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The Doors

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The Doors
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The Doors - Live In Miami 1969

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HQ Scans:
Publisher: RTW
Reference :RTW 004
Date :1993
Made In :
Quality :
Booklet & packaging :
Total duration: 55:60

Live in Miami 5 Jul 1968

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Back Door Man(Dixon/Burnett)
5 Jul 1968
The Doors
Live in Miami
Five To One(Morrison/Manzarek/Krieger/Densmore)
5 Jul 1968
The Doors
Live in Miami
Touch Me(Krieger)
5 Jul 1968
The Doors
Live in Miami
Love Me Two Times(Morrison/Manzarek/Krieger/Densmore)
5 Jul 1968
The Doors
Live in Miami
When The Music's Over(Morrison/Manzarek/Krieger/Densmore)
5 Jul 1968
The Doors
Live in Miami. Includes AWAY IN INDIA
Wake Up(Morrison/Manzarek/Krieger/Densmore)
5 Jul 1968
The Doors
Live in Miami
Light My Fire(Morrison/Manzarek/Krieger/Densmore)
5 Jul 1968
The Doors
Live in Miami
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Review by: oscar tabares, homero07@nirvanet.netOn 15 Jun 2000
This concert is when Jim was arrested. Is very special.
Review by: seb, seb@yahoo.comOn 11 Aug 2000
This album is a clear and definate example of the doors in
their prime. The quality and definition of Jim's voice is good
The songs are good.
Review by: Brian,On 08 Sep 2000
Incomplete but also has the wrong dates.
This concert happened on 3-1-69.
Review by: mike hilliardOn 20 Feb 2005 at 06:12 CEST
REALLY drunk sounding Morrison-
Not much of interest musically but LORDY-the stage banter is incredible! The rest of The Doors keep chuggin' along-despite the long rants. Interesting as a time capsule. The audio quality is only fair.
Review by: woodstock69On 14 Jun 2007 at 18:14 CEST
The Doors - 1969-03-01 - Miami, Florida

The Doors
Miami Dinner Theatre
Miami, Fla.

1. Jims intro / Backdoor Man
2. " i want some love"
3. 5 to 1
4. "love" plus "Touch me" (partial)
5. Jim > Love me two times
6. When the musics over
7. cont. > Jim commentary on change
> Away in india
8. > Jim talks to the audience
9. > "I was born here..."
10. > "we want the world..."
11. Celebration of the Lizard (intro) >
12. Light my fire
13. cont. (the sheep comes out) > Jim "I'd F*** her but..."
14. "I wanna see some action...NO LIMITS NO LAWS..."
15. end comments...

- this is my version, and I would be happy if aral2 could change it to this, ´cause I think my version is the most popular or if not, than the completest :P :)

Review by: CooleyOn 19 Apr 2009 at 00:03 CEST

The Doors at Dinner Key Auditorium, Mar.01st-1969.

The Doors were on a short USA tour when this was recorded.

I believe this was the last show of the tour, as Danny Sugarman's book No One Here Gets Out Alive indicates that Jim Morrison went to Jamaica for two weeks right after this show, and the rest of the Doors took a brief holiday.

The show promotor sold-out the concert, then after paying the Door's upfront fee, fraudulently sold several hundred more tickets as "standing room" so the auditorium was severely packed to over capacity the night of the show.

The night of the show, it was incredibly hot in Miami, adding to the tense situation.

Jim Morrison showed up very late for the show, (2-hours) and extremely drunk.

He missed his connecting flight from New Orleans, went to the airport bar, and got even more drunk than he was already.

The rest of the Doors really couldn't play much because Jim Morrison would only sing a few lines, then start rambling talking to the audience.

This is the famous show where he is alleged to have exposed himself.

The photographs on the above scans provided by reviewer Woodstock69 are from the actual show.

Many very clear photographs were taken at the show, and many ended up in evidence at his subsequent obscenity trial in 1970.

Back photograph shows Morrison holding the famous lamb from this show.

Why anyone would be idiot enough to bring a lamb to a Doors show is beyond me, but it ended up on stage and Morrison picked it up for the crowd.

Photographs also show Morrison wearing the famous floppy hat with the skull and crossbones badge on the front.

During the show he swapped this for a policeman's hat, which he later threw to the audience.

Performance wise, not much of a show really.

Songs are started, then stopped as Morrison was so drunk he couldn't concentrate.

Sound fidelity is excellent for a 1969 audience recording.

Morrison is clearly heard, and the band is in good form when they do manage to play.

Really mostly a collectors item for it's historic purposes.

Morrison ended up being arrested for obscenity violations and inciting a riot after this show, and had a well publicized trial in 1970.

He was convicted of obscenity violations, but appeals later reduced his sentance.

(Interestingly, Doors manager Vince Trainor, and all of the band who were in very close proximity to Morrison testified Morrison DID NOT expose himself. By today's standards, I doubt if he would have been convicted.)

As the show ended, the stage collapsed and a riot broke out in Dinner Key Auditorium.

The place got wrecked and many arrests resulted.

Most of the Doors equipment was destroyed or stolen in the ensuing riot costing them a fortune to replace.

The result of this was Morrison was indicted on charges, and the Doors were banned everywhere from performing for a year or so.

Authorities feared riots would erupt at Doors shows.

It did however, add to the legend of this fine rock group and the myth of Jim Morrison.

The Doors are a very, very under appreciated band who had a huge influence on rock.

A very nicely presented CD package.

Interesting listening and the myth of the Doors.....

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