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Miles Davis

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Miles Davis
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The following items are not for sale. This is only a list of what exists. The webmaster does not know where to find them and does not own them, so please don't ask. Thanks.

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Miles Davis Sextet1959-08-25 New York, Birdland (Radio - AFRS) Naughty Dog    
Miles Davis Quintet1969-06-21-29 - Blue Coronet Club, Brookly, New York, NY (Show 1) (Aud) Naughty Dog    
Miles Davis Septet1970-10-15 - Fillmore West Auditorium, San Francisco, CA [KPFA-FM Broadcast] Naughty Dog    
Miles DavisAnother Day Of Black Beauty (Live 1970-04-12 In San Francisco) Further AlongFAP-014   
Miles Davis QuintetBerlin 1967 (Live 1967-11-04 In Berlin) -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles Davis And The Lost QuintetBitches Brew In Rotterdam (Live 1969-11-09 In Rotterdam) -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles DavisComplete Friday Miles (Live 1970-06-17 In New York) Seymour RecordSR-001   
Miles DavisComplete Live At Paul's Mall 1972 (Live 1972-09-14 In Boston) Cone CollectionsCC-002   
Miles DavisCopenhagen Live 1960 (Live 1960-03-24 In Copenhagen) -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles Davis QuintetCôte Blues (Live 1963-07-26 In Juan Les Pins) Jazz Music YesterdayJMY 1010-2   
Miles Davis QuintetElectric Harmonie (Live 1969-11-7 In Berlin) OverLord Vision    
Miles DavisExpo '86 Vancouver (Disc 1) Unknown    
Miles DavisExpo '86, Vancouver (Disc 2) Unknown    
Miles DavisFillmore East 1970 - Vol. 1 Unknown    
Miles DavisFillmore East 1970 - Vol. 2 Unknown    
Miles DavisIt's About That Time CD1 Sony Music EntertainmentCK85192   
Miles DavisIt's About That Time CD2 Sony Music EntertainmentCK85193   
Miles DavisJarrett Chancler's Attack (Live 1971-10-21 In Milan) Seymour RecordSR-014   
Miles DavisKing Of Trumpets FlashbackFlashback 07.93.0211   
Charlie Parker Quintet With Miles DavisLive 1946-03-xx Los Angeles -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles Davis SextetLive 1950-02-18 New York -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles Davis QuintetLive 1960-09-27 Manchester (Early & Late) -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles DavisLive 1964-07-12 Tokyo -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles Davis QuintetLive 1964-10-01 Paris -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles Davis QuintetLive 1967-04-07 Berkeley -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles Davis SextetLive 1970-04-09 San Francisco -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles DavisLive 1970-04-12 San Francisco -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles Davis SeptetLive 1970-10-15 San Francisco -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles Davis SeptetLive 1971-10-21 Milan -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles Davis SeptetLive 1971-11-06 Berlin -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles DavisLive 1971-11-07 Uppsala -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles DavisLive 1971-11-08 Copenhagen -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles Davis SeptetLive 1973-07-20 Juan-Les Pins -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles Davis SeptetLive 1973-10-29 Copenhagen -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles Davis SeptetLive 1973-11-01 Berlin -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles Davis SeptetLive 1973-11-07 Belgrade -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles DavisLive 1981-10-11 Fukuoka -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles DavisLive 1981-11-04 Boston -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles DavisLive 1982-05-02 Paris -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles DavisLive 1983-04-12 Paris -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles DavisLive 1983-04-13 Paris -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles DavisLive 1983-10-31 Paris -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles Davis Band With Chick CoreaLive 1984-07-07 Wiesen -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles DavisLive 1984-11-06 Paris -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles DavisLive 1985-04-20 Long Beach -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles DavisLive 1985-07-15 Nice -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles DavisLive 1985-07-17 Nice -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles DavisLive 1985-07-22 Paris -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles DavisLive 1986-04-06 New York -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles DavisLive 1986-07-13 Nice -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles DavisLive 1986-07-15 Nice -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles DavisLive 1986-07-16 Nice -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles DavisLive 1986-07-20 Nice -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles DavisLive 1986-07-27 Pescara -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles DavisLive 1986-11-04 Paris -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles DavisLive 1987-06-30 Paris -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles DavisLive 1988-07-05 Paris -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles DavisLive 1988-07-13 Nice -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles DavisLive 1988-07-14 Nice -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles DavisLive 1988-07-31 Tokyo -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles DavisLive 1990-07-17 Nice -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles Davis GroupLive 1990-10-14 Leverkusen -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles DavisLive 1991-06-09 Detroit -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles DavisLive At On The Corner (Live 1972-09-24 In Philadelphia) Super SonicSS 202057   
Miles Davis SextetLive In London 1982 (Live 1982-04-20 In London) FootstompFSVD-004   
Miles DavisLyon, France - April 15 1983 -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles DavisMiles In Berlin (Live 1969-11-7 In Berlin) Super SonicSS 201058   
Miles DavisMiles In Paris Four Aces RecordsFAR 006   
Miles DavisMontreal 1982 Unknown    
Miles DavisMore Black Beauty (Live 1970-04-11 In San Francisco) Super SonicSS 201056   
Miles DavisNever Be The Same (Live 1985-07-28 & 1981-10-4) Seymour RecordSV-003   
Prince Feat. Miles DavisNew Year's Eve (Live 1987-12-31 & 1988-01-1 In Minneapolis) Sparkle DiscSYD-001   
Miles Davis & FriendsParis 1991 (Live 1991-07-10 In Paris) Hot ChocolateHC-006   
Miles Davis QuintetPlays It Cool (Live 1967-10-31 & 1967-10-27) FootstompFSDVD-016   
Renz Urtreger Quarter With Miles DavisThe Amsterdam Concert (Live 1957-12-08 In Amsterdam) -Unknown Publisher_    
Miles DavisThree Shows (Disc 1) (Live 1975-01-23 In Tokyo) YSPYSP-0606001-6   
Miles DavisThree Shows (Disc 2) (Live 1975-01-23 In Tokyo) YSPYSP-0606001-6   
Miles DavisThree Shows (Disc 3) (Live 1975-02-7 In Tokyo) YSPYSP-0606001-6   
Miles DavisThree Shows (Disc 4) (Live 1975-02-7 In Tokyo) YSPYSP-0606001-6   
Miles DavisThree Shows (Disc 5) (Live 1975-02-8 In Tokyo) YSPYSP-0606001-6   
Miles DavisThree Shows (Disc 6) (Live 1975-02-8 In Tokyo) YSPYSP-0606001-6   
Miles DavisTokyo 1973 Re-Broadcast (Disc 1) (Live 1973-06-20 In Tokyo) -Unknown Publisher_SPD-002   
Miles DavisTokyo 1973 Re-Broadcast (Disc 2) (Live 1973-06-19 In Tokyo) -Unknown Publisher_SPD-002   
Miles DavisTokyo 1973 Re-Broadcast (Disc 3) (Live 1973-06-19 In Tokyo) -Unknown Publisher_SPD-002   
Various ArtistsVARIOUS ARTISTS - Message To Love - The Isle Of Wight Festival 1970 Disc 2 Castle Communications    
Various ArtistsVARIOUS ARTISTS - Message To Love -The Isle Of Wight Festival - The Movie (DVD2) Unknown    
Miles DavisWe Want Miles (Live 1981-10-4 In Tokyo) FootstompFSDVD-008   
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