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Black Sabbath

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Black Sabbath: All files sorted alphabetically

Black Sabbath
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Black Sabbath13 Down Under (Disc 1) (Live 2013-04-29 In Melbourne) Lost and foundLAF1734   
Black Sabbath13 Down Under (Disc 2) (Live 2013-04-29 In Melbourne) Lost and foundLAF1735   
Black Sabbath13 Down Under (Disc 3) (Live 2013-04-25 In Brisbane) Lost and foundLAF1736   
Black Sabbath13 Down Under II (Disc 1) (Live 2013-05-1 In Melbourne) Lost and foundLAF1739   
Black Sabbath13 Down Under II (Disc 2) (Live 2013-05-1 In Melbourne) Lost and foundLAF1740   
Black Sabbath13 Down Under II (Disc 3) (Live 2013-04-27, 2013-04-29 & 2013-05-1) Lost and found    
Black SabbathAngel And Demon Faith RecordsFCD1 7002/624034-2   
Black SabbathAngels And Demons Rocky Raccoon   Read review
Black SabbathAsbury Park 1975 (CD1) Unknownunknown  Read review
Black SabbathAsbury Park 1975 (Cd2) Unknownunknown  Read review
Black SabbathAusie Knights - CD1 Smooth DancerSD-9078   
Black SabbathAusie Knights - CD2 Smooth DancerSD-9078   
Black SabbathBagdad Unknown    
Black SabbathBlack Night In San Francisco Conquer0671-21   
Black SabbathBlack Sabbath Warner Bros.2-1871   
Black SabbathBlack Sabbath (1): 1970-1987 Home Collection    
Black SabbathBlack Sabbath (Original US LP - DVD-Audio) Howling LegHL96-006   
Black SabbathBlack Sabbath Vol. 4 Warner Bros.2602-2   
Black SabbathBorn Again: Unmixed Demos & 'The Fallen' -Unknown Publisher_Unknown   
Black SabbathBringer Of Evil (Power Gate 100) Disc 1 -No Obvious Label-   Read review
Black SabbathBringer Of Evil (Power Gate 100) Disc 2 -No Obvious Label-    
Black SabbathBurning The Cross *   Read review
Black SabbathCalifornia Jam - Definitive Edition (Live 1974-04-6 In Ontario) Lost and foundLAF351   
Black SabbathCalifornia Nightmare (Live 1971-02-23 Los Angeles) -Unknown Publisher_    
Black SabbathCannabis Confusion Chase the dragonACE131  Read review
Black SabbathCompilation (DVD) Unknown    
Black SabbathDayton '72 Unknown   Read review
Black SabbathDefinitive Ecstacy (Disc 1) (Live 1976-11-9 In Fresno) Lost and foundLAF506   
Black SabbathDefinitive Ecstacy (Disc 2) (Live 1976-12-8 In Pittsburgh)) Lost and foundLAF507   
Black SabbathDefinitive Malta 1995 (Live 1995-08-25 In Gzira) Lost and foundLAF785   
Black SabbathDefinitive Vinyls (Disc 1) (Live 1970-06-26 In Berlin) Lost and foundLAF1324   
Black SabbathDefinitive Vinyls (Disc 2) (Live 1971-04-18 In Copenhagen) Lost and foundLAF1325   
Black SabbathDehumanizer Takt Music1841   
Black SabbathDehumanizer Demos (Disc 1) Bloody Sabbath RecordsBSR-001   
Black SabbathDehumanizer Demos (Disc 2) Bloody Sabbath RecordsBSR-002   
Black SabbathDehumanizer Demos (Disc 3) Bloody Sabbath RecordsBSR-003   
Black SabbathDouble Ecstacy (Disc 1) (Live 1977-02-9 In Nashville) Lost and foundLAF859   
Black SabbathDouble Ecstacy (Disc 2) (Live 1977-02-9 & 1977-01-20) Lost and foundLAF860   
Black SabbathDownload 2012 (Disc 1) (Live 2012-06-10 In Castle Donnington) Lost and foundLAF1525   
Black SabbathDownload 2012 (Disc 2) (Live 2012-06-10 In Castle Donington) Lost and foundLAF1526   
Black SabbathDownload 2012 (Disc 3) (Live 2012-06-10 In Castle Donington) Lost and foundLAF1527   
Black SabbathEn South America 1994 (Live 1994-09-1 & 1994-08-27) Lost and foundLAF863   
MythologyEnd Of Pre-Sabbath (Live 1968-07-13 In Silloth) Lost and foundLAF1289   
Black SabbathEternal Idol: Ray Gillen Mix -Unknown Publisher_Unknown   
Black SabbathEurope Crossing (Disc 1) (Live 1989-09-9 In London) Lost and foundLAF1333   
Black SabbathEurope Crossing (Disc 2) (Live 1989-09-9 & 1989-09-23) Lost and foundLAF1334   
Black SabbathEurope Crossing (Disc 3) (Live 1989-09-23 In Neumarkt) Lost and foundLAF1335   
Black SabbathEuropean Ecstasy (Disc 1) (Live 1977-04-7 In Offenbach) Lost and foundLAF1603   
Black SabbathEuropean Ecstasy (Disc 2) (Live 1977-04-16 In Brussels) Lost and foundLAF1604   
Black SabbathEvil Woman/Wicked World Vertigo 6059 002  
Black SabbathExstased In Fresno The GodfatherecordsG.R. 635   
Black SabbathFillmore West Metal Sword RecordsMS CD 065   
Black SabbathFinal Dehumanization (Disc 1) (Live 1991-11-13 In Oakland) Lost and foundLAF1568   
Black SabbathFinal Dehumanization (Disc 2) (Live 1992-1-13 In Oakland) Lost and foundLAF1569   
Black SabbathFinal Dehumanization (Disc 3) (Live 1992-11-13 & 1992-07-4) Lost and foundLAF1570   
Black SabbathFirst Night Of Evil (Disc 1) (Live 1980-04-24 In Vienna) Lost and foundLAF697   
Black SabbathFirst Night Of Evil (Disc 2) (Live 1980-04-24 In Vienna) Lost and foundLAF698   
Black SabbathGoing Through Changes (Live 1973-07-1 In Ngaruawahia) Lost and foundLAF092   
Black SabbathGreatest Hits 1970-1978 Rhino Records/Warner Bros.R273365   
Black SabbathHeavan And Hell In Hartford -No Obvious Label-    
Black SabbathImpressions From The Past Unknown   Read review
Black SabbathInterview Picture Disc - Limited Edition BaktabakBAK 2075   
Black Sabbath With Rob HalfordIron God Unknown    
Black SabbathIron Man (Vol. 3) BananaBAN-053-C   
Black SabbathKilling Yourself To Die Bondage MusicBON 041  Read review
Black SabbathLast Stage With Martin (Disc 1) (Live 1995-12-14) Lost and foundLAF1789   
Black SabbathLast Stage With Martin (Disc 2) (Live 1995-12-14) Lost and foundLAF1790   
Black SabbathLive 1970-06-26 West Berlin (Return To 1969) Element Of CrimeElements 010  Read review
Black SabbathLive 1970-12-20 Paris, France (DVD) *    
Black SabbathLive 1971-04-02 Philadelphia -Unknown Publisher_    
Black SabbathLive 1972-03-16 Tucson -Unknown Publisher_    
Black SabbathLive 1972-03-17 San Bernardino, Swing Auditorium (Master Reel) Doinker    
Black SabbathLive 1974-04-06 Cal Jam Festival, Ontario Motor Speedway, California (Cal Jam) arcme262    
Black SabbathLive 1975-08-05 New Jersey (Disc 1) Rocky Raccoon    
Black SabbathLive 1975-08-05 New Jersey (Disc 2) Rocky Raccoon    
Black SabbathLive 1976-12-06 New York -Unknown Publisher_    
Black SabbathLive 1976-12-08 Pittsburgh, Civic Arena (Pre-FM) (Pittsburgh Ectsasy) Unknown    
Black SabbathLive 1978-06-19 London (Welcome To The Electric Funeral) Metal ManiacsMM001  Read review
Black SabbathLive 1978-07-12 Abilene -No Obvious Label-    
Black SabbathLive 1980-07-19 Seattle (Dance Of The Devil) Pirate RecordsPirate 145   
Black SabbathLive 1980-11-18 Tokyo, Japan (Live In Tokyo 1980) The Welfare PigTWP-CD-205   
Black SabbathLive 1980-11-18 Tokyo, Sun Plaza Hall (FM) Unknown    
Geezer Butler BandLive 1985-11-29 London -Unknown Publisher_    
Black SabbathLive 1992-08-09 Boston, MA (Class Of 1992) (Disc 1) LangleyLangley-221   
Black SabbathLive 1992-08-09 Boston, MA (Class Of 1992) (Disc 2) LangleyLangley-221   
Black SabbathLive 1992-08-09 Boston, Orpheum Theatre (Disc 1) Rocky Raccoon   Read review
Black SabbathLive 1992-08-09 Boston, Orpheum Theatre (Disc 2) Rocky Raccoon    
Black Sabbath (With Rob Halford)Live 1992-11-15 Los Angeles, Pacific Amphitheatre (Ozzie Meets The Priest CD2) ye-boot! recordsye-boot 005   
Black SabbathLive 1999-06-29 Deer Creek Amphitheatre (CD1) No LabelACE832   
Black SabbathLive 1999-06-29 Deer Creek Amphitheatre (CD2) No LabelACE834   
Black SabbathLive 2014-06-06 Norje -Unknown Publisher_    
Black SabbathLive At Plumpton N/A-  Read review
Black SabbathLive In Phoenix -No Obvious Label-ACE229  Read review
Black SabbathLollapalooza 2012 (Live 2012-08-3 In Chicago) Lost and foundLAF1558   
Black SabbathMaster Of Reality Warner Bros.CD 2562   
Black SabbathMaster Of Reality Takt Music951   
Black SabbathMaster Of Reality (Original US LP - DVD-Audio) Howling LegHL96-009   
Black SabbathMaster Of Sheffield (Live 1971-01-14 In Sheffield) Lost and foundLAF165   
Black SabbathMegalomaniac Architect - CD1 Bondage MusicBON214   
Black SabbathMegalomaniac Architect - CD2 Bondage MusicBON215   
Black SabbathMegatzar (Disc 1) Unknown   Read review
Black SabbathMegatzar (Disc 2) Unknown    
KissMusic From The Motion Picture Detroit Rock City Mercury546-399-2   
Black SabbathN.I.B./Black Sabbath ThailandMTR 611  
Black SabbathNever Say Die! Warner Bros.3186-2   
Black SabbathNever Say Die! Takt Music952   
Black SabbathNew Haven 1980 (Disc 1) (Live 1980-09 In New Haven) Lost and foundLAF1037   
Black SabbathNew Haven 1980 (Disc 2) (Live 1980-09 In New Haven) Lost and foundLAF1038   
Jethro TullNothing Is Easy: Live At The Isle Of Wight 1970 ( DVD ) Eagle Visionjtniedvd   
Black SabbathOne For The Nose Unknown   Read review
Black SabbathOne For The Nose! Air DanceREC 031   
Black SabbathParanoid Warner Bros.3104-2   
Black SabbathParanoid Takt Music953   
Black SabbathParanoid (DVD-Audio) Howling LegHL96-016  Read review
Black SabbathParanoid In Reading -No Obvious Label-    
Black SabbathParanoid/The Wizard Vertigo6059 010  
Black SabbathPhasing Phun Volume 1 (The Ozzy Years 1970-1972) Two Boys Limited LabsTBL-016 (1)   
Black SabbathPhasing Phun Volume 2 (The Ozzy Years 1972-1978) Two Boys Limited LabsTBL-016 (2)   
Black SabbathPittsburgh 1976 (Expanded Edition) (Live 1976-12-8 In Pittsburgh) Lost and foundLAF325   
Black SabbathPittsburgh 1978 (Expanded Edition) (Live 1978-09-2 In Pittsburgh) Lost and foundLAF337   
Black SabbathProvidence 1974 (Disc 1) (Live 1974-02-21 In Providence) Lost and foundLAF1251   
Black SabbathProvidence 1974 (Disc 2) (Live 1974-02-21 In Providence) Lost and foundLAF1252   
Black SabbathProvidence 1975 (Disc 1) (Live 1975-08-3 In Providence) Lost and foundLAF812   
Black SabbathProvidence 1975 (Disc 2) (Live 1975-08-3 In Providence) Lost and foundLAF813   
Black SabbathProvidence Civic Center - Providence, RI - August 3rd 1975 Dan Lampinsk   Read review
Black SabbathPurple Sabbath - Definitive Edition Out Of This WorldDR 10483-7   
Black SabbathRock Goes To College Unknown   Read review
Black SabbathSabbath Bloody Sabbath Warner Bros.2695-2   
Black SabbathSabotage Warner Bros.2822-2   
Black SabbathSabotage Takt Music954   
Black SabbathSabotage (DVD-Audio) Howling LegHL96-017   
Black SabbathSabotage (German CD) Creative Sounds Ltd.449802-2   
Black SabbathSabotage On Route 666 Unknown   Read review
Black SabbathSan Francisco Unknown   Read review
Black SabbathScotland 1973 No LabelACE683   
Black SabbathSeventh Star Instrumental Demos Lost and foundLAF1538   
Black SabbathShock Wave Over Texas (Live 1978-12-07 Abilene) Aces High Sound ProductionAM CD 026   
Black SabbathSouth Of Insanity (1992-06-30 In Rio De Janeiro) Lost and foundLAF654   
Black SabbathSouthern Purposes (Live 1994-09-3 In Buenos Aires) Lost and foundLAF1473   
Black SabbathSymptom Of The Paranoid (Disc 1) Aces High Sound ProductionAH CD 002   
Black SabbathSymptom Of The Paranoid (Disc 2) Aces High Sound ProductionAH CD 001   
Black SabbathTechnical Ecstasy Warner Bros.2969-2   
Black SabbathTechnical Ecstasy Takt Music955   
Black SabbathTexas Two Nights (Disc 1) (Live 2013-07-27) Lost and foundLAF1804   
Black SabbathTexas Two Nights (Disc 2) (Live 2013-07-27) Lost and foundLAF1805   
Black SabbathTexas Two Nights (Disc 3) (Live 2013-07-25) Lost and foundLAF1806   
Black SabbathThe British Biscuit 1977-1978 Unknown    
The BeatlesThe Howard Stern Interviews The Beatles - Disc One UnknownHS-001   
Black SabbathThe Last Supper (DVD) EpicEVD 50187   
Black SabbathThe Live Evil Video -No Obvious Label-    
Black SabbathThe Madman Years Aces High Sound ProductionAH CD-016   
Black SabbathThe Ozzy Osbourne Years (Remastered And Expanded Edition) Lost and foundLAF368   
Black SabbathTwo Nights In Germany (Disc 1) (Live 2005-06-9 In Dortmund) Lost and foundLAF181   
Black SabbathTwo Nights In Germany (Disc 2) (Live 2005-06-9 & 2005-06-16) Lost and foundLAF182   
Black SabbathTwo Nights In Germany (Disc 3) (Live 2005-06-16 In Munich) Lost and foundLAF183   
Black SabbathUnder The California Sun Unknown   Read review
Black SabbathUnder The Southern Cross (Disc 1) (Live 1980-11-27 In Sydney) Lost and foundLAF740   
Black SabbathUnder The Southern Cross (Disc 2) (Live 1980-11-27 & 1980-11-25) Lost and foundLAF741   
Black SabbathUnder The Southern Cross (Disc 3) (Live 1980-11-25 In Sydney) Lost and foundLAF742   
Black SabbathUnmixed Demos (1970-1975) (Disc 1) N/A   Read review
Black SabbathUnmixed Demos (1970-1975) (Disc 2) N/A    
Various ArtistsVARIOUS ARTISTS - Beat Club Rebroadcasts Vol. 12 (DVD) Private Masterbc12   
Various ArtistsVARIOUS ARTISTS - Beat Club Rebroadcasts Vol. 13 (DVD) Private Masterbc13   
Various ArtistsVARIOUS ARTISTS - Seven Ages Of Rock - Vol 1 - Disc 2 (DVD) Mark JonesMJDVD52   
Various ArtistsVARIOUS ARTISTS - The Best Of Beat-Club 70 Vol. 2 (DVD) Unknownbeatclub70-2   
Black SabbathVol. 4 Takt Music956   
Black SabbathVol. 4 (Original US LP - DVD-Audio) Howling LegHL96-010   
Black SabbathWar Pigs Great Dane RecordsGDR CD 9119  Read review
Black SabbathWar Pigs In Pennsylvania The Final Mass RecordsACE230   
Black SabbathWelcome To The Wicked World (Live 1971-09-5 In Vienna) Lost and foundLAF036   
Black SabbathWicked Sabbath Unknownunknown  Read review
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