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Allman Brothers Band

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Allman Brothers Band
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Allman Brothers Band - Live In NYC April 1971

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Publisher: Unknown
Reference :
Date :1971
Made In :
Quality :A
Booklet & packaging :
Total duration:

Recorded live in the studio for radio broadcast.

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Statesboro Blues(McTell)
(date unknown)
Allman Brothers Band
Trouble No More(Morganfield)
(date unknown)
Allman Brothers Band
Don't Keep Me Wonderin'(Allman)
(date unknown)
Allman Brothers Band
Done Somebody Wrong(Lewis/Robinson/Brooks)
(date unknown)
Allman Brothers Band
One Way Out(James/Sehorn/Williamson)
(date unknown)
Allman Brothers Band
In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed(Betts)
(date unknown)
Allman Brothers Band
Stormy Monday(Walker)
(date unknown)
Allman Brothers Band
(date unknown)
Allman Brothers Band
Hot 'Lanta(Allman/Allman/Betts/Trucks/Oakley/Johanson)
(date unknown)
Allman Brothers Band
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Review by: skytuneOn 25 Jan 2004 at 14:14 CEST
Review by: interstellarOn 07 Dec 2005 at 18:13 CEST
This appears to be the set recorded August 26, 1971 at A & R Studios for live WPLJ, New York broadcast. It's in stereo and both the sound quality and performance are excellent. It's the best quality unreleased performance of Duane-era ABB you can find. It is very much worth seeking out! Ignore the half star rating you see here, this is a solid five-star recording. The track listed here as "Jam" is in fact "You Don't Love Me/Soul Serenade/You Don't Love Me" clocking in at 19:26.
Review by: NobBoffinOn 26 May 2008 at 14:30 CEST
I have this recording, titled Stormy Monday on the Watch Tower label. It's an excellent sounding boot, one track was featured on the Dreams box set. YOu Don't Love Me/Soul Serenade is, like interstella stated, the jam track and is devided into two sections. The rest of the CD is similar to other stuff released and/or recorded during this time period, but, that said, you can never have too much Duane Allman in your collection. A fine addition to any ABB collection. Look for it on WINMX by running Sotrmy Monday with an ALBW suffix.
Review by: Shears64On 13 May 2009 at 07:11 CEST
I agree that this is an excellent disc and well worth having. I have taken off half a star, however, because the vocals are a little in front of the instruments and there's an amp hum running through most of the recording.
FYI - The disc entitled "New York City Blues" is the same, except more of the DJ patter has been left in.
Review by: CooleyOn 19 Jan 2013 at 23:29 CEST

A very nice radio broadcast of the Allman Brothers Band live in the studio.

Probably one of the last radio shows with brother Duane-SkyDog before his tragic death on 29th Oct.-1971.

This was recorded on 26th Aug.-1971 at A+R studios.

It was broadcast on WPLJ New York, as noted above by the above reviewers.

The date is almost certain because Duane talks about the death murder of King Curtis, which occurred on 13th Aug.-1971.

Duane had done some session work with King Curtis, and they were friends.

As noted, "Jam" is in fact, "You Don't Love Me".

Sound is stellar, as it is professionally recorded and mixed in the studio.

Recorded a mere two months before the untimely death of Duane Allman, but it shows the Allman Brothers at one of their peaks.

Band performance is superb, tight and well rehearsed.

Every bit as captivating as the Live At The Fillmore East official set, but not quite in as clear sound fidelity.

Duane of course, is the standout.

To this day, he is consistantly rated as the number-2 greatest rock guitarist of all time by Rolling Stone magazine, second only to Jimi Hendrix.

And he was only 24-years old when he passed.

This show is superb listening....

Highly recommended....

This is now somewhat "officially" released on the semi-legit Left Field Media CD's.

Comes in a great CD package with photographs from the actual show.

Sound fidelity is better than on the release noted above, and the track listing is switched around to be the actual set list as played that night in correct order.

The CD above has the set list out of order a bit, however it is the complete show.

The correct set list (as played) for the show is:
Introduction/Statesboro Blues, Trouble No More, Don't Keep Me Wonderin', Done Somebody Wrong, One Way Out, 'Liz Reed, Stormy Monday, Medley: You Don't Love Me-Soul Serenade-You Don't Love Me-Soul Serenade (In Memory Of King Curtis), Hot 'Lanta.

Of note, this show was recorded live in A&R Studio's, New York City on 26th August 1971 NOT April 1971 as noted on the above CD.

It was professionally recorded for FM broadcast by WPLJ FM radio, NYC to help promote their just released official "Live At The Fillmore East" album.

Sound fidelity is every bit as good as Live At The Fillmore East...utterly superb

This is the original Allman Brothers Band and they put on a really great performance.

Great Stuff Here...This is timeless.

RIP: Brother SkyDog and Berry Oakley...you are sadly missed.

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