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BootlegZone FAQ

BootlegZone and membership

What is BootlegZone ?

BootlegZone is a website dedicated to bootlegs. On BootlegZone, you'll find numerous tracklistings of many bootlegs by different artists. This seems pretty common, that's true, but there's more. All tracklistings on BootlegZone are cross-referenced. This means that you'll be able to click on song names and this will bring you more links to other tracklistings, other songs versions. In this way, you're certain to know everything about any song by your favourite band. You'll know which versions are available and where to find them.
But there's even more. On BootlegZone, you can post your trade/want lists. BootlegZone offers many trading facilities. You'll easily find new traders all around the world and you'll be able to compare their lists with yours.
And there's even more. On BootlegZone, you'll find hundreds of High Quality scans for you to download and to print.
And (again) there's even more. You may add new bootlegs entries in BootlegZone's database. This way you help BootlegZone grow and you make sure your complete collection is on the web. And there are many other little surprises that you'll surely enjoy.
Most of these features are available only to BootlegZone members.

BootlegZone members ? How much will it cost me ?

Nothing. It's totally free. All you have to do is sign in. Your email is required only for authentification purposes and will never be sold/given to anyone. You can be totally anonymous on BootlegZone, even if you're a member.

Hold on ! Hold on ! Is BootlegZone legal ?

As you know, bootlegs are not legal. This depends from a country to another but in most cases, it's illegal to sell bootlegs while owning bootlegs is legal or semi-legal.
Bootlegzone does not encourage bootlegs nor piracy. BootlegZone is not affiliated to bootleggers.
The only thing we do is provide a way for bootlegs collectors to discover new horizons, new traders.
Also we have strict rules: we do not authorize the trading of legal records and we do not authorize the selling of bootlegs using BootlegZone trading facilities.

Where are the sound files ?

Stop. Please re-read the previous question.
You will not find any MP3 on BootlegZone because it's illegal.

How do I register ?

On the main page of the site, you'll find a link in the upper left corner titled Register. Simply follow this link and the instructions.

Why do you need my email ?

I can assure you that this is only for authentification purposes. We will not flood your emailbox with advertisements nor give your email to anyone. We need your address so we can send you a password for you to log in.

I have not received my password !

Usually this process is pretty fast. Within minutes after your online registration you should get an email. However, sometimes, email system (either BootlegZone's or your ISP's) may be busy or down. If within 24 hours you have not received anything and that your ISP's mail server seems to work fine, it is probable you have misspelled your email address. Do not create a new member account ! Simply contact us and tell us what's happening.

How do I log in ?

On the main page of the site, you'll find a link in the upper left corner titled Log in. Simply follow this link and the instructions.

My password does not work !

This is a message I receive 10 times a week. In most cases (99% easily), you misspelled your password. Please follow carefully the instructions that were given to you. The password you receive is generated randomly and is made of five or six UPPER CASE letters (no numbers, no 'weird' characters, just simple letters). User names are case-sensitive as well.

Imagine you have just registered as joepublic. You have received the following password TINGRA. Here's a quick overview of what'll happen if you type your username and password differently.

User name typedPassword typedSuccess/Failure
joepublicTINGRASuccess: you have typed your username/password as supplied
joepublictingraFailure: passwords are case sensitive
JOEPUBLICTINGRASuccess: but you really should have typed your username as provided
joe publicTINGRAFailure: your username is joepublic without a 'space' character in the middle
joepublictINGRAFailure: passwords are case sensitive and you've typed the first letter in lower case
rezaghjklfdsghsFailure: you've just fallen on your keyboard

If you still cannot login, you may either
  • click the "I forgot my password" option to receive instructions on how to create a new password if you've lost yours.
  • contact us and explain what's happening. In this case, we need to know what is your OS (Windows version, MacOS, Linux), your browser version and if you use cookies or not. And of course we need your user name and password
Remember: there are hundreds of registered members, if you can't log in, there're 99% chances that YOU made a mistake somewhere.

I've lost my password

Use the "I forgot my password" option on the login screen. You'll receive a mail explaining how you can get a new one.

Can't you just send my password instead ?

First, I really have no time to do this kind of thing every time someone forgets his password. And second, passwords are encrypted and I cannot decrypt them.

I don't remember my username ... or ...
I don't remember my password but I can't receive a new password by mail because my email address has changed.

Send me a mail about your problem and specify what email you've used to register !

I don't like my password. Can I change it ?

Of course you can ! This is explained here.

I want to change my username. Is it possible ?


How do I unsubscribe from Bootlegzone (delete my user) ?

You can't (for now ? this is something that I need to decide).
Any user who has not logged in for 6 months is disabled/deleted. In the meantime, hide your email to all (see Profile), deactivate the Bootlegzone Sentry (if needed) and set the "invisible" flag on all your trade items (see Trade Center). This way you'll be like "playing dead".

My old Beatleg Project username appears here and there on Bootlegzone. Can you replace it with my actual Bootlegzone name ?

Yes. Send me an email.

I'm logged in. What's next ?

If you're not familiar with the website yet, I recommend you read the next section (Visiting BootlegZone) or you may jump here to manage your profile.

Visiting BootlegZone

What is the site structure ?

BootlegZone is divided in sections. Each section is devoted to one particular artist. Each section has its own news, tracklistings, cross-referenced songlists, latest additions, core collection items etc.

I have to scroll pages a lot before accessing the information I want !

I know this might be a problem for some users. I really can't do much agains that. BootlegZone is a site filled with information. For some artists sections, it's one of the best on the web and it has info not available elsewhere. To read this info, it's best to switch your monitor to the highest acceptable resolution.
640x480 screens are too small for BootlegZone.
800x600 is the minimum.
1024x768 is good and will allow you to appreciate your visit on BootlegZone. Higher resolutions are even better.
If you cannot change your monitor's resolution, I suggest you change the font size displayed by your browser. This might help a bit in some cases.

Where are the tracklistings ?

First you must choose a section. On the left side of the screen you have a list of all the artists/bands currently supported by BootlegZone.
Once you've entered the artist section, you'll see the latest news related to that section. On your right, you'll find the latest additions to the section (albums and scans) and the latest reviews of albums for the artist selected.
You should also see a menu on the left:
  • Section news: this will display the main page of the section, including the latest news
  • Latest updates: this will bring a list of the latest tracklistings added to the section, ordered chronologically.
  • All files by publisher: on BootlegZone, tracklistings are often called files. Clicking this link will show you a list of publishers. Select one to display all the albums published by that label for the current artist.
  • All files alphabetically: displays an alphabetical list of files.
  • (an input box): this text box allows you to type a few words if you're searching for a particular bootleg title. Type "Glasgow" and you'll display a list of albums including the word "Glasgow" in their title. Type "Ultra Rare" to get a list of titles including the exact "Ultra Rare" words.
  • Core collection: this will the best source bootlegs for the particular artist. This way you know which bootlegs you should absolutely get if you want to have the best sounding quality. Notice that "core" listings are subject to change and that they're built day after day. This is compared with your trade list.
  • Completist's collection: this will list all the song versions known to exist and where to find them. This is compared with your trade list.
  • Songs encyclopedia: this is the songs index. From there, you'll be able to search for songs, then list songs versions, recording details, differences between versions, etc. And of course you'll know where to find the songs.
  • (an input box): this text box allows you to type a few words if you're searching for a particular song. Type "girl" to find all songs titles including the word "girl".
  • Most owned/Most wanted: these two lists are great indices to know which bootlegs are hot today. Which ones are the most sought after. And which ones are the most owned. Interesting statistics. Of course, all these are compared with your trade lists.

What are all these icons in the albums lists ?

Well most of them are explained in a legend box at the top of the list. However, you might also see:

So, where ARE the tracklistings ?

Now that you have displayed a list of albums, simply click on an album name.
Notice that if you click on the publisher name, you'll display a list of all albums released by that publisher for the current artist.

Great. What can I do from here ?

Right below the album title, you should see 4 choices.
  • Reviews: will display the members' reviews for the current album, and allow you to post/edit your own review. You must be logged to post/edit your own review.
  • Want lists: will display a list of members wanting the current album.
  • Trade lists: will display a list of members owning the current album.
  • Add to my trade/want list: will allow you to add the current album to your want/trade list (you must be logged) (see trade center)
Then below, you have the main scan and the tracklisting.

Where are the HQ scans ?

First, not all bootlegs have HQ scans. It all depends on what members have submitted.
If the album has no main scan, then it has no HQ scan either.
However, below the main scan, you'll see a dropdown list of HQ scans for the current album. Select the one you want and click the "Go" button.

My member profile

... in construction ...
how to edit profile, password, ratings, etc

Getting bootlegs

... in construction ...

BootlegZone Trade Center

What is the BootlegZone Trade Center ?

The BootlegZone Trade Center (BZTC in short) is a set of tools that will allow you to manage your bootleg collection on the web. This feature is unique because, as opposed to other website, BZ is not "trade-list" centered but "Disc centered". Most of the websites proposing "Trading" features allow you to publish your trade-list and that's it. But BootlegZone proposes to link your trade list with any album in the BootlegZone database. This has several advantages.
  1. All the bootlegs you own will have tracklistings, so if a potential trader doesn't know what's on the bootleg, the details are just one click away
  2. All the bootlegs you own will be clearly identified (no more: "is this the Yellow Dog version or the Vigotone one ?")
  3. Since all the bootlegs you own are identified, all the bootlegs you're looking for are identified as well, this allows you to specify exactly what you're looking for.
  4. This also automatically "connects/links" you with other traders: in a few seconds you'll know who owns the album you're looking for. Or who's looking for an album you own.
  5. Even if nobody owns the album you're looking for, you may ask the BootlegZone Sentry to warn you when someone includes this album in his collection
  6. At any time, you may have a list of all your potential traders. Potential traders are members who own at least one album you're looking for AND are wanting at least one album you own.
  7. From any bootleg page on Bootlegzone you have access to the list of the members who own that bootleg or are looking for that bootleg.
  8. And last but not least: since BZTC is a very powerful and efficient feature, members are willing to add new albums to the BootlegZone database and this is good for the whole BootlegZone community.

A few definitions

These are some definitions for non-english members but it also explains the usage of some terms often used on BootlegZone.
  • Item: either something you own or something you want. It's a general word for "albums", "bootlegs", "books", "videos", etc.
  • Trade: give an item and receive another item in return. Usually. Sometimes you may agree on special trades like "2 items for 1" or "1 for free", etc...
  • Trader: person willing to trade
  • Bad Trader: trader who didn't fulfill his part of the trade
  • Want-list: a list of items you want
  • Collection: a list of items you already own
  • In-Process list: a list of items you've engaged a trade for
  • Trade list: synonym for "Collection"
  • Trade lists: (notice the final 'S') general term grouping your Collection, your Want-list (and your In-Process list)
  • Trader ratings: once a trade is complete, you may rate the person you've traded with, this is good publicity for free. Or bad publicity if the trade was a rip-off.
  • Original (CD/DVD/etc): simply means that the item is genuine.
  • 1st generation copy: copy of an original/genuine item
  • 2nd generation copy: copy of a 1st generation copy or copy of another 2nd generation copy

How do I access my trade lists ?

In the upper left corner of each page on BootlegZone, you'll see a set of links to each one of your lists.

My lists are empty ! How do I add items to my lists ?

You have two choices. You may add one item at a time. Or multiple items at once (we call this latter technique "Batch" addition).
On every bootleg page, you have a link titled "Add to my trade/want list" as seen in the screenshot on the right. Right below that link you have a reminder telling you if the item is in your collection, trade-list, in-process list or none of these. If the item IS in your lists, clicking the aforementioned link will modify the entry in your lists.
Whether the item will be added or modified, the procedure is the same and we'll describe it in a minute.
Another possibility to add one item at a time is to list all items by an artist either alphabetically or by publisher. In both cases, you'll notice a "hand-shaking" icon. Clicking this icon has the same result as clicking the "Add to my trade/want list" link described above ...

... and brings the form displayed on the right ...
In this example, the item was not in our lists yet. If it had been, some fields would already have been filled, giving you the ability to modify them.
  • Add to: where do you want to add (or move if it's already in your lists) the item ? Notice that if the item is an official/commercial release (i.e. not a bootleg) you're only choice here is "My Collection" because you are not allowed to trade official releases.
  • Don't display ...: this will hide items in your Collection only. If for some reason you don't want people to know that you own a particular item, you may request it to be invisible to all but you.
  • Media: here all depends if you're adding the item to your collection or your want list.
    Original means you own an original of the item (if you're adding the item to your collection) or you want a copy of an original (if you're adding the item to your want list)
    Type of media makes sense really when "Original" is unchecked.
    Example (you're adding the item to your collection): if the item is a CD and you only have a copy of it on CDR (1st or 2nd generation copy), you should select "CDR" in the list and uncheck "Original".
    Example (you're adding the item to your want list): if the original item is a CD but you don't need a copy of the original and that a copy of a CDR is enough for you, you should select "CDR" in the list. It means "I'm looking for this item and I will accept a copy of a copy if needed".
  • Short comments: type here any comments you want regarding the item you own/want. For example: "1st generation copy. No artwork."
  • Sentry Mode: this activates (or not) the Bootlegzone Sentry. The Sentry will warn you (by mail) when another member adds the current item to his collection (if you're looking for the item) or want list (if you own the item).
When you're ready, all you have to do is press the "Submit" button and the item is added to your lists !

Now let's see how to add several items in one shot. Come back to the list of items sorted by publishers or alphabetically. Next to each title, you'll see checkboxes (as shown on the screenshot on the right). Select the albums you want to add/modify.
At the very end of this list you'll see a similar form as the one explained above. The main difference being that it will affect ALL the items you've selected.
Other differences is that you may choose to NOT change certain parameters. You also have the ability to remove items from your lists using this form.
If you type in some comments, don't forget to mark the checkbox above or your comments will be ignored. Also, remember that these comments affect ALL the items you've selected.

OK, now I have items in my lists ! How do I manage my lists ?

It's very simple. Go to any of the lists you want to manage. They all look very similar and are very straightforward. You'll notice little checkboxes on the left of the items' names, mark the items you'll modify using the Trade Center Batch Editing form at the bottom of the page.
There are two status marks. The first one indicates if the item in your list is visible to other members.
The second one indicates if the BootlegZone Sentry is active for the item.
You also have the ability to move items from one list to another in just one click or to modify the item's details. This brings back the well-known form.

What's the use of the "In-Process" list ?

When you have agreed on a trade with another member, you may move items from your want-list to your in-process list. This way they don't appear anymore as items you want but they don't appear yet as items you own either. This will prevent other users to contact you for a trade about these items.
Also you may use the "Short comments" field described before to indicate comments like "Oct 7th: In a trade with UserX, UserX@somedomain.com".

OK that's for my trade lists but how do I know about the lists of other traders ?

Simply click on the name of another member and you'll have access to his lists. Read here for details.

How do I know who wants or owns a particular item ?

Please read this.

What is the list of potential traders ?

This simply lists all the members owning items (at least one) you want and wanting items (at least one) you own.
  • User #1 owns 3 albums we want while we own 3 albums he wants. He's very likely to be interested by such an even trade.
  • User #2 on the other hand owns only 1 album we want while we own 6 albums he want. He'll probably be interested to get these albums he's looking for but we won't find much of interest in his collection.
  • User #3, finally, is just the opposite: he has a lot for us but we don't have much for him. It will be hard to get these 5 albums from him if the only thing we can give him is one album in exchange.

How do I print my trade lists ?

Next to each of your list there's a printer icon
Click it and your list will open up in a new page. All you have to do now is to use the "Print" feature of your internet browser.

The other members

... in construction ...
other member's profiles, ratings, trade lists, sending messages, etc

Beatleg Software

... in construction ...

In short:
the Beatleg Software is not supported anymore
nothing is planned to release a new version
the latest release does NOT support BootlegZone
the Beatleg files are not available anymore for download
there's no need to send me Beatleg files I won't add them to the site
Scans lists for Beatleg are not updated anymore
I don't sell the software anymore
And I can't give you free licenses anyway)

Tilleul -- The webmaster

... in construction ...
In short:

My email is beatleg@easynet.be

it may take several days/weeks before I actually reply to an email
I will not reply to mails asking questions answered in the FAQ
I'm not interested in trades
I don't know anything about any bootleg (particularly those NOT listed on BZ)
I cannot tell you the value of that item you own (I don't know if it's rare, why the artwork is different etc)
I don't sell bootlegs
don't send me scans, use the anonymous FTP upload instead (see JADE)
post suggestions for bootlegzone on the forum (there's a 'sticky' post in 'Bootlegzone' section)

Copyright © 1996-2020 BootlegZone & Franēois Vander Linden
It is forbidden to use anything present on these pages for ANY KIND of project without appropriate permission.

These pages require a minimum resolution of 800x600. A higher resolution is highly recommended for a better browsing experience.

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