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George Harrison
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George Harrison - Somewhere In England

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Trade Lists

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155 entrie(s) found.

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MemberRatingLocationHis copy is Comments
Gustavo Rigterby (16 votes)Buenos Aires, Argentina,South AmeriCD-R
aral2 (44 votes)Europe, Germany, MoenchengladbachOriginal CD
emse (3 votes)USA - OhioHomemade CD-R
Lubos_D (17 votes)Slovakia - BratislavaCD
Billy Shears (3 votes)Toulouse, FranceCD-R
joshr (2 votes)Massachusetts, USAMP3 CD
joguema (44 votes)EarthCD-R
daddywhite (5 votes)Lancashire, England, UKCD-R
Domeboys (4 votes)CT, USACD
Koko (31 votes)Colorado, USACD-R
I. M. He (15 votes)Waterloo, Ontario, CanadaCD-R
fifepipe (7 votes)TennesseeCD-R
childofnature (30 votes)Florida, USAHomemade CD-RI don't think this was recorded DAO because of gaps between the Carl Perkins tracks...is every disc like this? Still, a great boot.
BeatlePete (16 votes)Swindon. England.CD-R
Hanibal (6 votes)Germany - PaderbornCD
Rakot (5 votes)Russia, Moscow regionCD-R
moptop (8 votes)England, UK , Great BritainOriginal CD
pacog (20 votes)Europe, Spain, MadridCD
Sgt_McKenzie (2 votes)Cˇrdoba, Veracruz, MexicoCD-R
mack (10 votes)north east of englandCD
bipbop13 (21 votes)U.S.A., Maine, BangorHomemade CD-R
tomun (21 votes)Europe CD-R
banood (6 votes)BC, CanadaCD-R
mcrics (5 votes)Evanston, IL USA mcricsCD-R
Jim Karustis (54 votes)Beautiful Chester County, PA, USACD
Vasili (10 votes)Russia, KolpashevoCD-R
Corvin (4 votes)Moscow, RussiaCD-R
robob (81 votes)CONNECTICUT, U.S.A.CD
stpetric (21 votes)Wisconsin USAHomemade CD-R
rcohen (43 votes)Massachusetts, USACD
DADA (1 votes)franceCD-R
TerminusJThrenody (11 votes)USACD
boshuda (9 votes)USACD-R
Rapillard (32 votes)France (Annecy - Haute-Savoie)CD-R
beatles4everDavid (11 votes)AustriaCD-R
Andrey (49 votes)Europe, Russia, Veliky NovgorodCD
clintl (31 votes)CaliforniaCD
perci96 (54 votes)CD-R
Noexit (62 votes)M'town, TennesseeHomemade CD-R
junius (37 votes)CD-R
Shears64 (126 votes)New England, USACD-R
ronps (44 votes)TennesseeHomemade CD-R
winteree (48 votes)south east of englandCD
janaja (1 votes)South of San Diego, CA - USACD
stan (38 votes)homeCD-R
anko (20 votes)Olsztyn, PolandCD-R
daverude (40 votes)Down In The BoondocksCD-R
DolphinNo votes yetAmiens, France, Old EuropeCD
lapidis2001 (2 votes)GermanyCD-R
jpgrng (8 votes)CanadaCD
rudyve (52 votes)EuropeCD
Madmanrick (60 votes)Brooklyn, U.S.A.CD-R
Aidanymous (67 votes)Woop Woop, Western AustraliaOriginal Homemade CD-R
joeyd (3 votes)USACD
siveld (1 votes)Brisbane, AustraliaCD-R
FRJOYCE (67 votes)Tornado Alley USAOriginal CD
Vintage Season (9 votes)Knoxville, Tennessee (USA)Original CD
onosideboards (10 votes)Twin Cities, Minnesota, USACD-R
Tomcat1964 (50 votes)EuropeCD-R
rswitzer (43 votes)Golden, Colorado, USAOriginal CD
Necessitor (14 votes)Homemade CD-R
Andre Steijns (50 votes)HollandCD-R
Stuart (18 votes)North Yorkshire, England.Original CD-R
rcd423 (32 votes)Mass. U.S.A.CD
thewalruswasjohn (8 votes)EuropeOriginal CDOriginal pressing on silver CD.
the5thbeatles (8 votes)babylon new york USACD-R
Stkoch_28213 (3 votes)germanyOriginal CD
ridwareNo votes yetOriginal CD
Jerry Pace (56 votes)Original CD-R
hkb (50 votes)Europe, Netherlands,Den HelderCD-R
lemonjello (29 votes)Wisconsin - USACD-R
Padilla (55 votes)CD-R
jcgolf44 (2 votes)Original CD
Bootman (17 votes)Blaine, MinnesotaOriginal CD-R
tilman (29 votes)Europe,Germany,LohneOriginal CD
beatlesong (22 votes)Honolulu, HawaiiCD
Rene_Rotterdam (31 votes)Europe, The NetherlandsCD
Jukka L. (12 votes)Helsinki, Finland, EuropeCD-R
beatlescollector (8 votes)Germany, BerlinCD-R
floff (21 votes)Folkestone, earthquake centralCD-R
beatle_john15No votes yetVancouverCD-RMissing LAST FEW TRACKS
marvdog (32 votes)CD-R
dledin (18 votes)Burbank, CA USAOriginal CD
Rob Blackburn (75 votes)USAHomemade CD-R
tazicon (33 votes)atlantaCD
Dr Robert (17 votes)Original CD
Christopher Hegle (42 votes)MidwestCD-R
OHNOTHIMAGEN CZECH REPUBLIC (5 votes)2nd home by the seaCD
MoJo (18 votes)Adelaide, South AustraliaHomemade CD-R
peerke (15 votes)Genk, BelgiumCD
miguel sande (14 votes)Buenos Aires, ArgentinaOriginal CD
MrBeatleg (10 votes)USAOriginal CD
john_frogg (15 votes)USACD-R
dinsdalep (12 votes)Utica, NY, USACD-R
dboots (7 votes)Union, OhioCD
momotrucker (7 votes)P.E.I. CanadaCD
JSchaef00 (38 votes)Southern California. USACD-R
recce (5 votes)AlabamaCD
juanell (20 votes)Orlando AKA QueeLandOMP3 CDMp3 Professionaly Ripped of 160Kbps will send a sample to your Email on Request, DAO Capable. will stand by It Quality %100.
Guerra (8 votes)Brazil, SŃo Paulo cityCD-R
dumangl (47 votes)Oklahoma, USACD-RVery small gap between tracks apparent in Carl Perkins tracks 15 - 18
blackraven (6 votes)GermanyOriginal CD
poorotterted (16 votes)USACD-R
johnsonm (49 votes)Tennessee, USACD-R
Per Weber (28 votes)I live in PrŠst°, DenmarkHomemade CD-R
kghydro (9 votes)Oslo, NorwayOriginal CD
Garfield (10 votes)GermanyCD
mismetti (4 votes)Sao Paulo, BrasilOriginal CD-R
Muffin Man (11 votes)St.-Petersburg, RussiaCD-R
bcr (67 votes)EU, somewhere in the Nowhere LandOriginal CD
fritts007 (14 votes)Portland, OregonCD
tiklady (59 votes)NVCD
Marston (40 votes)Los Angeles, CaliforniaCD-R
Pops (59 votes)AustraliaCD-R
rushp1 (25 votes)Greensburg, PA USACD
dille (22 votes)euCD-R
cliftdean74 (14 votes)USACD-RMy version is a pro cd-r of the Pegboy release.
ppecoraro (16 votes)CD-R
sparkiesdad (34 votes)Apple Valley, CACD-R
beatletull (43 votes)Wisconsin, USACD-R
L. SHALDERS (18 votes)S├O PAULO, BRAZILOriginal CD
tomorrowneverknows1966 (15 votes)Europe, GermanyCD-R
euphorik (23 votes)Snohomish, WA USACD
Ricky Massakro (14 votes)ItalyCD
ltpepper (33 votes)New Jersey, USACD-R
jjj67hens (1 votes)Chicago, IL USAOriginal CD
beatlebren66 (55 votes)Marina Del Rey, CaliforniaCD
Keld Jensen (6 votes)Copenhagen, DenmarkCD-R
tguerr (16 votes)Mesa, Arizona U.S.A.CD-R
razmataz (67 votes)USA - Any traders?Original CD
Pamula (3 votes)CD
destroyer (5 votes)PepperlandOriginal CD
Pamela A. Barban (31 votes)Motherwell Scotland,UKCD
pierre benoit (46 votes)montreal-canadaCD
barbOS (4 votes)Europe, RussiaOriginal CD
SaraFan (4 votes)Homemade CD-R
beatleross (186 votes)New ZealandHomemade CD-R
abdpunz (35 votes)North Eastern USCD-R*****
mark20 (5 votes)North Carolina (USA)Original CD
tomorose (1 votes)USACD-R
r willis (53 votes)CD
barryjuryNo votes yetAuckland, New ZealandOriginal CD
hobbit (15 votes)thousands to choose fromCD-R
Kevin Isles (8 votes)Chicagoland, IL, U.S.A.Original CDAlso have a remastered and speed corrected version of SIE trax
subhajit_2kNo votes yetLossless copy
dbacon910 (40 votes)New Jersey - open for tradesHomemade CD-R
Kalamot (1 votes)WISCONSINOriginal CD
Naughty ChordNo votes yetTexas, USAOriginal CDAuthentic Pegboy.

I also own "Somewhere In England - Original Rejected Version" CD Strange Apple SAR 015. This title has different bonus tracks than the Pegboy title. I like it better than Pegboy's version. Not listed on BZ.
Mr Postman (17 votes)Active Trader - Seattle WashingtonLossless copy
djed (6 votes)Flower Mound, TXHomemade CD-R
m18r18 (47 votes)OK, USACD-R
stevemiller122467No votes yetCD
Abby NorWoods (2 votes)NoblesvilleOriginal OtherHer copy is
thewalrus1359 (40 votes)PITTSBURGH, PA.Lossless copy

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