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Dennis Wilson - Pacific Ocean Blue

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Scan submitted/created by [perci96]
HQ Scans:
Publisher: Caribou / Epic Associated
Reference :ZK 34354
Date :1977
Made In :U.S.A.
Quality :Soundboard
Booklet & packaging :Artwork comes on a four panel fold out. One side has pictures while the other side contained lyrics.
Total duration: 37:27

Dennis Wilson's first and only "official" solo album. It is now out of print.

Core collection    Track identified    Version validated    Lyrics available    Version details available    Audio excerpt available    Participants list available   
River Song(Wilson/Wilson)
Album Version
(date unknown)
What's Wrong(Wilson/Jakobson/Horn)
Album Version
(date unknown)
Album Version
(date unknown)
Friday Night(Wilson/Jakobson)
Album Version
(date unknown)
Album Version
(date unknown)
Thoughts Of You(Wilson/Dutch)
Album Version
(date unknown)
Album Version
(date unknown)
You And I(Wilson/Wilson/Jakobson)
Album Version
(date unknown)
Pacific Ocean Blues(Wilson/Love)
Album Version
(date unknown)
Farewell My Friend(Wilson)
Album Version
(date unknown)
Album Version
(date unknown)
End Of The Show(Wilson/Jakobson)
Album Version
(date unknown)
Core collection    Track identified    Version validated    Lyrics available    Version details available    Audio excerpt available    Participants list available   

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Review by: DannyBhoyOn 21 Apr 2004 at 13:02 CET
Beautiful Dennis, a true star.
A crime that this kind of music cannot be bought in the shops.
Review by: Dan RyanOn 15 Jun 2005 at 06:05 CET
Dennis was an average drummer that was wasted 90% of the time. He had a few moments that shine on this album, but I recommend it for completists only.
Review by: fillapillowgOn 16 Jun 2005 at 04:24 CET
This album of Dennis' is praised way too much for comfort.
I've heard the hype and some even say it's better than The Beach Boys' HOLLAND lp (!?!?) This album is a weak effort.
Dennis' scattered work on assorted Beach Boys albums is better. It seems to me, all of his good ideas went for the band, and when the time came for a chance to shine on a solo lp, Dennis was out of tunes, energy, out of time, AND drunk as a skunk to put it mildly. His clear acrylic drum set was collecting dust in the closet. The brother he looked up to, Brian, at that time was fat, sloth-like, and drugged up. Carl was the only one keeping the group together with fresh ideas, touring, and still having that wonderful voice. CARL WILSON released 2 amazing solo lps in the early 80's: CARL WILSON and YOUNGBLOOD. These lps run circles around DENNIS' lp. These records are way out of print, the Japanese cd reissues fetch high bids on EBAY,
and need to be discovered in bootleg versions.

PACIFIC OCEAN BLUE is a waste of your money.
Stars don't mean much Lobo.
Review by: Andreas1972On 06 Sep 2005 at 13:07 CET
I think, this album is way better than either of Carl's rather tame and formulaic solo albums. With the possible excpetion of Brian Wilson's debut album from 1988, and excluding the new recording of SMiLE, this is the strongest solo album by any Beach Boys member. The amazing thing is that it sounds heavy, sincere and elaborate, featuring top songwriting and huge arrangements, without sounding like a Beach Boys record at all!!

River Song was planned as a Beach Boys song, and was played live by the Beach Boys a couple of times around 1973/1974.

Thoughts Of You might be Dennis' strongest composition ever.

If you like Dennis' songs like Be With Me, Forever or Cuddle Up, you have an impression of the sound and character of this album, although this is heavier and darker, without a lot of harmonies.

Why this overlooked masterpiece is still out-of-print is impossible to understand.
Review by: ilovethedaedOn 12 Oct 2005 at 02:33 CET
this album is well worth the money. i looked for it on the net for a couple months and found this site were i downloaded it for 2 dollars. if i ever find a original cd or (better yet) vinyl i will deffinetly buy it.
Review by: dumanglOn 20 Nov 2005 at 19:50 CET
Lots of varied opinions about this album! The comment about Dennis being an average drummer that was wasted 90% of the time may be quite true, but rather pointless. Denny talent was as a song writer, arranger, and as an incredibly intense and emotional singer. I think Pacific Ocean Blue is astoundingly good, IMHO the greatest Beach Boys Solo album of all time! Brian Wilson Presents SMiLE is great of course, but it suffers somewhat by comparison to the Beach Boys SMiLE tracks. I must admit that I had to listen several times to really appreciate POB. Like Andreas says, it is pretty dark and heavy. I can agree partially with fillapillowg. Denny made some wonderful contributions to the Beach Boys albums!
Review by: loboOn 27 Feb 2008 at 18:01 CET
I'm not too much into the Beach Boys (I love Pet Sounds and don't care for the rest), so I don't know Carl's solo efforts. But this album is really cool. It's got its own unique style, weird songs, rare orchestration and Dennis really puts his soul into what he is singing. Deep stuff, not everybody's cup of coffee though.

Times have changed. Now I know the Beach Boys other stuff and I like it. But my view of Dennis' album hasn't changed -great stuff!
BTW, fillapillowg, most albums here are for trade only, they don't cost you a dime and ... everybody is a star...

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Filename: zk34354
Originally filled by: Rob G.
Date of creation: 29 Nov 2003 09:34:36
Last filled by: Rob G.
Last Revision Date : 29 Nov 2003 21:33:56
Online on : 29 Nov 2003
Type of media: Official CD

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