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Dennis Wilson - Bamboo

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Scan submitted/created by [Rob G.]
HQ Scans:
Publisher: CiscOdisc
Reference :
Date :1978
Made In :
Quality :Mostly Excellent
Booklet & packaging :Jewel box with foldover
Total duration: 51:10

The unreleased Bamboo album, including new mixes of some songs, plus Bonus tracks. Track notes are from the excellent "Dennis Wilson: Dreamer" website.

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(I Found Myself In A) Wild Situation(Wilson)
This catchy rocker, complete with off-color humor during the fade-out, appears here in a special remixed version, comprised of the original stereo master found on other editions of BAMBOO mixed to an additional two tracks of accompanying background vocals.
Moonlight(D. Wilson)
Brash rocker with a fantastic Ed Carter guitar solo, "Under the Moonlight" is a good example of the stylistic shifts Dennis became interested in after PACIFIC OCEAN BLUE. Whereas most of songs on his first LP were impressionistic and loosely structured, "Under the Moonlight" is sharply arranged and exceedingly tight. Interestingly, this track was composed by Carli Munoz mid-flight during a Beach Boys tour, sometime around 1973.
Baby Blue(Wilson/Lamm-Wilson/Jakobson)
Simply one of the most heart-wrenching Beach Boy ballads of all time. In its earliest form, "Baby Blue Eyes" featured an emotional solo vocal by Carl Wilson, but did not include Dennis' "middle eight" vocal which turned up on the Bruce Johnston produced Beach Boys version. In its place was a simple but pretty whistled melody. Utilizing both edits, Cisc-o-Disc went to work constructing a third version of "Baby Blue (Eyes)" incorporating Carl's solo vocal from the first version throughout the beginning, Dennis' vocal along with the whistling during the bridge, and a double-track Carl lead on over the close with full harmonies. This is not intended to be the "best" or "most complete" version of this song available, simply a new way of listening to an old classic.
School Girl(Wilson)
Originally from the PACIFIC OCEAN BLUE sessions. The lyrics probably didn't please Denny's then-wife Karen Lamm too much! Musically, “School Girl” retains many of the dense production textures incorporated into POB, while the words to this song are eerily prophetic of the "wild situation" Dennis would undergo with Shawn Love a couple of years later.
Written by Carli Munoz and lyricist Rags Baker in 1971, "Companion" is an ambitious Munoz production featuring a pulse-pounding Brazilian rhythm groove. It's both poignant and saddening to consider that just as Dennis' had progressed stylistically to the point where he had become prolific performing in a wide variety of musical genres, forces conspired to deny him the ability to record his ever-widening musical ambitions. Still, "Companion" reminds us that Dennis could handle dynamic songs in a diverse assortment of genres.
Love Surrounds Me(Wilson/Cushing-Murray)
One of Dennis' prettiest, saddest numbers, "Love Surrounds Me" is the only released composition co-written by Dennis and Beach Boy collaborator Geoffrey Cushing-Murray. Initially tagged for BAMBOO (along with "Baby Blue [Eyes]"), the song was handed over to the Beach Boys for the 1979 LA (LIGHT ALBUM), effectively killing any notion of a proposed Dennis Wilson solo release. Various sources credit the background vocals on the tag to either vocalist Marisa Conover, or to Christine McVie (!!!), member of the legendary band Fleetwood Mac, and Dennis' love interest at the time.
He's A Bum(Wilson)
One of the most legendary BAMBOO-era Dennis Wilson songs, "He's a Bum" is also one of the poorest sounding in terms of available tape quality. Presumably, the "finished" version of "He's a Bum" was little more than a demo and probably would not have seen the light of day in this form, even if BAMBOO had seen official release. This new stereo remix features an ultra-rare marimba and piano track that kicks in at the start of the second verse. Listen hard and you may hear the voice of famed Beach Boy scribe David Leaf in the background harmony mix!
It's Not Too Late(Wilson)
(It Won't Be Long) - Originally written by Carli Munoz sometime between 1967 and ’68, “It’s Not Too Late” is perhaps the most beautiful unreleased song in the entire Beach Boys cannon., which is saying something for a band that has more unissued material gathering dust in vaults than most acts could ever hope to record in three lifetimes! Brother Carl turns up again here and offers one of his most heartfelt vocals of all time (and Carl Wilson at his most heartfelt is a force to behold). Denny adds a sensitive vocal intro as well as some lyrical additions to the second verse, and though the contrast between his voice and Carl's is staggering, the overall effect is extremely effective. It's hard to believe this one never officially saw the light of day.
Morning Christmas(Wilson)
Originally written for the aborted 1977 MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM THE BEACH BOYS lp, this stunning hymn was recorded by Dennis without any other Beach Boys participating in the session. When the Christmas record was rejected by Warner's and MIU ALBUM released in its place, Dennis tagged "Morning Christmas" (also referred to as "Holy Evening" or "Holy Holy") for his intended follow-up to POB, BAMBOO. Interestingly, this spiritual meditation on the joys of Christmas contains no explicit references to either Jesus Christ or Santa Claus. The layered background vocals on this evocative song were provided by vocalist Marisa Conover.
All Alone(Munoz)
The fourth track to be officially released from these sessions, “All Alone” was included-- along with “Barbara”-- on Capitol’s 1997 ENDLESS HARMONY soundtrack. Written (ca. 1971) and produced by Carli Munoz, the song features touring band stalwart Bobby Figeroa on drums and members of a group named the Load on other instruments. Dennis plays an ARP synthesizer and adds percussion. An alternate vocal take of this song exists sans sax solo, on which Dennis apparently has trouble remembering the order of the verses. The decision was made to include the more finished version of “All Alone” on this cd, to insure that the overall sound was as close to a fully mastered studio release as possible.
Love Surrounds Me(Wilson/Cushing-Murray)
Underneath Dennis and Christine McVie/Marisa Conover's sensitive vocals, “Love Surrounds Me” is a beautiful, moody and evocative musical performance. This rare stereo backing track features some minor differences from the finished mix of the song and serves as the perfect closing theme to this magnificent collection.
10,000 Years(Wilson)
Bonus Track
(date unknown)
Written by Dennis and Mike Love, this track originated around the time of the Beach Boys' 15 BIG ONES sessions and was tweaked intermittently over the next seven years (perhaps as separate works by both authors). No vocals have ever surfaced, but lyrics were written for this funky excursion-- the theme being man's inability to treat his fellow man with compassion over the course of ten thousand years. It's interesting to note that this is at least the fourth composition co-written by Dennis and Michael. For two individuals supposedly often at odds with one another, they often seemed to put aside their differences when it was in the best interest of their music. (A revealing 1976 radio interview of Dennis and Mike on WLS radio Chicago shows off the pair as positively chummy with one another, with Dennis praising Mike's "Everyone's in Love with You" as "the most beautiful song I've ever heard.")
New Orleans(D. Wilson)
Bonus Track
(date unknown)
Not much is known about this ragtime-flavored instrumental, but there's a good chance that it's Dennis playing the rollicking piano. It’s not certain whether or not lyrics were ever written for this cut.
Angel Come Home(Wilson/Cushing-Murray)
Bonus Track
(date unknown)
Recorded live on the Midnight Special TV show, April, 1979. The Beach Boys appeared together on the show to promote their recent release, LA (LIGHT ALBUM). The highlight was Denny's sensitive handling of this classic ballad from LA, written by brother Carl and collaborator George Cushing-Murray. The lyrics to "Angel Come Home" reflect on Carl's divorce from his first wife Annie. It's not known why he chose Dennis to sing this very personal song, but the choice was brilliant. Dennis' denigrating voice conveyed the regret that Carl's ultra-pure tenor was unable to convey.
Good Timin'(Wilson/Wilson)
Bonus Track
(date unknown)
Recorded live some time between 1979 and 1981. This song also hails from the LIGHT ALBUM, but unlike "Angel Comes Home", this Brian/Carl collaboration was intended to be sung by Carl. Why Dennis handled the vocals here is uncertain (according to Dennis, Carl "chickened out") but this is another case of Dennis' ragged voice completely transforming what was once a song of joyous optimism and naiveté into something heavier and much more complex. When he sings the refrain "you need good timin'", it's as though he is singing to soothe his own tormented soul. An inspiring performance.
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Review by: dumanglOn 30 Jul 2008 at 19:40 CET
Now surpassed by the POB/Bambu official Legacy edition, but this issue is still well worth having for the backing tracks, live tracks. unique mix of "Baby Blue Eyes" and raunchy final lines of "Wild Situation".

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Date of creation: 31 Jul 2006 01:01:17
Last filled by: dumangl
Last Revision Date : 31 Jul 2006 03:26:45
Online on : 31 Jul 2006
Type of media: Bootleg CD-R

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