me. I'm already doing my best to make sure that this site works with the three main internet browsers: IE, NS4 & 6 and Opera but I cannot test every possible configuration.

In the meantime, more scans are being uploaded...

  [BootlegZone]    16 Feb 2002 21:13 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
Another day ..
... and still no "new draft file editor" ....
I know ... I know ... I've been busy with other things and ... well the help system is not ready yet ... almost finished ... but not ready yet ...

I'm however offering you something else in the mean time ... you know that I have something like 20+ cds full of scans that were sent to me in the past months ... and also a lot of scans are still in my mailbox ... all are unclassified ... it will take me a long time before I link them with the correct tracklisting ... so, I've decided to put them all on the web ... that is, unclassified of course ... but at least they're there ... just like they were sent to me ... I've not processed them ... some are HQ scans ... some are not very good ... some might already be on the site elsewhere too ... but at least you know what I have and you can download them if you want ...

the link is http://www.bootlegzone.com/jfile_browser.php

well of course it will take some time before all the scans are uploaded but it's a background process and I can continue working on something else during the upload ... also, I'll try to include scans I've received by email ASAP...

And now, something completely different. You know that I do not run this site for money ... but that it costs me anyway $100 per month for the server ... no, no, I'm not asking you to send me donations ... but I'm thinking about the success of this site. We have here 500-600 visitors per day ... I need a good idea so I can at least get these $100 back ... anything ... advertising seems interesting but I don't want to go into a "click n pay" system ... I'm out of ideas for now ... so if you have one for me, mail me ... after all this site is yours too and it's only logical that if it's free for you it should be free for me ...

  [BootlegZone]    4 Feb 2002 19:33 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
New draft file editor almost ready
95% of the code is written. It's only missing administrators/super users functions. After that, I'll have to test it online (so far tests have been done on an offline test server).

Right now, I'm typing the help explaining how to use it ... BLAAAAAAH I hate this, this is boring work ... but I have to do it ..

It should be public by the end of the week I hope.

  [BootlegZone]    27 Jan 2002 09:30 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix section opened.

  [BootlegZone]    26 Jan 2002 09:31 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
One last word
About draft files:

  • before creating a draft file, MAKE SURE THE ALBUM IS NOT ON THE SITE YET !!
  • for the draft filename WHENEVER POSSIBLE, use the CD REFERENCE NUMBER. For example, if the reference number of a double CD set is KBR 428, type "kbr428-1" for the first cd, and "kbr428-2" for the second one. Do not use silly names like "mydraftfilenumber1" ...
  • Please type your tracklisting as soon as possible. I know most of you want to publish their trade list on the web but this website also lives thanks to tracklistings. Personnally, I would not trade for a disc whose contents are unknown to me....

  [BootlegZone]    26 Jan 2002 09:23 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
Electic Light Orchestra
I've opened an ELO section. I'm still working on the new draft file system. I'd say it's 25% complete, it's possible to edit tracks just as if it was the beatleg manager software. There's even a (sort of) autotext feature ! Should be ready in a week or two. I'm focusing all my efforts on this system before upgrading/adding any other bootleg to the database or uploading any HQ scans.

  [BootlegZone]    16 Jan 2002 17:47 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
I hate flu
Today, I have the flu.
I'm supposed to stay in bed but I hate wasting my time like that. So I decided to promote some items from draft files to regular entries ...
Click on "latest additions" for a list of what's been updated...

  [BootlegZone]    13 Jan 2002 11:20 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
What traders want
I've added two simple features that will allow you to see which items are most wanted and most owned. You can either list this by artist (click on the artist's section) or for the whole bootlegzone database (the link is the "bootlegzone" section at the very end of the left navigation pane). And of course, these lists are compared to yours! This should help you find even more traders.

Also opened Eric Clapton and David Bowie sections.

  [BootlegZone]    12 Jan 2002 17:46 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
Trade Center Batch Additions !
I've worked on these scripts all day long: you can now add/modify several entries in your trade/want/in-process lists at once !

How does it work ? Well, either list albums alphabetically or by publisher, or go to your trade/want list; you'll notice checkboxes on the left of each album name, select the albums you want to add/modify. Then, you'll find at the end of the page, a form where all fields are optional. Just fill the fields you want to modify and click Submit. Much faster than doing this for each album.

I don't have much time right now to explain all the possibilities of this new feature but if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask me, by mail or leave me a message or post your question on the forum ... whatever

Other things I'm working on: I'm currently compiling questions for a sort of Bootlegzone FAQ ...
Also still working on a special enhancement for draft files ... but this will take some time ...

  [BootlegZone]    7 Jan 2002 18:36 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
More speed
I'm currently working on some site speed optimization ... you should already notice that the big pages on bootlegzone load faster than before (particularly if you're using a simple modem) simply because they're smaller.
In the next few days, I'll work on a better way to add items to your trade/want lists. I'm thinking about batch additions/editions.
Also I'm thinking about a simple interface so you can enter more detailed draft files (using the bootlegzone database to identify songs more easily), maybe something like an extra-light version of the Beatleg Software that would allow only editing of entries ... I'll probably code this in Java so it would be cross platform. I'll see what I can do ...

  [BootlegZone]    30 Dec 2001 16:57 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
Trades in process
This is something that was missing: list your trades in process. This is now done, usage is the same as for the trade/want list. Now you now anytime which bootlegs will arrive soon in your hands ..

  [BootlegZone]    28 Dec 2001 19:00 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
New artists
Don't know if you noticed, but I've opened Police/Sting sections, as well as Elvis Presley.

Ok, now I'll have a look at all these draft files and see what I can promote ...

  [BootlegZone]    21 Dec 2001 09:27 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
Bugs fixes
Some bugs fixes here and there particularly for the login access.
If you were not using cookies, a fatal error would appear ... this has been fixed ...
If you have any trouble logging in, don't hesitate to mail me.
Some recommendations when you input your freshly received password:
  • Make sure you type the password exactly as it it. For example, don't be confused by "I" and "l" (one is "i" upper case, the other is "L" lower case)
  • If you copy/paste your password make sure it doesn't start or end with spaces !
Also I've noticed that Netscape 4 can be particularly slow before logging in... I don't know what can be the cause of this but keep trying and in the end it will log in.

  [BootlegZone]    20 Dec 2001 15:37 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
New powerful feature
I received several emails, messages of people wanting to include ALL their collection on bootlegzone. Of course this was (nudge ! nudge !) not possible because BootlegZone does not present every bootleg release on earth ...

Well, I've worked all day and (YES !), I've been able to do something about it. You can now create draft files. Draft files are used to include tracklistings not yet on BootlegZone. Any BootlegZone member can create draft files. Draft files are viewable by all visitors. It is possible to add reviews to draft files. And members can add draft files to their want/trade lists.
To create new draft files and list the draft files you've created (only you can edit your draft files), simply click on "My Draft Files" (in "My BootlegZone" navigation panel). When you create a new draft file, I'll be automatically warned and if I have some free time, I might promote the draft file to a regular entry in the database (don't forget to send me HQ scans !). So draft files are a way to temporary list discs not in the database.
Before you create a draft file, please, verify & double-check, that the disc does not exist on BootlegZone yet. This is to avoid duplicates and secure database integrity.

I now realize that with that new very powerful feature, the site can live without me or almost ...
In fact, this will allow me to concentrate on errors hunting ... I want BootlegZone to be the most accurate Beatleg site available !

On the occasion of the "draft files" features, I've decided to open new artists sections that were requested a long time ago, that is: Bob Dylan, Yes, Smashing Pumpkins, Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett and Led Zeppelin.
If you want me to open other sections, mail me !

Bye all, enjoy life & this website !

  [BootlegZone]    19 Dec 2001 14:41 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
Two new features
It is now possible to know which members are online ! So you can easily contact them ... wait ! how will they now for sure that they have received a message from you ? what if they don't pay attention to the "you have x new messages" warning ? well the answer is simple, if they have turned the new Online notification feature on, a popup wil appear everytime they receive a new message !
This option is available in your profile, make sure it is turned on so you are instantly notified of new messages !

  [BootlegZone]    19 Dec 2001 00:21 CEST    by TilleulLatest updates
Full speed ahead !
I've optimized speed queries as much as I can for now ...
The change is drastic: much of the pages load 2-3 times faster ... this is particularly true for the "core collection" & "completists" pages but also for the page that displays all versions of a song ... during my tests, I saw "12-bar Original" loaded in less than 2 seconds... before the optimization it was 5-7 seconds ...

Hey hey ! Already 230+ members ! in only 60 hours ! great ! great !

I've added a live counter ... just to see how many of you are connected at the same time on bootlegzone ...

I've also added a box on the right (there ---> with the latest reviews posted ... don't hesitate to post yours ! We all wanna know what you think of that obscure bootleg you're the only one to possess !

OK, enough optimization for today ... tomorrow (and up to Xmas) I'm on vacation ... so ... I guess I'll work a little for bootlegzone ... I'll continue to upgrade the old tracklistings (to add more Core collection items for instance) ... and I'll probably thrown in some new tracklistings too ...

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