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PJ Harvey

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PJ Harvey
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The following items are not for sale. This is only a list of what exists. The webmaster does not know where to find them and does not own them, so please don't ask. Thanks.

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PJ Harvey1991 Concerts (DVD) Unknown    
PJ HarveyAustralia And Europe (DVD) Unknown    
PJ HarveyEVOLution DVD1 Newrose62 Productions    
PJ HarveyEVOLution DVD2 Newrose62 Productions    
PJ HarveyInterview 2008-01-10 Dave Fanning (PJ Harvey Talks With Dave Fanning 2006) DVD Unknown    
PJ HarveyLive 1992-06-08 Pinkpop Festival (VCD) Unknown    
PJ HarveyLive 1992-06-28 Glastonbury (DVD) Unknown    
PJ HarveyLive 1992-06-28 Glastonbury (VCD) Unknown    
PJ HarveyLive 1993-07-01 Metro, Chicago (DVD) Unknown    
PJ HarveyLive 1993-07-01 Metro, Chicago [+ Promos, TV, Reading Tracks] (DVD) Newrose62 Productions    
PJ HarveyLive 1993-07-08 Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver (DVD) Newrose62 Productions    
PJ HarveyLive 1995-02-22 San Diego, NARM Convention (DVD) Newrose62 Productions    
PJ HarveyLive 1995-05-11 London, Kentish Town Forum (DVD) zeez    
PJ HarveyLive 1995-05-28 Toronto, Phoenix + 1995-06-29 Roskilde (DVD) Unknown    
PJ HarveyLive 1995-06-03 Washington, RFK Stadium (DVD) Unknown    
PJ HarveyLive 1995-06-24 Glastonbury Festival (SBD/AUD Synch) DVD babybreese    
PJ HarveyLive 1995-06-27 Haifa (DVD) Unknown    
PJ HarveyLive 1995-06-29 Roskilde (Through Fire And Water) (DVD) Rage Tapr    
PJ HarveyLive 1995-09-20 Philadelphia, The Spectrum (DVD) Unknown    
PJ HarveyLive 1998-08-16 St Malo, La Route Du Rock (DVD) Unknown    
PJ HarveyLive 1998-08-21 Köln, Bizarre Festival (DVD) Newrose62 Productions    
PJ HarveyLive 1998-09-14 Paris Black Sessions (VCD) Unknown    
PJ HarveyLive 1998-09-14 Paris, Cabaret Sauvage (Black Sessions) DVD Unknown    
PJ HarveyLive 1998-09-14 Paris, Cabaret Sauvage (Cabaret Sauvage 1998) DVD Unknown    
PJ HarveyLive 1998-11-01 Theatre Of The Living Arts, Philadelphia (DVD) Unknown    
PJ HarveyLive 1998-11-05 New York [Snake Sessions] (DVD) Unknown    
PJ HarveyLive 1998-11-23 Milan, Rolling Stone (DVD-Audio) Howling LegHL-158   
PJ HarveyLive 1998-12-13 London, Shepherds Bush Empire (DVD) Newrose62 Productions    
PJ HarveyLive 2000-12-01 Toronto, The Phoenix (DVD) Unknown    
PJ HarveyLive 2000-12-07 Philadelphia, TLA (DVD) Unknown    
PJ HarveyLive 2001-02-12 Shepherd's Bush Empire VCD1 Unknown    
PJ HarveyLive 2001-02-12 Shepherd's Bush Empire VCD2 Unknown    
PJ HarveyLive 2001-02-13 London, Shepherds Bush Empire DVD Unknown    
PJ HarveyLive 2001-09-08 Philadelphia, Electric Factory (DVD) Hellish    
PJ HarveyLive 2001-09-30 Brixton Academy [Polly Calling - Brixton 2001] (DVD) Newrose62 Productions    
PJ HarveyLive 2003-08-15 St Austell's, Cornwall - Eden Project (DVD) Unknown    
PJ HarveyLive 2004-06-10 Amsterdam, Heineken Music Hall (Audience Recording) DVD-Audio Howling LegHL-162   
PJ HarveyLive 2004-06-13 Athens (Electron Nights) (DVD) Unknown    
PJ HarveyLive 2004-06-26 Scheeßel, Hurricane Festival (DVD) Newrose62 Productions    
PJ HarveyLive 2004-07-03 Eurockéennes - Main Stage [Harder...till I Moan] (DVD) Crime Crow Productions    
PJ HarveyLive 2004-07-06 Montreux Jazz Festival, Miles Davis Hall (DVD) Newrose62 Productions    
PJ HarveyLive 2004-07-11 Balado, T In The Park (VCD) Unknown    
PJ HarveyLive 2004-07-13 Somerset House, London (DVD) Newrose62 Productions    
PJ HarveyLive 2004-07-15 Brixton Academy (DVD) Unknown    
PJ HarveyLive 2004-07-18 Festival De Vilar De Mouros (DVD) Kobra Records    
PJ HarveyLive 2004-07-30 Fuji Rock Festival (VCD) Unknown    
PJ HarveyLive 2004-08-24 BBC Four Sessions (DVD) Unknown    
PJ HarveyLive 2004-09-09 Cambridge, Corn Exchange (DVD) Unknown    
PJ HarveyLive 2004-10-10 Electric Factory, Philadelphia (DVD) Unknown    
PJ HarveyLive 2004-11-06 TIM Festival Sao Paolo, Et Al (DVD) Unknown    
PJ HarveyLive 2006-05-26 Hay Festival Of Literature And The Arts (War Clothes) DVD zeez    
PJ HarveyLive 2007-09-29 London, Royal Albert Hall (DVD) Unknown    
PJ HarveyLive 2007-10-16 Tonight Show With Jay Leno (VCD) Friday   
PJ Harvey & John ParishLive 2009-04-15 Brighton, Corn Exchange (DVD) Unknown    
PJ Harvey & John ParishLive 2009-04-16 Oxford Brookes Student Union (DVD-Audio) Howling LegHL-228   
PJ Harvey & John ParishLive 2009-04-18 Bristol, Anson Rooms (DVD-Audio) Howling LegHL-229   
PJ Harvey & John ParishLive 2009-04-20 London, Shepherds Bush Empire (DVD) Unknown    
PJ Harvey & John ParishLive 2009-04-21 London, Shepherds Bush Empire (DVD) Unknown    
PJ Harvey & John ParishLive 2009-04-22 Birmingham Town Hall (Source 1) DVD-Audio UnknownHL-232   
PJ Harvey & John ParishLive 2009-05-07 Berlin, Astra Kulturhaus (DVD-Audio) Howling LegHL-227   
PJ Harvey & John ParishLive 2009-05-18 Paris, Le Bataclan (Bougez Votre Cul, Les Parisiens!) DVD-Audio Howling LegHL-236   
PJ Harvey & John ParishLive 2009-06-09 New York, Beacon Theatre (DVD-Audio) Howling LegHL96-081   
PJ Harvey & John ParishLive 2009-06-12 Letterman (VCD) Unknown   
PJ HarveyLive 2009-07-25 Camp Bestival, Dorset (DVD-Audio) Howling LegHL96-078   
PJ Harvey & John ParishLive 2009-11-08 Live From Abbey Road (DVD) Unknown    
PJ HarveyLive 2010-04-18 Andrew Marr Show (DVD) Unknown   
PJ HarveyMTV2 Special VCD Unknown    
PJ HarveyPlaces In Time (DVD) Newrose62 Productions    
PJ HarveyPro-shot TV 1995-1996 (DVD) Unknown    
PJ HarveyReeling (DVD) Unknown    
PJ HarveyShame (DVD Single) Island RecordsCIDV873  
PJ HarveyTo Bring You My Love (1995 EU LP) DVD-Audio NoOneIsThere    
PJ HarveyTurmix Perfils 33 TV (DVD) Unknown    
PJ HarveyTV Appearances (DVD) Unknown500.040   
Various ArtistsVARIOUS ARTISTS - Britpop On...'The White Room' & 'Britpop Now' (DVD) Mark JonesMJDVD32   
PJ HarveyWhite Chalk (UK Island 12'') DVD-Audio Kel Bazar    
PJ HarveyWhite Chalk Compilation (DVD) Unknown    
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