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Patti Smith

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Patti Smith
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Patti Smith - Live 1997-10-28 New York, CBGBs (CD3)

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Publisher: Coyote
Reference :
Date :2008
Made In :USA
Quality :Audience recording
Booklet & packaging :CD jewel case/slimline case artwork with colour photo
Total duration: 25:35

Audience recording of Patti Smith's marathon show at CBGBs, New York City, on 28 October 1997.

"SQ: Very good, I rate it "B".

"I made 57 fixes.

"There are 12 cuts where I removed some silence. There was diginoise in 45 places (mostly in the last 9:08 of the show) which I either removed or improved; I mostly did this by using the other (usually the left) channel, which fortunately usually contained much less diginoise. The details:
cut@4:20.409 removed 1.416 seconds of silence; cut@9:40.548 removed 3.275 seconds of silence; cut@16:11.338 removed 2.354 seconds of silence; splice@62:01.561; diginoise 71:16.38-71:16.75 unrepaired/I couldn't fix; cut@72:37.409 (end of disc one);
cut@92:17.202 removed 2.543 seconds of silence; cut@106:00.149 removed 1.980 seconds of silence; cut@112:59.185 removed 2.696 seconds of silence; diginoise@123:48.508 to 123:51.930 in left channel fixed with right channel; splice@126:10.416; cut@137:02.143 removed 5.028 seconds of silence; diginoise@141:05.867 to 141:07.022 in left channel fixed with right channel;
cut@141:07.022 removed 2.346 seconds of silence; diginoise@141:11.289 to 141:12.953 in left channel fixed with right channel;
cut@142:11.701 removed .002 seconds of silence; diginoise@141:12.953 to 141:13.220 in right channel fixed with left channel;
diginoise@171:30.842 removed .645 seconds; diginoise@171:36.511 removed 1.787 seconds

"These 39, all in the last 9:08, all were diginoise I fixed or reduced by copying the left channel to the right channel: 163:43.764 to 163:44.223, 164:11.802 to 164:12.209, 164:18.914 to 164:19.098, 164:39.756 to 164:40.125, 164:53.768 to 164:54.008, 165:28.179 to 165:28.620, 165:35.281 to 165:35.479, 165:41.901 to 165:42.488, 165:35.281 to 165:35.479, 166:16.468 to 166:16.839, 166:23.462 to 166:23.639, 166:36.815 to 166:37.524, 166:43.748 to 166:44.270, 167:04.136 to 167:04.797, 167:17.835 to 167:18.403, 167:45.020 to 167:45.340, 167:51.678 to 167:52.210, 168:05.273 to 168:05.655, 168:18.715 to 168:19.124, 168:25.266 to 168:25.910, 168:32.115 to 168:32.673, 168:38.774 to 168:39.465, 168:45.722 to 168:45.990, 168:58.849 to 168:59.306, 169:05.611 to 169:06.048, 169:12.507 to 169:12.704, 169:19.074 to 169:19.544, 169:25.679 to 169:26.032, 169:39.015 to 169:39.240, 169:45.611 to 169:46.150, 169:52.181 to 169:52.676, 170:12.104 to 170:12.454, 170:31.884 to 170:32.499, 170:38.398 to 170:39.118, 170:45.021 to 170:45.428, 170:51.543 to 170:52.409, 171:04.735 to 171:05.112, 171:11.063 to 171:11.805, 171:17.871 to 171:18.389

"Absolutely no selling! Please share freely. Please only convert to mp3 for your own use."
coyote 23 February 2008

Lineage: Audience recording of otherwise unknown lineage, CDR I received by mail>EAC>Sound Forge>FLAC(level 8)

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New York, CBGBs
28 Oct 1997
Patti Smith
Gloria(Van Morrison)
New York, CBGBs
28 Oct 1997
Patti Smith
People Have The Power(Smith/Smith)
New York, CBGBs
28 Oct 1997
Patti Smith
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Review by: gisle65On 11 May 2010 at 13:16 CEST
Review by: 2lewis2sOn 25 Aug 2012 at 00:52 CEST
Review by: agustingonzalezmongeOn 29 Aug 2012 at 10:20 CEST

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Filename: ps19971028d3
Originally filled by: Aidanymous
Date of creation: 16 Jun 2009 21:44:25
Last filled by: Aidanymous
Last Revision Date : 16 Jun 2009 22:32:04
Online on : 16 Jun 2009
Type of media: Bootleg CD

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