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Beatallica - A Garage Dayz Nite

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Scan submitted/created by [MisterKite]
HQ Scans:
Publisher: Unknown
Reference :ACE455
Date :
Made In :
Quality :A+
Booklet & packaging :
Total duration: 19:16

Note from the flac file on the Internet:
"5 years ago, Metallica were known only to patrons of Frisco clubs. Today there isn’t a metalhead who doesn’t know their names, and their fame has spread around the world.

Said one visitor to America: “Only a dumb-ass could be unaware of Metallica, and he’d have to be a total pussy who listens to girl bands like The Thompson Twins.”

Said another: “They’re the biggest, hottest property in the history of metal.”

The foursome—Jaymz, KRK, Larz, and Cliff—write, pound, and scream powerhouse music filled with fury and uninhibited mayhem that make listening a sensation-filled joy. It isn’t rhythm and blues. It’s not exactly rock n’ roll. It’s their own special sound, or, as group leader Jaymz puts it, “Our tunes are just—fuckin’ kick-ass!”

Whatever it is, Metallica’s robust, roaring sound has stimulated a reaction that metalheads themselves describe as “METALMANIA”. Consider these manifestations:

In N.Y.C., 400 fans stood all nite in pouring rain to get tickets for Metallica at CBGB’s. In Chicago, the riot started 90 hours before the box office opened! Thrashers brought beer, dope, amphetamines, and vodka, and 2 determined 15 year old girls spent 4 nites to hold their place in line! In L.A., frantic bangers battled police for 4 hours in a do-or-die effort to gain admission to a sold-out show at the Rainbow! In Dublin, Ireland, Metallica’s 1st visit set off a mob free-for-all resulting in unnumbered broken limbs! At London’s Heathrow Airport, reporter Anne Butler had her gloved hand completely mangled and then bitten off at the wrist by metalheads who saw her shoo away the come-on of a Metallica member!

Similar wild enthusiasm has greeted Metallica in such disparate places as Sweden (where the roads are very icy), Germany, Finland, and France, and the acclaim recently brought them one of the highest of all entertainment honors: 5 K’s by Kerrang Magazine for the album Master of Puppets.

And their records? In America, a total sale of a million discs calls for celebrations, gold records, trade news headlines and delirious self-congratulations. Master of Puppets had an advance order of a million copies in the UK 3 weeks before release! And simultaneously, Metallica occupied positions 1 and 2 in the metal singles charts and album charts—simply a phenomenal achievement anywhere.

Now Metallica are getting a royal welcome. Metal Shop radio program signed them for 3 appearances in rapid succession for their Sunday night show. They are shortly to tour England and mainland Europe (even Sweden where the roads are very, very icy) in a bus equipped with self-releasing emergency exits built into the windows where Cliff will sleep.

And here is their latest record—7 of their favorite Beatles songs combined with their very own past efforts and future plans in their wildest metalmaniac style!"


Beatallica is a satire tribute band that plays music made from combinations of songs of The Beatles and Metallica. A Beatallica song is typically a blend of a Beatles' song and a Metallica song with a related title (e.g. "The Thing That Should Not Let It Be", combining The Beatles' "Let It Be" and Metallica's "The Thing That Should Not Be"). The lyrics slip back and forth between the two songs while the scansion and melody are usually Beatles-based, but the music is played metal style with some Metallica riffs and solos thrown in.

The project was founded in 2001 as a spoof by singer Jaymz Lennfield and guitarist Krk Hammetson. The EP A Garage Dayz Nite was recorded for the annual "Spoof Fest" concert held annually in Milwaukee, as a memento of that year's concert. A few dozen copies of the EP were handed out to friends. Later that year, one of those CDs made its way to Milwaukee resident David Dixon, who created a web page that included mp3s of the songs and named the band "Beatallica". The band was unaware of the webpage until Dixon finally met them in the summer of 2002, carrying a stack of fan emails from all around the world. Beatallica gave the webpage its blessings, and after further urgings from its internet fanbase, recorded the EP Beatallica, also known as The Grey Album, releasing it online on April 1, 2004.

Later in 2004, the band (now including bassist Kliff McBurtney and drummer Ringo Larz) started to perform at live venues, with a stage show incorporating elements from both Beatles and Metallica performances. They also played as an opening act for Dream Theater; Mike Portnoy even joined the band on stage for drums on one occasion.

To avoid legal problems, the band maintains a strict non-commercial policy (all songs are available for free download) and shrouded themselves in anonymity (all names mentioned above are of course stage names, but their real names were revealed in interviews, and hence also appear in this article). Metallica are aware of the spoof band's existence and have so far not threatened to take any legal action; Lars Ulrich, James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett have all publicly stated that they enjoy Beatallica's music.

On February 17th, 2005, a cease-and-desist notice was sent to Beatallica by Sony/ATV Music Publishing, a company which holds rights to most of the Beatles catalogue. The notice states that the "music", "news" and "merchandise" sections of the official Beatallica website constitute a copyright violation and should therefore be taken down. In response to this, a petition requesting Sony/ATV Music Publishing to retract its threat of legal action was created. The band was saved from further legal action by Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, who offered to provide assistance with legal negotiations and also asked Metallica's longtime attorney to try to defuse the situation with Sony. Ultimately, Sony decided not to pursue legal action against Beatallica, but maintains the right to do so in the future if necessary.

The members of Beatallica: Jaymz Lennfield (referring to James Hetfield and John Lennon, respectively, real name Michael Tierney) - vocals, lyrics, songwriting, rhythm guitar (live)
Grg Hammetson (sic, referring to George Harrison and Kirk Hammett, respectively, real name not released) - lead guitar (live)
Kliff McBurtney (referring to Cliff Burton and Paul McCartney, respectively, real names Lee Bruso, Paul Terrien) - bass (live)
Ringo Larz (referring to Lars Ulrich and Ringo Starr, respectively, real name Ryan Charles) - drums (live)

(Note: All of the albums released by Beatallica are available free for download from their website)

(2001) A Garage Dayz Nite
(2004) Beatallica (Also commonly known as the Grey Album, a mix between the so-called White Album from the Beatles and Black Album from Metallica, and not to be confused with The Grey Album by DJ Danger Mouse.)

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Sgt. Hetfield's Motorbreath Pub Band(Metallica/Lennon/McCartney)
Garage Demos
(date unknown)
A Garage Dayz Nite(Metallica/Lennon/McCartney)
Garage Demos
(date unknown)
For Horsemen(Metallica/Lennon/McCartney)
Garage Demos
(date unknown)
No Remorseful Reply(Metallica/Lennon/McCartney)
Garage Demos
(date unknown)
The Thing That Should Not Let It Be(Metallica/Lennon/McCartney)
Garage Demos
(date unknown)
Everybody's Got A Ticket To Ride Except For Me And My Lightning(Metallica/Lennon/McCartney)
Garage Demos
(date unknown)
...And Justice For All My Loving(Metallica/Lennon/McCartney)
Garage Demos
(date unknown)
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Review by: ACEOn 27 Oct 2006 at 19:47 CEST
Lyrics from the songs:


It was 20 years ago today
Motorhead taught this band to play
At first they were so out of style
But they’re guaranteed to raise your bile
So may I introduce to you
The act that drank 1000 beers
Sgt. Hetfield’s Motorbreath pub band
Sgt. Hetfield’s Motorbreath pub band
We hope you will enjoy the show
Sgt. Hetfield’s Motorbreath pub band
Just thrash and let the metal flow
Sgt. Hetfield’s Motor, Sgt. Hetfield’s Motor,
Sgt. Hetfield’s Motorbreath pub band
It’s wonderful to drink beer, It’s certainly a swill
You’re such a lovely audience
We’d like to fuck your Motorbreath
You’d love to fuck your...
I don’t really want to stop the show
But I thought you might like to know
James Hetfield’s gonna sing a song
And he wants you all to thrash along
So let me introduce to you
The band who drank 1000 beers
Sgt. Hetfield’s Motorbreath pub band
Bring more beer!


It’s a garage dayz nite
And I’ve been working like a dog
It’s a garage dayz nite
Don’t you be sleeping like a log
Cuz when I’m playing for you
You’ll find the things that I do
Will make you feel alright
You know I play all day
I play the metal that makes your ears ring
And it kicks ass just to hear you say
You don’t want “Love at First Sting”
Cuz when I see you it’s nice
To play you “Trapped Under Ice”
You know I feel OK
On the road everything seems to be right
Wherever I may roam the road becomes my bride


The day breaks, your mind aches
You find that all the pangs of Famine
Linger on when she no longer feeds you
Sinner once, sinner twice
You find that in its die-hard ruthless metal fury
Time just seems to heed you
And in your eyes you’re King Nothing
No sign of love behind the tears
Ride Four Horsemen
Oh Lars go get me one more beer
Don't stay home, go on out
A quartet of deliverance rides for you
Upon this nite nothing you can do
You want it, you need it
Pestilence all that’s left
For what you’ve had to endure
Death to you for sure
The day breaks, your mind aches
Your girlfriend takes you to
A lame-ass poser Winger concert
Fucking forget her


This happened once before
We smashed in your door—no reply
You said it wan’t you
But I put your head through your window
War without end
I know that you saw me
As I looked down to kick in your face
I tried to telephone
Before I trashed your home—the strong survive
Cuz I know where you’ve been
And I will bash right in your door
Bullets they fly, people they die
Die right by my hand
I creep across the land—death is near
No mercy for what we’re doing
NO thought to even what we’ve done
We don’t need to feel the sorrow
No remorse to the helpless one
No remorse


When I find myself in times of trouble
Hybrid children come to me
Pray for father roaming—roaming free
And in my hour of darkness
It is standing right in front of me
He is the thing that should not let it be
Let it be, let it be
Hybrid children watch the sea
He is the thing that should not let it be
Crawling chaos underground people
Living in the world agree
The wretch is fearless with insanity
And though he has been sleeping
There is still a chance that he will see
That this thing should not let it be
Not dead which eternal lie
With stranger eons death may die
These are words of wisdom—let it be
I wake up to the sound of music
Let the metal come to me
Death to the one that will not let it be


C’mon, it’s such a joy, c’mon you metal boy
C’mon let’s take it easy
C’mon let’s make it sleazy
Everybody’s got a ticket to ride
Except for me and my lightning
Your insides ooze out, the electrodes are in
The electrodes are in so your eyeballs pop out
Someone controlling me
Can’t be happening to me
Sweat-chilling cold, I watch death unfold
How true is this? Get it over with
I think I’m gonna be dead, I think it’s today
Electric wires pinned to my head, I’m frying away
I’ve got a ticket to ride the lightning
Death is in the air, it’s bringing me down
Strapped in the electric chair, death is all around
Before I get to riding so high
Someone help me, oh please God help me
Flashing before my eyes
Someone help me, oh please God help me
Wakened by horrid scream burning in my brain
Freed from this frightening dream
I can feel the flame


Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you
The hammer crushes you, Justice is seeking no truth
And then while I’m away
I can’t believe the price you pay
As I send justice for all my loving to you
All my loving I will send to you
All my loving—find it so sad but true
I’ll pretend that I’m kissing, Lady Justice I’m pissing
Justice lost, raped, and gone for you
The ultimate in vanity, exploiting their supremacy
As I send justice for all my loving to you
Review by: AidanymousOn 27 Oct 2006 at 20:38 CEST
"Hey Dude" off the other album, is even better...

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Filename: ACE455
Originally filled by: ACE
Date of creation: 27 Oct 2006 19:42:56
Last filled by: ACE
Last Revision Date : 27 Oct 2006 22:04:35
Online on : 27 Oct 2006
Type of media: Bootleg EP CD-R

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